OPCO12: Online-Event „Gesture Based Computing” am 21. June 2012

OPCO12: Online-Event „Gesture Based Computing” am 21. June 2012

19.06.2012 – Im Rahmen of Open Course 2012 "Trends in E-teaching - A Closer Look at the Horizon Report" will be held on 21. June, online event on "Gesture-based computing" instead of. The OPCO12 is a joint project of e-teaching.org, dem Multimedia Kontor Hamburg (MMKH), digital studies (University of Frankfurt) and the continuing education blogger Dr. Jochen Robes.

From the 18. to 29. June focuses on the freely accessible online course OPCO12 with Gesture-Based Computing. It deals with gesture-based applications, with the mop- and other finger-, Arm- and body movements can be controlled.

For many smartphone- and tablet users, this type of control has become an everyday. The experience of direct interaction, as it is for example used in the gaming industry has, may alter the operation of applications.
But how can the benefits of better use of gesture control in education?

A guest of the event online at 21. Juni ist Professor Ulrike Lucke, Computer science professor at the Institute for Complex Multimedia Application Architectures at the University of Potsdam. Her research interests lie in the heterogeneity and interoperability of network-based architectures, including Mobile and Pervasive Computing, particularly in the area of ​​application e-learning. She currently directs u.a. a central e-learning initiative, the use of digital media by technical, Organisations- and material development is firmly established in the width of the university.

Titel des Online-Events: Gesture Based Computing
Officer: Professor Ulrike Lucke (University of Potsdam)
Moderation: Claudia Bremer (digital studies, University of Frankfurt)
Appointment: Thursday, 21.06.2012, 17:00 Clock
Info & Login:

Participation in the online event is free. The virtual meeting room can be accessed by logging in as guest. It is possible, put on the chat channel issues and to participate in the discussion. The technical requirement is an Internet browser and install the Adobe Flash Player version is 10.1. Various apps for mobile devices also are available. The video recording of the event can then http://e-teaching.org and http://be accessed opco12.de.

The OPCO12 runs from 16. April to 21. July 2012 exclusively on the Internet and is open to all interested. In the course unit vom18. to 29. June 2012, which is maintained by Claudia Bremer, geht es um das Thema „Gesture Based Computing“. The program, All important information and to register, can be found online at http://opco12.de.

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