No iPhone without rare earths. Surging commodity prices make companies problems


Moderne Industrien und Hochtechnologie sind ohne Rohstoffe wie Rare earth nicht möglich. Even though prices are currently falling: The risks for businesses remain. This is also due to the countries of origin.

The prices of commodities will vary greatly in the coming years. Despite last falling costs for numerous industries- und Edelmetalle sowie für Petroleum bleiben die Preisrisiken für die Wirtschaft bestehen. To reach this conclusion experts of German Resources Agency (Dera), which discussed the results of their recent commodity monitoring with other researchers in Berlin-Spandau on Thursday. Companies provide short-term fluctuations therefore before problems. Buyers could hardly plan the internal production costs, said Andreas Rathgeber from the Institute of Materials Resource Management at the University of Augsburg.

"This can lead to a competitive disadvantage."

How supply and demand and the prices develop on the world market, exist which supply risks, what does this mean for the processing plants: Die Dera, Part of the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources in Hanover, to the industry to demonstrate new possibilities for action.

China dominates many markets

As before, comes a variety of raw materials, for the industry- and high technology products are essential, mainly from a few sleepers- and developing countries. A major role is played by China. The dominance in the promotion of rare earths and therefore the impact on the market for mineral resources is the Dera that 'still extremely high ".

Germany has enormous as one of the largest industrial countries appetite for raw materials. Doch es kann nicht einmal ein Viertel des Bedarfs aus eigener Produktion decken. What is missing, are mainly raw materials for the future: Industriemineralien, Rare Earths and ores, without ringing the phone no, rotates no wind turbine.

Platinum could be a boom

In addition to China, it is mainly countries in Africa or South America, provide the world with these raw materials. Wegen der politischen und sozialen Verhältnisse kommt es dort often conflicts. "Such markets pose risks to price peaks and delivery shortfalls", said Dera chief Peter Buchholz. The buyer of raw materials - tech companies like Apple - are in developed countries under public scrutiny. The next boom raw materials are already foreseeable.

Toyota presents these days the first mass-produced fuel cell car in the salesrooms. Entsteht ein Massenmarkt, will have significant impact on the platinum market, the researchers are confident. There is hardly dispense with platinum as a catalyst.


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