Important industrial metal remains available

Important industrial metal remains available

27.06.2012 Dusseldorf – According to the report of the International Copper Study Group (ICSG), which has now been published, come 44,8% of the copper used in Europe made of recycled. This represents a new record and shows, that the current demand for copper will be met increasingly from recycled. In fact “win-win”-Situation helps, to meet the ever increasing demand for this metal (+ 250% since 1960), while the environmental impact, which are connected with copper production, be diminished. In addition, through increased recycling of copper availability for future generations also secured.

A computer contains 1,5 kg of copper, a typical house about 100 kg and a wind turbine 5 Tons of metal. If one assumes, that copper can be completely recycled and used again and again without loss of performance, it must be ensured, that the products, the copper materials contain, and copper waste is treated properly, if they are at the end of their useful life cycle. After all, it could be, that the copper is from our smartphone as part of our water system used to be home again.

Europe's ever-growing demand for copper is increasingly covered by recycling
The number of 44,8% the ICSG represents a recycling rate, that has not been achieved since the turn of the century. In addition, Europe is far above the world average of 33,8%. Recycling has become an important part of the supply chain: Raw materials are used locally, People working in the field, Dumps can be saved and supports the recycling of other materials.

2010 were 2,25 Million tons of copper re-used – This represents an increase of 14% alone in comparison to 2009. The recycled copper came from old products and factory waste directly recycled (Direct melt). The increased recycling of copper is not least an indication, that copper is increasingly used in European society. Because the important industrial metal is ubiquitous in plant and equipment, to which the modern life is leaving more and more, such as high-tech products, electrical installations, Machinery, Solar systems and energy-efficient buildings.
Since the mid-60s, the global demand for refined copper by more than 250% increased (of 5 Million to 18 Million tons). This leaves the mine production is a decisive factor, to meet increasing demand. In order to ensure, however,, that sufficient copper for the future needs of the society is available, Not only must the rate of recycling and the degradation rate can be increased, but also considerable investment in the mining industry and related technology are made.

Infinitely recyclable: From the product back to the factory and from factory to product from 1,5 kg of copper from an old computer, an incredible new line of four meters in length are made. This simple principle is an important fact due: Copper can be completely recycled. In contrast to other materials, copper collected, remelted and reused many times without losing its properties. The recycled copper has exactly the same quality as the copper directly from the mine production.

In addition to the naturally occurring copper ore, copper and thus receives, which is hidden and can be recycled into consumer goods is becoming increasingly important for the supply: There is a substantial reserve, especially taking into account the speed, Europeans consume with the copper-containing products. For example, a car between 25 and 50 kg of copper at a high speed train colossal 10 Tons needed. A ton of copper in transformers can be employed during
its use phase 200 Tonnes of CO2.

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