Joint efforts to develop new, for the technology- Critical process technology roadmap

SEMATECH and centrotherm cooperate in the development of low-temperature processes for the future generations of semiconductor devices (Logic and memory) in the semiconductor industry

10.04.2012 – Blaubeuren (euro adhoc) – centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co. KG, a 100 percent subsidiary of centrotherm photovoltaics AG, The high-tech production facilities and associated process technologies developed for the semiconductor industry, is the front-end process (EFF) Program of joined SEMATECH. The aim is, common low-temperature processes with the help of centrotherm newly developed low-temperature plasma oxidation system for future, powerful logic- to develop and memory devices.

Continuous miniaturization of nanoscale requires new materials and new device concepts, the reduction of the thermal budget required in the process flow. For example, to introduce transistors with high charge carrier mobilities in the channel region, Low temperature processes are urgently needed. Thus, the advantageous properties of the channel materials obtained.
Similarly, advanced storage technologies require high-quality, electrical insulation layers. These oxide layers are grown at extremely low temperatures – For example, for RRAM memory devices (Resistive Random Access Memory), the metal oxides contain. The centrotherm newly developed low-temperature plasma oxidation system provides your process technology is a very good way, integrate with extremely low process temperatures of novel materials into future device technologies.

As a member of this program centrotherm work closely with experts from the SEMATECH FEP research teams, to optimize using SEMATECH test structures for plasma-based low-temperature processes. The objective is, the applicability of the low-temperature processes for logic- and memory devices with smaller feature sizes 14 nm (Nanometer) to demonstrate.

“SEMATECH provides an excellent test centrotherm platform, to characterize current processes and develop new applications for our system”, says Peter Augustine, CEO der centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co. KG. “This cooperation is an important opportunity for centrotherm, the technological capabilities of our latest low-temperature- To demonstrate plasma oxidation system to our customers and is part of our program focus ct, the semiconductor- and microelectronics sector further.”

“SEMATECH is pleased, centrotherm to welcome you as a partner”, said Raj Jammy, Vice President Emerging Technologies bei SEMATECH.
“centrotherm's unique expertise in thermal solutions complement our component- and process expertise. We work together, to develop applicable and promising new manufacturing solutions, to meet the demands of the market for future transistors and memory.”

The goal of SEMATECH's FEP program is, most novel materials, Process technologies, Component modules and electrical and physical characterization methods to provide, the continuous miniaturization of logic- to allow and storage applications.

Über centrotherm centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co. KG, a 100 percent subsidiary of centrotherm photovoltaics AG, develops and manufactures high-tech- Production facilities for the production of a wide range of semiconductor- Components. Among our core competencies in addition to process technology and also the construction and design of our products. They are used for a variety of thermally activated processes in different technologies and applications (e.g.. Power semiconductor, LED, Micromechanics, MEMS, Sensor Technology) used. Centrotherm photovoltaics AG, Blaubeuren, is based in the world's leading technology- and equipment providers for the photovoltaic industry. The company equips well-known solar companies and new sector entrants with turnkey
(“Turnkey”) Production lines and individual plants for the production of silicon, crystalline solar cells and modules and thin film modules. Thus, the Group has a broad and deep technology base as well as key equipment at practically all stages of photovoltaic value chain. Centrotherm photovoltaics guarantees its customers important performance parameters such as production capacity, Efficiency and completion date. The Group had a date 31. December 2011 about 1.900 Employees worldwide and in Europe, Asia and the USA. In fiscal year 2011 centrotherm photovoltaics achieved revenue of approximately 700 My. Euro. The company is listed on the Nasdaq on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. More than centrotherm from

About SEMATECH SEMATECH ® ®, An international consortium of leading semiconductor device,-production devices and materials manufacturers, this year celebrates 25 Years of outstanding performance in accelerating the commercialization of technological innovations into manufacturing solutions. Due to the unwavering commitment, to strengthen cooperation in the nanoelectronics industry, SEMATECH helps its partners, accompanying industrial change, promote technical consensus, Translate research results into industrial, To increase manufacturing productivity and cost- To minimize risk and time. For more information about SEMATECH can be found at

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