Distributors must take back old electronic devices in the future

A new bill of Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD) wishes to impose trade in the future, take back your old electrical appliances when purchasing an equivalent new device. The German government plans to reform the electric Act, more valuable metals from old devices such as mobile phones, To recycle toasters or modem.

The new collection obligation is for businesses with more than 400 Square meters of retail space and apply for online retailers. On Wednesday, the Cabinet will decide on the appropriate design.

Small devices with a maximum 25 Cm edge length, such as mobile phones and chargers can also be delivered without buying new. The receipts must consumers do not cancel it. So far, the withdrawal of old equipment is based on voluntary merchant. In the residual waste must not be disposed of, for they not only contain valuable raw materials such as rare earths, but also pollutants. In no other EU country is so much e-waste produced as in Germany.

The new law will also strengthen the environmentally sound disposal of pollutants and curb illegal export of electronic waste abroad.

Alba, one of the largest recycling companies in Germany, welcomed the new collection obligation for trade. “We expect, that land by the new return options more waste recycling instead of in the waste bin”, said a spokeswoman. So important recyclables could be saved.

Green criticize draft as “half-hearted”

Green Party leader Peter Simone criticized the planned reform as a half-hearted: “The limitation of the obligation to take back to a few large transactions limits the benefits to consumers considerably”, said Peter. So many electrical appliances would probably continue to end up in the trash. Overall, however, the reform goes in the right direction, said the Green Party leader. After all fell about in Germany 700.000 Tonnes of electronic waste in.

Those: http://www.zeit.de/politik/deutschland/2015-03/elektro-gesetz-elektroschrott-barbara-hendricks-recycling

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