The management of the Institute of Rare Earths and Metals Association .


Leitung des Instituts für Seltene Erden und Metalle

He is subject to the financial research and analysis for Rare earth and Rare Metals. His responsibilities include the rare earths to locate shares of the future, to analyze them and prepare for our customers.
After high school he completed an apprenticeship as a data processing clerk. After studying business economies, management of several companies in the areas of finance, Internet and software development. Through its part-time master of the field of Business Development, countless literature, his years of personal experience as a trader and the company of dozens of companies on the stock market make him a very valuable member of our Institute.
Alastair S. NeillAlastair S. Neill, M.Sc Eng., B.A.
Alastair Neill is one of the world's leading experts in rare earth elements. He has more than 15 Years of experience with rare-earth look back. His naturally grown network of contacts consisting of rare earth consumers in Korea, Japan, Europe and North America, very close contact with suppliers from China, as well as in all scientific- and government circles, familiar with the topic of rare earth elements are. Mr. O'Neill has been living 15 Years in Beijing (China), From there he managed several projects in the field of rare earths. He heads the project development for companies such as neo-material Inc. und Black Sea Metals Inc. and consul is a regular guest of the largest companies in the rare earth industry with its expertise. Mr. Neil holds an MBA from York University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Science from the University of Western Ontario. He is fluent in English, French and Mandarin.

Eva Joosten
Eva Joosten controlled Accounting Institute Rare earth and metals. She is responsible for the receipt of the invoice and billing and their Archievierung.
For this work we chose Ms. Joosten decided since they in various commercial activities in Germany and other European countries with team spirit, Confident leadership and organizational skills. It also has good Foreign- and computer skills



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