Incorrect valuation of the Swiss Financial Services AG relaunching in circulation

Boss of the Institute for Rare earth and metals

Die Firma Swiss Financial Relaunching Services AG hat ein Muster einer Wertermittlung für den Rohstoff Kupferpulver mit der Report Nummer #2016021335 brought into circulation.

The order placed in context people and companies are:

  • Swiss Financial Relaunching Services AG
  • Prof.. Dr. Dr. Uwe Gill

If you receive an offer corresponding goods, they put us immediately with the Institute for rare earths and metals in conjunction.

addendum: In the meantime, we have some feedback to alleged Prof. Dr. Dr. receive Uwe Gill. All feedback confirmed the basic non-pay bills and non-compliance of commitments. The probability, that it is an internationally operating fraudsters is given, not established by us. However, we do based on the information, available to us in the meantime, each of a business relationship with Prof. Dr. Dr. Gill ab. The academic degrees and other awards, as the Order of Merit, are not confirmed by the awarded points.

Contact: oder Phone: +49-211-749588350.

Valuation by the Institute of Rare Earths and Metals

The Institute of Rare earths and metals created on behalf of its customers valuations for all Non-Listed metals and most isotopes. These goods are not traded on any stock exchange, therefore, a market price from the market results of the real-economic. The German Institute for Rare earth metals and lead in sales order so as to determine a realistic price surveys of the entire value chain by.

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