Free precious metals trading platform for retail launch

Free precious metals trading platform for retail launch is the new price comparison- and trading platform for gold and silver

18.06.2012 Leipzig – The new free trade platform is launched is a professional retail sales platform, they buy on the free gold and silver and sell. for investors is also a new kind of comparison website: The search can quickly search for the prospective current best price and dealer- or. Private offers or buy directly but find the perimeter looking for a provider in their area. If there is just no suitable offer, can be informed of the prospective purchase on request by email warnings new offers.

The new online comparison- and sales portal for precious metals, precious metal dealers not only a free and reliable platform for connecting- and Sales, it is directed especially to the private seller or. Buyer. For home sellers, the private sale to interested parties about the most effective platform, because they can compare it to the dealer or the bank get a better price. “If private investors want to buy gold or silver, should find it as quickly as the current best bid and to purchase it immediately safe and anonymously. Equally convenient to residential customers to sell their precious metals at the best price”, said Dirk Nagel of

Ability of private investors provides an online platform, free to find reputable and reliable trade partner. If you prefer not to sell or buy shipping, can be found via the search engine dealers in his neighborhood. This eliminates the lengthy research, Advertise or awkward uses of various fee-based auction sites. In addition to detailed information and news you can find a list of prospective purchase precious metal dealers and get a quick overview of the current gold- and Silver Exchange, as well as to current market prices for physical precious metals. is a comparison- and Information Portal, which can be used free of charge. Also, interested traders can register for free to

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