The joint program of REE between China and the Philippines, there have been delays

The joint program between China and the Philippines, there have been delays

20.06.2012 Dusseldorf Institute for Rare earth and metals – The Philippine government confirmed, that the planned exploration program REE in cooperation with China would probably not be in 2012 will be initiated.

In an interview with local media said the director of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB). "There was no progress FOR THE OPERATIONS. communication with the CGS (China Geological Survey). It looks like we're not this year continue to be able to. "

In February, confirmed Jasareno, that the MGB had requested the help of the CGS, to be able to determine a, whether the Philippines has economic quantities of rare earths and others to increase their production capacities.

Originally, the MGB officials meet with the CGS team, work out the final terms of a memorandum, that should determine the details of the program. According to the MGB officials, the government granted PhP 20 Million dollars for the initiative in 2012.

"The Contact CGS has taken place mainly via e-mail. However, the CGS has not responded "said Jasaresno. "The CGS was until recently very interested in the project," said Jasareno weiter.Wir they keep up to date.

Those: Institute of Rare Earth Elements and Metals e.V.

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