Lynas Corporation Limited (ASX:LYC, OTC:LYSDY)

Die Lynas Corp. has been 1986 listed in Australia. According to information provided Lynas owns in Mount Weld (Western Australia) the world's largest deposit ” rare earth”

A particularly rich deposit, The company developed the Lynas Corporation, the Mt. Weld project in Western Australia. Lynas Corporation (Ticker Symbol: LYC.AX) is in the final stages of development of the Mt Weld mine, However, production is shifted to Malaysia, For the latest Chinese export tariffs of 10 % to avoid. As China has now cut back production, is the average price increases of over 60 % at the “Rare elements” no coincidence.

The Mt Weld project of Lynas with proven reserves of over 2 Million tonnes, close the gap between supply and demand in the coming years. Assuming future prices of about 10 to 15 USD kg / REO from, existing reserves are expected to lead by Lynas at a purity of more conservative estimate 15 to 20 % alone 2 Billion worth its. At still higher purity levels and prices to 20 to 25 Lynas reserves the USD could even up to 5 Billion worth its. This would only share prices of about 3 to 5 AUD (current 0.6 AUD) justify this value. If there are no delays, Lynas was already beginning in 2010 about 10.000 Tons per year, d.h. 10 % the worldwide demand to deliver. By the year 2015 that proportion could be over 15 % increase.

The Mt. Weld deposits (as 25 % Lanthanoxide, cac. 45 % Ceroxide sowie 20 % Neodymoxide) are the world's largest treasure trove of “Rare elements”, wherein these would even be able over a period of 30 Years 20 % to meet the global demand. Therefore likely to Lynas in the next few years as the top 75 to 100 USD earn millions per year. Currently, the market capitalization of approximately 190 Million USD. This would correspond, if today's price is used, in about one of Kurs-/-Gewinn-Verhältnis 1,4 to 2,7. Of particular interest to the Lynas's strategy of, that the company promotes the vertical integration. It aims not only as one of the world's largest suppliers, but also occur as processors. To hedge this strategy, Lynas signed a long-term supply contract with the French specialty chemicals company Rhodia.

“Rare Elements” are often found as a byproduct of heavy sands, include the titanium, which is the case especially in Australia. Additional potential Lynas is likely, therefore, the Crown Polymetallic Resource Project in Mt. World mining district provide, but it contains large concentrations of niobium (Alloying element for stainless steels, Use in nuclear technology), Tantalum (Use in capacitors), Zirconium (Used in reactor and fuel cells) and titanium (Use in aircraft).

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WKN: 871899 ISIN: AU000000LYC6

Australia, NASDAQ, XETRA, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Tradegate

Head Office
Level 7, 56 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW
Australia 2000
Phone: +61 2 8259 7100
Fax: +61 2 8259 7199

Perth Office
Level 1, 7 Tully Road
East Perth, Western Australia
Australia 6004
Phone: +61 8 6241 3800
Fax: +61 8 9225 6842

Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Lot PT8249 & PT13637,
Gebeng Industrial Estate,
26080 Kuantan, Pahang
Phone: +60 9 582 5200 – Administration
Phone: +60 9 582 5800 – Plant/Operations
Fax: +60 9 582 5291
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