Market Overview August 2013 Rare earth

It seems as if will continue to fight vigorously against the illegal mining and smuggling of material, as you can see also the basis of the price table at the end of this report. The other reason is, that industry within China consolidated, was eine genauere Steuerung der Produktion verhindert. Die Festigungmit Ausnahme von Ce und La, kann auch ein Zeichen dafür sein, dass einige Hersteller die Produktion während der Sommermonate zurückgefahren haben.

In China, more and more of a national stockpile, the speech, mainly the magnetic and phosphor materials Pr / Nd, Tb, Dy and Eu concerns. This could also explain the strengthening of prices for these materials in the domestic. Suppliers - to further advertise Bzgl. this program be made - carefully, regarding the sale of these materials.

Das nordamerikanische Rare earth Mining- and processor company Great Western Minerals Group has notified the U.S. Department of Defense in a report, that the military need for high-purity yttrium 40 to 50 Tons higher, specified than previous estimates and that there are gaps in the supply chain processing.

The report highlights the gap for the period 2011-2015 out. He was commissioned by the government and is created in close cooperation with U.S. defense companies. The report says, that the average military supplies between 166 Tons at a low estimate, and up to 238 Barrel is high estimate. “In addition to the increasing size of military requirements, Our report concludes, that newly mined and recycled yttrium in the U.S. to 2019 will not be able, to meet the requirements of ", explained GWMG President and CEO Marc LeVier.

At the same conference pointed out Mike Vaisey of Lynas, that an important factor in choosing the location of their office in Malaysia was the access to the water. Vocalizations in the past, Lynas itself had a location in Perth, Australia looked. However, this did not offer enough water.

The Australian-based Greenland Minerals and Energy (GMEL) said in a statement with, the company up to € 375.000 Million euros obtained from a project funded by the European Union to carry out metallurgical and logistical studies related to the Kvanefjeld Rare Earth Project.

The project is EURARE - an EU-funded initiative, in January 2013 was founded - financed and has a budget of 9,000,000 € for 60ig-month initiative. GMEL is one of four rare earth promoters, involved in the project, which was developed, to create a supply chain of rare earths for European industry. Other participants include universities and industrial companies, who have an interest in rare earths.

Discarded materials from old ore mines could, According to the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Department of Energy, prove to be valuable sources of rare earths and other critical materials. According to the investigation said the two organizations, they were surprised to discover, that many of the critical elements in sight between the carelessly discarded material could be from the old U.S. mines.

The USGS soft, that at the time the ore in the old mines only on metals, which were then removed, were analyzed and from said, that extracting critical elements from these discarded materials could be a win-win situation for the U.S.. Thus, this discovery reveals a new source of critical materials within the United States, that could be easily exploited within the U.S. borders. Based on personal experience For example, there were studies on. Iron ore deposits in Missouri, However, they are mining and metallurgical economically unattractive for commercialization.

The U.S. Rare Earth Mining- and finishing company Molycorp said, that any decision to speed up the production level to phase 2 the Mountain Pass mine and processing plant in California would be based on a recovery in demand. Anlässlich der Critical Minerals 2013 Conference in Perth, Western Australia, said the chairman Ross Bhappu, that, once the decision to phase 2 will fall to move the company could realize a greater acceleration to a run rate "pretty quickly".

He said, that the cash position of the company in “guter Form” would remain and that plant and mine go as planned and only appeared smaller design problems were.

He added, that the filtration plant had some problems the company, The old technology has already been replaced with another. Furthermore, the plant would Chlorakali at the moment the primary bottleneck, but which would be solved by the end of the third quarter.

Internal Market – Domestic prices were, As already mentioned, established. Chinas Ministerium MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) holds by cooperating governments out, continue to work against illegal RE operations.

Pr / Nd Metal – Some 99% Praseodym / Neodymium metal was sold at about RMB430.000/tonne recently. Many suppliers are due to higher price expectations of about RMB500, 000/tonne not interested now stocks to sell in the next few weeks.

Dy-Oxid - The business was with sales of small quantities of 2,200-2,300 RMB / kg very low. Suppliers keep their inventories and the prices were at last about 2.600 RMB / kg notiert.

I-oxide - The prices are to 50% on 4.500-5.000 RMB / kg increased in the past month. Many vendors expect a further price increase in the near future and keep up with the sale of large quantities currently. back.

Tb-Oxidi - The market demand is low due to the summer holidays.

La Metal - The prices have come down to domestic 50-53 Held RMB / kg, was, if any, corresponds to a small change in demand.

He oxide - Surprisingly, the prices are to 50% + increased in the last month with price jumps of $50 to $80-90 pro 50/kg. The demand is mainly from European consumers during the summer holiday period less.

Exports - Price Summary Report July. All blue numbers have fallen compared to June Report. No paint means no change and green growth is.

As you can see, falling international prices for the Ce and La continue. We expect, that this is true also for the rest of this year, there may also bring Lynas and Molycorp overcapacity on the market. Most domestic prices rose, was, as some claim, is due to the increase in production from the illegal mining. But it could also be a sign of falling excess inventory in the system be.

Product Purity Domestic Rmb/kg FOB China $/kg Europe C $/kg
What Carb. 45% 14-15 $ 4.80-5.10
CeO2 99% 27-29 $ 6.50-7.00 $ 6.50-7.50
Dy metal 99% 2,700-2,900 $ 610-660
Dy2O3 99% my 2,200-2,300 $480-530
Eu2O3 99.9% my 4,000-4,200 $850-900
Fyfe 80% Two 2,250-2,350 $480-530
Gd2O3 99% my 178-183 $44-49
La2O3 99% my 27-30 $6.30-6.80
La2O3 99.999% 50-53 $15-18
Nd metal 99% my 380-390 $75-85 $85-95
Nd2O3 99% my 305-315 $57-60 $60-65
Pr metal 99% my 470-480 $75-85
Pr6O11 99% my 450-460 $88-92
Pr-Nd metal 99% my 415-425 $83-88
Pr-Nd oxide 99% my 320-330 $58-61
Sm2O3 99% my 28-33 $7-11
Tb4O7 99% my 3,600-3,700 $700-750
Tb metal 99% my 4,600-4,800 $950-1,050
Y2O3 99.999% 67-72 $19-23 $23-25
Product Purity Domestic Rmb/kg FOB China $/kg Europe C $/kg
What Carb. 45% 14-15 $5.90-6.20
CeO2 99% 27-29 $7-7.50 $7.50-10
Dy metal 99% 2,100-2,300 $580-630
Dy2O3 99% my 1,200-1,250 $460-510
Eu2O3 99.9% my 3,,100-3,200 $850-950
Fyfe 80% Two 1,200-1,250 $460-510
Gd2O3 99% my 115-118 $44-49
La2O3 99% my 27-30 $6.80-7.30
La2O3 99.999% 53-58 $17-20
Nd metal 99% my 340-350 $75-80 $85-95
Nd2O3 99% my 245-255 $57-60 $60-65
Pr metal 99% my 440-450 $75-85
Pr6O11 99% my 340-360 $72-75
Pr-Nd metal 99% my 323-333 $74-79
Pr-Nd oxide 99% my 245-250 $62-65
Sm2O3 99% my 28-33 $8-13
Tb4O7 99% my 2,350-2,450 $700-800
Tb metal 99% my 3,800-4,000 $1,050-1,150
Y2O3 99.999% 49-54 $19-23 $20-25

Listed below are the new, published by the Association for South China Ganzhou RE tone prices, shown. As you can see, there was a huge price increase in July for the concentrate. This is attributed to the crackdown against the illegal mining. This will obviously impact on RE prices in the coming months

Concentrate is usually 92% REO

March April May June The first half of July Current prices
Medium Y and rich Eu concentrate 175,000 170,000 150,000 140,000 140,000 250,000
High Y concentrate in Longnan 210,000 200,000 180,000 160,000 160,000 270,000
High Yttrium concentrate in Anyuan 180,000 175,000 155,000 145,000 145,000 260,000
Low Y and low Eu concentrate in Xunwu 90,000 90,000 90,000 80,000 80,000 180,000

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