Miranda Gold Corp.: Recording of the holes 2012 the Ester Dome project in Alaska by Miranda

Miranda Gold Corp.: Recording of the holes 2012 the Ester Dome project in Alaska by Miranda

30.05.2012 Vancouver (BC), Canada - Miranda Gold Corp.. ("Miranda") (TSX-V: MAD) is pleased, announce, dass Agnico-Eagle (USA) Limited („Agnico“), a 100% subsidiary of Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited (TSX: AEM), the drilling program 2012 Miranda at Ester Dome project, The mining area is located in Fairbanks, Alaska, has taken.

Agnico, Miranda's financial partner at Ester Dome, intended, in nine holes around 5.900 Foot (1.800 Meter) bring down. Drilling is planned to further investigate the northwest aspiring soil anomaly, with a group of granitic bodies, are stored in the shale and quartzite, and the extension of significant mineralization, the end 2011 was intersected, serve.

The following table summarizes the results of signifieds, as the gold content of 0,010 Ounces of gold per ton (0,343 g / t Au) or more on portions of 5 Foot (1,5 Meter) or become more defined and previously for the bore holes 2011 have been reported, summarized.

Drilling is the internal, northeast trending geochemical anomaly highs in the more powerful base, could possibly represent the limits of mineralization hochhaltigeren, and the magnetic anomalies, associated with anomalous gold and associated deposits mapped, investigate.

The gold mineralization, the 2011 was drilled, associated with severe fracturing, accompanied by iron oxides and quartz-sulfide veinlets, in connection. In places, the mineralization is controlled by faults with small angles. Historic drilling, the 1998 were drilled by Placer Dome Exploration, reported by, that these dislocations can control high grade mineralization, than in two holes at the southern edge of the soil anomaly, which is being investigated by Agnico, 19,7 Foot with 2,7 Ounces of gold per ton (6 Meters with 92,6 g / t Au) or. 10 Foot with 0,513 Ounces of gold per ton (3 Meters with 17, 6 g / t Au) were intersected.

Details of the project

Ester Dome and the surrounding mining area Fairbanks as part of the Tintina Gold Province, extending from southwestern Alaska to the central Yukon and resources extends from approximately 35 Million ounces of gold is home, considered. The Tintina Belt is characterized by various forms of intrusive gold deposits. The Ester Dome project consists of 181 Mining concessions of the State of Alaska, an area of 13,8 Square miles (35,7 Square kilometers) take, and is 5 Miles (8 Kilometer) Fairbanks (Alaska) removed. Reportedly were in the District of Fairbanks 9,5 Million ounces of placer gold mined. Were on the limbs of Ester Dome more than 3 Million ounces of placer gold mined; The concession area covers a large part of the upland source area of ​​these 3 Million ounces from.

The geology of Ester Dome comprises a sequence of metasedimentary schist and quartzite, are separated by thrust faults and cut by magmatic ore deposits and small sticks. The mineralization at the Ester Dome project has potential for both high grade, in veins and shear zones of bedded deposits of gold and gold deposits with large intrusive tons of contents. The gold deposits in the Fairbanks area can be used for exploration on Ester Dome in comparison. These include Fort Knox (about 6 Million ounces), the intrusive hosts of a stick is laminar and is characterized by quartz veins and shear zones, und True North (1,3 Million ounces), in the complex, is overlapping shear zones with quartz veins in metasedimentary rocks embedded.

The information in this press release disclosed data, including analysis- and test data, were Joseph Hebert (C.P.G., B.Sc. Geology), Vice President of Exploration and Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, checked and verified.

Company Profile

Miranda Gold Corp.. is a company, focused on the exploration of gold properties in Nevada, Has specialized in Alaska and Colombia. The focus is on generating gold exploration projects, have the best prospects for the discovery of high-grade gold deposits. Miranda performs its own grass roots exploration and then employs a joint venture business model on its projects. The aim is to discovery and exploration risk to be optimized while minimizing. Miranda is currently working with partner companies, Agnico-Eagle (USA) Inc., Montezuma Mines Inc., Navaho Gold Ltd., NuLegacy Corporation, Ramelius Resources Ltd. together, and Red Eagle Mining Corporation.


„Kenneth Cunningham“

Kenneth Cunningham
President und CEO

For more information You get on the company's website or at www.mirandagold.com. by Joe Hebert, Vice President Exploration, by calling +1-775-738-1877.

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