Direct investment in mining companies of the rare earths

A direct investment in companies in the rare-earth metals and is an alternative to buying shares on the Stock Exchange. We bring together interested as an investor with the right companies. At the express request we will advise you as an arbitrator. The possibilities of direct investment or private placement referred to are very different. Therefore it is important to advance a personal interview, either by phone or in our Institute to carry with them. Conditions, which are important to them should be clarified in advance. These include:

  1. Term of the investment
  2. Amount of the investment
  3. Risk-taking
  4. Strategic- participation or investment
  5. National or International Investment
  6. Objectives of the investment

After the clarification of their personal investment profile, we like to have a Contact the corresponding corporation ago. You can either pre-market, in Private Placements, Regulation S or Regulation D investment. However, the minimum investment amount for all products is the direct investment of at least EURO 100.000. Please contact us or send us an email.

Phone: +49 – 211 - 7 49 58 83 50


They can be happy in following your own chat exchange experiences with each other or make recommendations. Dubious entries will be censored.


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