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04.06.2012 Malaysia, Düsseldorf - The Institute of Rare Earth Metals and visited Lynas LAMP new plant for the separation of rare earths in Malaysia

At the invitation of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia visited Mr. Alastair Neil, Member of Institute for rare earths ( )In Germany, the Lynas plant in Kuantan was officially introduced to Christoph Wilhelm from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Prof.. Yan specializes rare earth separation from the Beijing University of Technology Metals Jack Lifton and Research USA. Was maintained in a preliminary discussion with the theme "Environment-friendly options in the rare earth industry" in a high-profile cast of experts in this area, an open exchange. The discussions were very encouraging, and the question it was obvious, that this is a highly emotional issue in Malaysia.

23.03.2012 – Problems in Malaysia are the Lynas course load

The ambitious schedule was not respected and that we had announced, Now it gets even worse than expected for Lynas Corp.. Mass protests and demonstrations in four Malaysian cities have shaken the government and thus produces more problems for the proposed plant in Kuantan. Fear of radioactive waste accumulated, Rare earth oxides have caused the concentration-driven by the people on the street. This is a fundamental problem in presence, high content of thorium and uranium mining to make the most impossible, as uneconomical.

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