Silvercrest reports 50 Meters with 151,8 g / t Silberäquivalent bei * La Joya – Mineralised main portion is extended still

Silvercrest reports 50 Meters with 151,8 g / t Silberäquivalent bei * La Joya – Mineralised main portion is extended still

19.07.2012 VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA), – SilverCrest Mines Inc. (the "Company") is pleased, the results of eleven other drill holes of its Phase 2 drill program to be known, that is currently on its concession area of ​​La Joya in the Mexican state of Durango in progress. The Phase 2 program includes 80 Drill holes totaling approximately 15.000 Meters. Reported to date Phase 2 drilling extended the main mineralized section (the "section") over that area beyond, The current inferred resource of 101,9 Million ounces of silver equivalent * contains (see press releases dated 20. March and 7. More 2012 and the accompanying drawings). The section defined by drilling now extends over approximately two kilometers and has an average thickness of about 700 Meters on. For more information, photos and illustrations of La Joya, please visit our website at

President J. Scott Drever said: "Since the announcement of our first resource in January this year, we drilled in the Phase 2 drilling at La Joya more 45 Wells and previously reported positive results from 33 Wells. We have extended the mineralization in all lateral directions along the section, and there is the possibility, to expand the reported resource. The most recent drill holes confirm our interpretation, that the area south of the reported resource of the most attractive part of the mineralized section, which often begins at or near the surface, seems to harbor. "

The company has as part of the Phase 2 program to date 45 the 60 planned core holes and 20 Umkehrspülbohrlöcher completed. Three of the eleven in the tables and described in the text partially holes tested the southern extension of the section. A hole is a hole-fill of the Phase 1 resource area; The focus of the remaining seven wells on the project was Coloradito. The silver values ​​in drill holes along section vary between 8,5 and 124,1 g/t, the silver equivalent * values ​​vary between 25,8 and 246,2 g/t. The mineralized intervals vary between 6,8 and 182,0 Meters. True widths of the mineralized sections are from the cross-sections of the previously announced drill holes in approaching any related fields. The most significant findings are summarized in the following two tables:

All sample analyzes were performed by ALS Chemex in Zacatecas (Mexico) und North Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) carried out.

The Phase 2 drilling program is approximately 2,5 Kilometers of the test section, including at least eight nearly vertical structures / stockwork zones, 14 almost horizontal, stratified Mantos and the contact zone in addition to the underlying intrusion. The drilling on the southern extension of the section continues with two drills; a third is taken into operation in July. RC drilling at the appropriate time should be performed. On the basis of surface mapping, Sampling and historical drilling results from the company's southern region may be the highest grade along the section. The values ​​given in the table above reflect this higher grade drill sites.

The core samples from holes LJ DD12-60 DD12-66 LJ to be currently analyzed in the laboratory. Currently, the company drilled the hole JDD12 L-71 in the southern part of the section. The investigation results of the next hole lines will be reported upon receipt and compilation of. Several drill holes contained anomalous molybdenum, Tungsten, Zinn-, Lead- and zinc values ​​in significant widths of skarn. The significance of this is related to mineral zones currently being evaluated.

Beim Ziel Coloradito, which is a separate target represents one kilometer west of the section, were seven other wells drilled. The mineralization in skarn with Coloradito includes stockwork veins. This mineralization is considering several intrusions with sediments from the Cretaceous period and a subsequent similar to those Skarnbildung, in the adjacent main mineralized section has been identified. The molybdenum values ​​seem higher in Coloradito (up to 0,6 %) than to be at La Joya, where copper levels are higher (up to 15 %). This suggests a different way or a subsequent intrusion intrusion event solutions with different mineralization. Drill holes in Coloradito also have anomalous copper, Lead- and zinc values. To determine the nature and magnitude of these potential storage, Additional drilling is required.

Earlier, historical drilling results at Coloradito were from a press release 16. February 2012 reported. New drill results confirm the previously identified molybdenum- and tungsten mineralization with a thickness of up to 116 Meters and grading 0,048 % Molybdenum and 0,098 % WO3. The near-surface mineralization is reported to those of current economic or potentially economic, near-surface bulk tonnage deposits similar to, wie etwa Thompson Creek (Idaho) (0,046 to 0,081 % Molybdenum), Endako (British Columbia) 0,030 to 0,046 % Molybdenum), Sisson (New Brunswick) (0,031 % Molybdenum, 0,094 % WO3) und The Creston (Mexico) (0,071 % Molybdenum, 0,06 % copper). All references are from the websites of listed companies.

Coloradito (Molybdenum, Tungsten, Gold, Silver)

All sample analyzes were performed by ALS Chemex in Zacatecas (Mexico) und North Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) carried out.

Drill hole DD12-51 J L (Azimuth, Inclination; 45, 45), Located south of the target Coloradito, yielded no significant results. The majority of the borehole, which was drilled mainly in marble, ergab geringe Skarne, a deeper skarn mineralization anpeilten. The deeper purpose is not interpret.

Further details can be found on the resource estimate please see the press release dated 4. January 2012 and the "technical report" as defined in NI 43-101 La Joya für vom 20. February 2012.

The Phase 2 drill program is expected in August 2012 be completed; a subsequent review, and the announcement of the updated resource for the fourth quarter 2012 planned. Extensive metallurgical test work to assess the suitability and potential of the metallurgical recoveries of silver, Gold, copper, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tin and lead are in progress. The results of test work in the next "technical report" as defined in NI 43-101 published, likewise for the fourth quarter 2012 is planned.

N. Eric Fier, CPG, P.Eng. und Chief Operating Officer von SilverCrest Mines Inc., is a Qualified Person under National Instrument (NI 43-101) Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects reviewed this press release and approved its contents.

SilverCrest Mines Inc. (TSX-V: SVL; OTCQX: STVZF) is a Mexican precious metals producer with headquarters in Vancouver (British Columbia). The flagship project of Silvercrest is the company's own mine in Santa Elena. It is located 150 kilometers northeast of Hermosillo in the Mexican state of Sonora Banamichi. The mine produced high grade epithermal gold and silver. The cash costs over the life of the mine on 8 U.S. $ pro Unze Silberäquivalent (55:1 Ag:At) valued. Silvercrest assumes, that during the period of above-ground mining operations (6,5 Years) with a capacity of 2.500 Tonnes per day from the Santa Elena mine a total of approximately. 4.805.000 Ounces of silver and 179.000 Ounces of gold can be promoted. Currently, a plan for an expansion program was developed over three years, should be doubled with the metal production in the mine of Santa Elena. The current exploration program to define a large Polymetalllagerstätte on the property of La Joya in the state of Durango is progressing rapidly.


This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws and the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements regarding the company expected results and future developments in the operations of the company, Explorations die geplanten- and development work in the respective concession areas and the plans for the business operation and other matters, that could occur in the future. These statements relate to analyzes and other information, based on expectations of future performance. This includes the silver- and gold production and the planned work programs. Statements concerning reserves and mineral resource estimates may also constitute forward-looking statements so far, as they involve estimates of the mineralization, in the context of the development of the mineral concession area is found. In the case of mineral reserves, such statements reflect the conclusion based on certain assumptions, that the mineral deposits can be promoted in an economically viable way.

Forward-looking statements involve a number of known and unknown risks, Uncertainties and other factors, which could cause, that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those, to which reference is expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements regarding. These include, among other things,: Risks associated with precious metal- and base metal price fluctuations; Risks associated with the current currency fluctuations (particularly the Mexican peso, Canadian Dollar and U.S. Dollar); Risks associated with the typical hazards of mining (including circumstances and events, are not within our sphere of influence), operational and technical difficulties in the context of mineral exploration, -EXPLORATION- and conveying activities; Uncertainties in obtaining financing and funding the exploration and development of the concession areas; Uncertainties in the actual investment costs, Running costs, Production costs and economic returns; the uncertainty, whether the development activities will result in profitable mining operations; Risks associated with data on reserves and mineral resources (because they are based on estimates and assumptions and may be the actual production quantities under the conditions given the current estimates and might be the tonnage and grade of mineral reserves in the lower part of the promotion on the concession areas; Risks associated with government regulations and obtaining necessary licenses and permits; Risks associated with the business, environmental laws, regulations and subject to (lead to higher costs of doing business and restrict our operations can); Risks associated with mineral concession areas, of the previously unrecorded agreement, Transfers or any legal claims are bound; Risks associated with insufficient coverage or. Denial of liability by the insurance; Risks associated with litigation; Risks with respect to the global economy; Risks relating to the Company's status as a foreign private issuer in the United States; Risks associated with all the concession areas of the company in Mexico and El Salvador (including the political, economic, social and regulatory instability); and risks associated with the participation of directors and executives at other resource companies, which might lead to conflicts of interest. Should one or more of these risks and uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove to be incorrect, then actual results may differ materially from those, The forward-looking statements are described in the. The forward-looking statements are based on the opinions of the company, Expectations and assumptions of management at the time the statements are made. For the above reasons, investors should not rely on forward-looking statements are unconditionally.

The information contained in this press release do not constitute a comprehensive documentation of all facts and developments in connection with the company. They should be considered in conjunction with all other published documents of the company. The information contained herein is no substitute for detailed research or analysis. The adequacy or accuracy of this information was of any securities commission or. Regulatory tested.

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