Surface samples from Miranda's Pavo Real project continues to deliver promising results


Vancouver, BC, Canada - 14. January 2014 – Miranda Gold Corp. ("Miranda") (TSX-V: MAD) are known, that Red Eagle Mining („Red Eagle“) (TSX-V:RD), the funding partners of the company for the Pavo Real project in Colombia, currently focused on the continued development of a new mineralized zone. This zone is closed in itself Rhyolitgängen and hydrothermal breccias and a large soil anomaly with gold inclusions and different elements, in the context of a mobile metal ion analysis (MMI) was discovered, in conjunction.

At the 8. October 2013 Miranda gab bekannt, that in channel samples, which were taken at the surface, Gold values ​​in the range between 0,23 g Au / t and 33,7 g Au / t, and in connection therewith metal mineralization with highs of more than 100 g Ag/t, 0,93 % Copper and 0,87 % Zinc were found.

For the best results of recent channel sampling analysis (Figure 1) count 9,03 g Au / t and 72,4 g Ag/t auf 6,1 and m 19,8 g Au / t and 64,1 g Ag/t auf 1,2 m. The results are in the table below 1 apparent.

Figure 1

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Table 1 - Main results of the slit sample analysis at Pavo Real

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With this new assay results, the range of high-grade surface mineralization over an area of ​​ca is. 600 m x 700 extended m and in the ongoing mapping distinguished more clearly a spatial proximity to elongated porphyry bodies, parallel to the vein- run and Brekzientrends, from. In west-north-westerly and north-westerly direction passing trends intersect within a large MMI soil anomaly with gold, Molybdenum- and base metal mineralization, which correlates with the anomalous channel sample values. Miranda is the opinion of, that the anomaly with an intrusion-related hydrothermal breccia is related, and in that the structures on the surface or may be a large Brekzienschlot. indicate a diatreme in depth.

The higher grade Erzgangmineralisierung, which extends over a wide range (9,03 g Au/t auf 6,1 m) and the density of the vein also provide clues to an interesting delimited target area.

In two boreholes, by Red Eagle 2012 were drilled in the vicinity of this new target area, are, inter alia, 7,1 m wide section with an average of 1,54 g / t Au and a 0,54 m wide section with an average of 9,37 g / t Au intersected. These results are in Red Eagle and Miranda confident and give rise to another sampling in this new, extended target area.

Pavo Real is comprised of concession areas, where Miranda has all the rights. As part of a joint venture with Red Eagle is currently a takeover of 70 % of the shares held by Red Eagle.

Details of the project

On the project site, there is a sedimentary rock sequence from the Triassic and Jurassic, superimposed sequences of volcanic. The sedimentary and volcanic sequences are both different diorite, Granite- and rhyodacite porphyry bodies and hydrothermal breccias and numerous quartz veins and stockwork, with sericite- stand and sometimes Kaliumalterierungen in conjunction, open. Das Projekt liegt im Tolima Department, 20 Kilometers south of the city of Ibague and 45Kilometer southeast of Anglo Gold Ashanti project La Colosa (According to the report 26,8 Million ounces of inferred resources at a grade of 0,92 g/t).

All information published in this press release, including the results of sampling, Analysis and testing, were Joseph Hebert, Vice President of Exploration, C.P.G., BSc. Geology, in his capacity as a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 tested and confirmed.

Company Profile

Miranda Gold Corp.. is a company, that specializes in the exploration of gold properties in Nevada and Colombia. The focus is on generating gold exploration projects, have the best prospects for the discovery of high-grade gold deposits. Miranda performs its own grass roots exploration and then employs a joint venture business model on its projects. The aim is to discovery and exploration risk to be optimized while minimizing. Miranda is currently working with the company Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.., Montezuma Mines Inc., Prism Resources Inc. together, and Red Eagle Mining Corporation.


„Kenneth Cunningham“

Kenneth Cunningham
Chairman, President und CEO

For more information, visit the company's website at or. by Joe Hebert, Vice President Exploration, Such. 1-775-738-1877.

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