Pasinex Resources Limited announces new mineralization after receiving the results of magnetic investigations and rock sampling in its concession area Golcuk in Turkey



Pasinex Resources Limited announces new mineralization after receiving the results of magnetic investigations and rock sampling in its concession area Golcuk in Turkey

Pasinex Resources Ltd. now has the results of the current ground magnetic investigations at its concession in the Turkish province of Sivas Golcuk receive.

The results show considerable variation in the magnetic structures of the rock units, from which the massive volcano- and volcaniclastic rocks are. In this multiple centers of copper mineralization occur, and the fluctuations are significantly lower in the sediments above this package.

The magnetic structures in the volcanic rocks should help Pasinex this, To map locations below the surface, especially those of copper mineralized layers.

Auf Pasinex’ Site, the most recent geological mapping at Golcuk, created prior to the receipt of the results of the magnetic studies, about the locations of different kupfermineralisierter centers were located, which had been identified in Golcuk, and the results of investigations and have arrived so far the magnetic centers of the copper mineralization are retrieved.

The agreement of six of the nine copper mineralized centers in Golcuk with the oberen Contact der vulkanoklastischen Gesteinseinheit (basaltisch) is obviously. The total length of this contact is therefore considered by Pasinex as a promising site for a copper accumulation and thus as an exploration target. The results of the magnetic testing, a digital elevation model of the concession and other rock sampling will be applied, to this To make target with a length of about ten kilometers drill ready.

Pasinex Recalls, that copper is also found in three other stratigraphic levels of the concession Golcuk in potentially economic concentrations, namely in the sediments (at Funlu and historic mines in the center of the concession), in the basaltic, lava-basaltic Agglomerateinheit at New West as well as in the agglomerate-tuff-limestone-mudstone unit in New South.

Pasinex routinely performs as part of his geological mapping rock sampling at the surface by. A number of recently extracted from Pasinex rock samples returned anomalous copper values ​​at the eastern most end of the concession Golcuk - in an area, which is now called Funlu. The copper values ​​of Ausbissproben of Funlu, in Pasinex’ Niton XRF laboratory were determined in Turkey, are on the The company's website available. Ausbissproben consisted mainly of rock vulkanoklastischem.

By identifying the exploration area Funlu Pasinex was able to show, that the entire thickness of the concession Golcuk - a distance of 7,6 Kilometers between Funlu in the east to New West in the West - is kupfermineralisiert, why exploration by drilling below the surface in economic scope are justified. There is obvious evidence for higher levels of copper at the surface, and mineralization can using geophysical methods, such as magnetic investigations, be tracked.

Steve Williams, Chief Executive Officer von Pasinex, said: "These latest results continue to confirm information, that Golcuk represents a highly prospective copper target. A copper mineralization can be observed in the entire concession area Golcuk. Pasinex is focused and built there an area of ​​the property Golcuk initial resource. This allows us to then focus on the development project at Golcuk and the greater possibility before us explore at Golcuk. "

Clinton Smyth, P.Geo., Vice-President of Exploration von Pasinex, is the "qualified person" under National Instrument 43-101, has verified the written publication of all scientific and technical information in this press release.

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About Pasinex

Pasinex Resources Limited is a mining company, focused on the exploration of base- and precious metal deposits has specialized and is primarily interested, build a quality portfolio of base metal projects in Turkey. The company is managed by an experienced team, It can boast many years of experience in mineral exploration and development of mining projects.

Pasinex Resources Limited acquired a 100 percent interest in the property Golcuk, which, however, the completion of payments and a net smelter return royalty in the amount of 2,9 Percent according to the option agreement with Eurasian Minerals Inc. (TSX-V: EMX; NYSE: EMXX) subject (siehe Pasinex’ Press releases from 25. July 2012 and 12. February 2013).

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