MESSAGE about the actions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to improve and the improvement of the investment climate in Kazakhstan

At the 12. June 2014 took the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the 27. Plenary part of foreign investors Council in Astana, by having announced the following measures to improve and the improvement of the investment climate in Kazakhstan.


Adoption of the law on the introduction of amendments and additions to some law acts to improve the investment climate in Kazakhstan, which predominantly on 24. June 2014 and completely 1. January 2015 In Kraft tritt. The law provides for the adoption and implementation of comprehensive measures to increase the investment attractiveness of the Republic of Kazakhstan before and offers significant tax preferences for investors, government support to investors in the implementation of joint projects in the priority sectors of the economy to. This also affects the visa facilitation for certain countries in the world.

Tax preferences

The investors in the commodity sector of the economy, in industrial areas "processing industry, Innovations, SMEs, Tourism and services and other "are income tax and property transfer tax for 10 Years and from wealth tax for 8 Freed years.

Investors are the stability of the legislation in relation to statutory tax rates and levies, excluding value added tax and excise duty, guaranteed.

The state reimburses the foreign investors to 30% of payments made by them with capital expenditure during the commissioning of industrial projects in Kazakhstan as investment grants.

Contract- and labor market protection

Investors, which are active in the priority industries, the decrease in production produced by the statements of the hedged purchase contracts is guaranteed.

Investors, which are active in the priority industries, is the possibility to adjust the workforce and job creation for the whole period of implementation of the investment project, and for another year after the commissioning of production, guaranteed without appropriate work rates and without permits.

The permit system and query processing are facilitated by the principle of "one shop", so that all outstanding issues of the investor be solved through a window and thus unnecessary bureaucracy is broken.

Liberalization of the visa regime

The Republic of Kazakhstan has the visa regime for the citizens of the ten states (USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Malaysia, UAE, Südkorea und Japan), which actively invest in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, unilaterally abolished. In this context, the citizens of the above can. Countries in the period from 15. July 2014 to 15. July 2015 in Kazakhstan without a visa up to 15 Stop days.

If a justified need for continued stay of investors and businessmen of the above. Countries over in the Republic of Kazakhstan 15 There are days, so they can be a visa category “Business Visa” in the interior authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Migrationspolizei) apply for, which to 30 Days may be extended. If the investors in the Republic of Kazakhstan residing in the longer time, so they can a visa category "investment visa" with validity bi 3 Apply for years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This is a particular step, which on further effective cooperation with the countries, press the investments to Kazakhstan, as well as the facilitation of favorable conditions for international travel in advance of the orientation of EXPO-2017 in Astana.


The Kazakhstan's accession into the World Trade Organization (WTO) creates additional favorable conditions for investors through the introduction of international rules and standards in the field of trade, of investment and the protection of intellectual property.

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

June 2014

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