North American Nickel Inc.: Deepest hole in Imiak Hill gives high nickel, copper- and cobalt contents


MQ-hole 13-028 intersected 3,80 % Is und 1,42 % With auf 17,91 Meters

Vancouver, British Columbia, 7. November 2013 – North American Nickel Inc. (TSX VENTURE: NAN) (OTCBB: WSCRF) (CUSIP: 65704T 108) (the "Company") is pleased, announce, that of the previously deepest Sulfidbohrabschnitt at Imiak Hill high nickel, copper- and cobalt contents revealed, convene, that the mineralization has continuity and is open at depth. Imiak Hill is one of the three mineralized Noriten Leitschichtkomplex Imiak Hill (IHCC), also of the Norite Imiak North and Spotty Hill facility.

The IHCC is located in the northern part of the 100 % proprietary nickel-, Copper, Kobalt- and platinum metal project in southwestern Greenland Maniitsoq (see Figures 1 and 2).


Diamond drilling MQ 13-028 intersected in a borehole depth of 182 Meters:

• 24,75 m with 3,19 % Nickel, 1,14 % copper, 0,11 % Kobalt, and 0,01 g / t Platinmetalle

• including 17,91 m with 3,80 % Nickel, 1,42 % copper, 0,13 % Cobalt and 0,01 g / t Platinmetalle

• including 2,40 m with 4,44 % Nickel, 1,13 % copper, 0,15 % Cobalt and 0,01 g / t Platinmetalle

The mineralization in MQ 13-028 corresponds zone 30, one of three mineralized zones, which were previously discovered at Norit Imiak Hill (for details see press releases dated NAN 23. August, 5. September and 10. October 2013 and Figure 3).

As in the longitudinal section in Figure 4 and in cross section in Figure 5 is shown, The mineralization occurs in MQ 13-028 35 to 75 Meters along the dip of the previous high grade hole intercepts in holes MQ 13-026 (25,51 Meters with 3,25 % Nickel, 0,48 % Copper and 0,11 % Kobalt) and MQ 13-024 (14,90 Meters with 2,67 % Nickel, 0,39 % Copper and 0,09 % Kobalt) on. By the company 2013 Confirm holes drilled and the survey results, that the sulphide mineralization at Hill Imiak contains high levels, And has continuity in the depth is open. The company is waiting for the receipt of further investigation results of other mining areas in Maniitsoq.

Neil Richardson, COO of North American Nickel, explained: "The high-grade drill core from hole 28 contains with bore 26 comparable levels, the magma conduit our model for the high-grade nickel-, copper- support and cobalt mineralization at Hill Imiak. It was interesting, in hole 28 to encounter much higher copper contents, what in the larger amounts of chalcopyrite in the almost solid sulphide mineralization, we have reported the beginning of autumn, is reflected. With a depth of 180 Meters below the surface is at the Intersections in MQ 13-028 to the deepest mineralized drill intersection to date at Imiak. He has a true thickness of about 11,2 Meters and also remains open at depth. "

Richardson adds: "The drilling program 2014 will focus on extending the known mineralized zones and exploration of further mineralization within the IHCC. We are looking for particular geological environment, for the accumulation of large amounts of nickel, copper- and cobalt sulphide mineralization is suitable. Our main goals are the contact zones of Lying Noriterzkörper, be the indentations along this contact zones and other parts of Leitschichtsystems, where the speed of the nickel-rich Noritmagmas could have been reduced at various locations. The ability, that mineralization extends over the Noriterzkörper out into the surrounding rock, will also be analyzed. "

Details of the borehole sections are given in Table 1 listed, while the coordinates of the location of MQ 13-028 in the table below 2 are given. A copy of the survey is well on the Company's website ( available. As shown in Table 1 It can be seen, includes a bore 4,44 Meter section of rock unmineralisiertem, which coincides with a leuco-gabbro transition.

Table 1. Summary of Findings of BohrungenMQ-13-028

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Notes: (m) = Meters, % = Percent, g / t = Gramm pro Tonne

(1) TPM is the total amount of the noble metals (Total Precious Metals; Gold Platin Palladium)

Table 2. Coordinates of the end point of 13-028 MQ. The coordinate reference system, which was used for the detection of the UTM coordinates, is the Universal Transverse Mercator / World Geodetic System 84/Zone 22N. The azimuth is the deviation from true north in degrees. The altitude (Elevation) shows the state above sea level in meters.

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As in the previous drill holes were sunk in Imiak Hill mineralization is again embedded in dark green-gray massive and weakly magnetic Norit MQ 13-028, the medium places- has to coarse-grained Noritklasten. The downhole surveys and other maps are available on the Company's website at available.

Drill core assay results are in the context of quality assurance- and quality control measures, the use of certified standards with known precious- and base metal contents, Include standard blanks and control charts, evaluated, to determine the accuracy and precision of analytical results. The analysis of the core samples was by ALS Scandinavia AS is Öjebyn (Sweden) carried out. To determine the element concentrations in rock samples submitted to ALS three methods of analysis were used: (1) a scan for multiple items, following a four-acid digestion and ICP / ICP-AES finish; (2) To-, Pt- and Pd-Lead fire assay on a 30 gram sample with ICP-AES finish; and (3) Samples containing more than 1,00 % Nickel and copper are again by means of the ICP-AES method, which was calibrated for Erzgehaltnachweisgrenzen, analyzed. Samples containing more than 0,50 % Sulfur was analyzed using a Leco furnace and infrared spectroscopy again.

The nickel, Copper, Kobalt- and platinum metal project in southwestern Greenland Maniitsoq includes the 75 Kilometer Greenland Noritgürtel and is 100 % owned by North American Nickel.

Qualified Person

All technical information in this press release have been Dr. Mark Fedikow (P.Geo), a Qualified Person for the Company and president of North American Nickel Inc., checked.

About North American Nickel

North American Nickel is a mineral exploration company having 100% company's concession areas in Maniitsoq (Greenland), Sudbury (Ontario) and the Thompson Nickel Belt in Manitoba. VMS Ventures Inc. (TSX Venture: VMS) holds about 23,9 % an NAN.

The property Maniitsoq is a vast project with an area of 5.106 Square kilometers, the number of high-grade nickel-copper sulphide deposits associated with Norit- covers and other mafic-ultramafic inclusions in the Greenland Noritgürtel. Of more than 75 Kilometer Gürtel lie entlang (and near) the southwest coast of Greenland, the pack ice free all year round.

The Property Post Creek / Halcyon in Sudbury is strategically located near the past-producing copper-nickel-platinum group metal deposit, KGHM Podolsky International Ltd.. The property lies along the extension of the Whistle Offset dyke structure. Such geological structures host within the Sudbury mining camp important nickel-copper-platinum metal deposits and producing mines.

Statements about the future expectations of the company and all other statements in this press release other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 und der Definition des Begriffs im Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements are protected by the safe harbor provisions created thereby. Since these statements involve risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time could, the actual results of the Company could differ materially from the expected results.


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