Black Sea Metals Inc. increases in the race for first processing plant for heavy rare earths outside of China a.

Black Sea Metals Inc. increases in the race for first processing plant for heavy rare earths outside of China a.

Black Sea Metals Inc.21.06.2012 Manhattan Beach, CA, - Black Sea Metals Inc. (OTCBB: BLAK, BSM.BE) (the "Company") verkündet einen Strategiewechsel und damit den Plan das erste Verarbeitungswerk für schwere Rare earth (SSE) to build outside China's. The company wants to relocate in their focus towards more processing. The $80 Million project will be implemented in the Black Sea region in the vicinity of a previously identified resource for SEE.

The new management team of Black Sea Metals Inc. has succeeded in recent months, to ensure access to SSE processing technology and the related know-how. The company plans to have a joint venture with a group of experienced engineers and chemists in the pure oxides SSE already successfully produced on an industrial scale.

The next few months in the expected start of the large production of light rare earths (LSE) by large non-Chinese competitors such as Molycorp (U.S.A.) and Lynas (Australia) required a realignment of the company and its activities away from LSE towards SSE and along the value chain from exploration through processing towards.

Alastair S. Neill, New CEO of Black Sea Metals Inc. and one of the few internationally recognized experts in the field of SSE processing: "The complexity of the task to produce high-purity oxides SSE according to different customer specifications in this market will separate the wheat from the chaff. In order to produce a marketable product, it needs not only the right raw material, many grants and more money but also the know-how needed to make the process economically. Whoever makes mistakes quickly loses many millions of dollars. "

Black Sea Metals Inc. the details of the planned joint venture by the end of month in an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) formalize. The company plans to start production in Q4 2014.

Black Sea Metals, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
Alastair S. Neill, 424-247-9261

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