Honda extracting rare earths from used parts

Honda extracting rare earths from used parts

18.04.2012, Tokio/Offenbach – Worldwide for the first time as a serial process. In late April, Honda is the world's first series method for the extraction of rare earths from used products. This is what the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Japan Metals and & Chemicals Co., Ltd. Tokyo announced. The aim of Honda, it is, the recycling of valuable resources to further expand. First, the method is used in nickel-metal-Hydridbatterien used, derived from Honda's hybrid vehicles and were taken back by the trade. The plan is, expand the process to other used parts.

So far Honda had used nickel-metal hydride batteries subjected to heat treatment and recycling of waste as raw material for nickel-containing stainless steel. The new procedure, the extracted rare earth now as pure as newly promoted and refined metals.

The newly developed standard procedure allows the extraction of more than 80 Percent of the rare earths, used in the nickel-metal hydride batteries are included. The recovered metals are not only in nickel-metal hydride batteries, but also in many other products use.

The recycling of raw materials, used in Honda products for use, , the company has long been the “3R-Ansatz” (reduce, reuse, recycle = reduce, reuse, recycle). Thus Honda the first Japanese car manufacturer, has offered the recycled parts and used oil filters and shock absorbers also collected and processed. In future, the recycling network will be expanded.

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