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The federal government introduces a bill on the EU model. Thus, traders will be required, withdraw discarded electrical appliances again. To 2019 must 65 Percent of e-waste is recycled.

In many basements or closets plenty of storage old electrical appliances - such as discarded TV, Refrigerators, Vacuum cleaner, Kettle or mobile phones. In the normal household waste such equipment may not. And some consumers simply can not bring himself to, to bring them to specialized collection. Now the government wants to undertake trade, other Elektro- and redeem electronic equipment free of charge. This Wednesday, the Federal Cabinet has approved a bill. An Overview:

Why should the trade take back discarded electrical appliances?
Electrical appliances often contain a lot of valuable components, for example, metals such as copper or so-called Rare earth, which are used, inter alia, in the semiconductor production. However, many components are also harmful to the environment. With the new law, the federal government wants to achieve, that in the future more electrical appliances are disposed of properly and end up in the trash or on the roadside or even brought to cannibalizing abroad. With the national law of Germany is an EU directive to. The aim is, to 2019 overall 65 To collect and recycle percent of the resulting e-waste. "With the new law, still less waste will continue to end up in municipal waste and instead environmentally friendly disposal. This protects the environment and conserves resources ", sagt Bundesumweltministerin Barbara Hendricks (SPD). It is estimated that in Germany per capita and year round 23 Kilograms of electronic waste. Non nine kilograms of it is collected.

Consumers can continue to deliver all devices in the electric dealer?
For disposal, there are two categories of equipment: Small devices with an edge length of up to 25 Centimeter will be issued at the dealer, without limitation,. These include, for example, mobile phones and many household appliances such as hair dryers, Kettle or toaster. For larger devices with an edge length of more than 25 Centimeters, the merchant only obliged to free take-back, if the customer buys a comparable new. In both cases, the equipment must not have been purchased in the same store. The customer must therefore also submit any old bills.

Is every trader obliged to take back old equipment?
No. Only those, more than 400 Square feet of retail electric- have and electronic equipment. This applies, for example, for large chains like Media Market or Saturn. But usually not for medium-sized specialist dealer around the corner and not for supermarkets, occasionally have electrical appliances as promotional goods on offer.

Does the take-back obligation for online retailers?
And. Therefore, this sector also runs contrary to the laws storm plans. The collectors of online retailers should "be set up within a reasonable distance for each end-user". The Ministry sets the providers close, Enter into cooperation with the retail stores or social enterprises, collect the waste and generate revenues from the sale of recyclable materials. If a consumer chooses to, return the equipment by parcel, so must the next adoption agency of the parcel service, allows the merchant maintains contractual relationships, be achievable without much effort.

And what happens to the whole scrap, the future will be incurred at the dealership?
The dealer can either use the old equipment itself or turn them over to manufacturers or specialized disposal company. The manufacturers have a special role in this system, because they have the so-called product stewardship. The manufacturer regularly report the amounts of electrical appliances, they place on the market. This was followed their disposal obligations and costs are based, they have to bear. The disposal company - whether in local or private - are raring, to use more electrical than before. Because with the recycling of many components can earn good money.

When will the new rules would apply?
On Wednesday, the Federal Cabinet discussed the draft law. Now Bundestag and Bundesrat on train. If these too, can the new rules come into force at the end of.

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