Nordex passed from the offshore market

Nordex passed from the offshore market

20.04.2012 Rostock – The capital-intensive business with offshore wind turbines has the German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex is preparing quite a bit of a headache. Now the company wants to adopt entirely from this segment.

Earlier this month had announced Nordex CEO Juergen Zeschky, that a decision regarding the termination of business activities fall in the offshore wind turbine segment in the coming months. Well this was even made much earlier, but would not affect the task of the year, the forecasts of the company. Now the company wants to sell their property in this segment.

Dating success

Reason for termination, according to the company have failed negotiations for a partner search to set up a joint company. Other partners are due to the very capital-intensive operation in this regard is not in sight, The company said.

It is quite understandable, that Nordex will withdraw from the offshore wind sector. Because the company does not want such projects operate entirely alone, because too much time would go into the country, to obtain from the huge investment cost profits. Because after all, the company has set a target, during the current fiscal year to return to profitability. Whether this will happen will actually, remains to be seen. With some last orders drawn on land, but this project appears, at least not completely impossible.

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