Focus Metals and SOQUEM report significant results in the field of rare

Focus Metals and SOQUEM report significant results in the field of rare earth metals from the autumn 2011 bei Kwyjibo (Nordost-Quebec) drilling program

OTTAWA – 13. March 2012 – Focus Metals Inc. ("Focus" or the "Company") (FMS:TSX-V; FCSMF:OTCQX; FKC:ESF) and his partner SOQUEM Inc.. („SOQUEM“) rejoice, the results of the fall 2011 on the polymetallic zone concessions Kwyjibo (the "Property") in the Grenville geological province in northeastern Quebec (see Figure 1) guided by core drilling program to be known.

The drilled hole on the horizon Josette 10885-11-57 yielded the highest grade Seltenerdmineralisierung ("REE"):

- 2,40 % * TREO on 48,8 m (of 65,2 to 114,0 m), including
- 3,40 % TREO to 24,3 m (of 68,5 to 92,8 m) and 6,83 % TREO to 1,1 m (of 82,7 to 83,8 m).

The REOc ** ratio is in the mineralized section between 41 and 42 %. The REE mineralization is an iron oxide-copper-gold zone („IOCG“) embedded in the Mesoproterozoic. This consists of a strong hydrothermal magnetite iron formation (referred to as Magnetitit) and magnetite stockworks, with a Kalzitalterierung in bedrock (especially from the folded or. gneishaltigem leukokratischen granite is) are associated. Among the REE- and yttrium minerals include apatite, Britholit, Bastnaesite and allanite.

*TREO: Total rare earth oxides, including yttria
**REOc: Ratio of the critical rare earth metals (see definition below)

Main results of the drilling

The core drilling program in the fall 2011 included in Kwyjibo twelve (12) Holes totaling 2.604 m. With the drilling program the following areas should be tested: (a) one determined by geophysical VTEM anomaly or flight measurement. the extension of Magnetitithorizonts in the discovery of Gabriel in depth (Holes 10885-11-49 & 50); (b) the expansion of the copper-gold zone in the discovery Grabuge in the depth (10885-11-51); (c) eine mittels geophysikalischer EM-Messung ermittelte Anomalie abseits des Lochs (Hole 10885-11-59); and (d) VTEM anomalies along the northeast extension of the horizon Josette (Holes 10885-11-52, 53, 57, 58 & 60), between the discoveries and Josette Andradites (Figure 1). The best drill results were obtained on the horizon Josette;

- Hole 10885-11-56: 1,80 % TREO to 32,5 m (of 168,5 to 201,0 m) including:
- 5,88 % TREO to 1,0 m (of 169,7 to 170,7 m).

- Hole 10885-11-58: 1,64 % TREO to 20,6 m (of 75,4 to 96,0 m) including:
- 7,05 % TREO to 0,8 m (of 80,3 to 81,1 m).

- Hole 10885-11-60: 3,61 % TREO to 33,1 m (of 271,0 to 304,1 m) including:
- 8,68 % TREO to 1,0 m (of 290,0 to 291,0 m).

The REOc ** ratio for the above results is between 41 and 44 %.

Summer Exploration Program 2012

Focus and SOQUEM are currently working on the design of a two phase exploration program, in the summer on the property Kwyjibo 2012 be held. In Phase I of this program (In mid-June to mid July) be u.a. Line sections in the western part of the property taken, a geopyhsikalische ground TDEM measurements in the range of selected VTEM geophysical anomalies and an EM-hole measurements in twelve (12) Wells from the year 2011 carried out, a small bulk sample for metallurgical examination of the excavation 95-29, 95-30 taken from Josette and smaller samples from selected wells. In Phase II of Explorationsprogramms (In mid-July to mid September) then followed by a 4.000 m comprehensive drilling program in the area of ​​the horizon Josette, around the figure, Size and REE-Fe-Cu-content to better define. Following the results is a resource estimate in accordance with National Instrument (NI) 43-101 planned. The field work is scheduled to begin in June and completed end of September.

The ratio REOc

The values ​​shown TREO (Total rare earth oxides, REE2O3) are the sum of all the lanthanides, yttrium and rare earth oxides counting. Strictly speaking, no yttrium rare earth, But is the total value added of the REE, because its chemical properties and its applications are similar to the lanthanides.

The U.S. Department of Energy („DOE“) has indicated in a recent study, that some rare earth metals such as neodymium (Nd), Europium (Eu), Terbium (Tb), Dysprosium (Two) und Yttrium (And) short-term (now to 2015) to medium (2015-2020) should be nearly (Those: Critical Materials Strategy, December 2011, US- Department of Energy). The ratio of the critical rare earth metals („REOc“) is defined as the sum of Nd Eu Tb Dy Y-oxides divided by the total of REE oxides (REOc = ((Nd Eu Tb Dy Er Y)/ REO) X 100). In REOc ratio reflects the importance of the demand by the REEs industry. This is the technical challenge of obtaining REE and all costs associated with the mine development is not considered. Except for a few holes with a low-grade REE content varies the ratio between REOc 36 and 47 % (see Table 1).

Drilling program 2011 and Methodology

The drilling program 2011 at Kwyjibo began in mid-September and ended on 17. November 2011. The holes were of G4 Drilling of Val-d'Or, under the supervision of SOQUEM, the operator of the exploration program at Kwyjibo, carried out. Of the 15 planned holes, three holes because of the difficult topographical situation, The bad weather in November or. abandoned for lack of time.

A total of 852 Rehearse (consisting of 804 half NQ core samples from 12 Wells, 13 Duplicates, 17 Standard samples and 18 Blanks) to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO / IEC 17025:2005 laboratory certified by ALS Canada (Val-d'Or Vancouver und) submitted, all rare earth metals, to analyze the most trace elements and major elements. With the exception of one hole per hole were based on the number of samples analyzed between 1 and 3 Standard samples and the same number of blank samples included. Further analysis was per hole, a duplicate sample. The standard sample is an internal standard from the discovery Josette. In order to apply to, containing the blank (quartzite with a SiO 2 by ~ 96 %) only trace amounts of REE (< 60 ppm). REE and trace elements were determined using a lithium-boron fusion of the sample solution prior to acid or. using the ICP-MS method (Inductive gekoppeltes Plasma Massenspektrometrie) analyzed. This method is most suitable for acid-resistant minerals such as some REE bearing silicates. For samples with very high REE contents, a sample of the treated material analyzed again. In this case, a high sample-to-volume ratio was in addition to volumetric measurement (Class A glass) chosen. The ALS Laboratory used as part of standardized procedures certified high-grade rare-earth reference substances. The main elements were determined using a lithium-boron fusion of the sample solution prior to acid or. using the ICP-MS method (Inductive gekoppeltes Plasma Massenspektrometrie) analyzed. REE, Trace elements and major elements were analyzed in the laboratory of ALS in Vancouver. In the copper sulfide-bearing samples were, Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc and sulfur analyzes. copper, Lead, Silver, Zinc and sulfur were aqua regia digestion and then using the AAS method (Atomic absorption spectrometry) analyzed. Gold was determined by fire assay and AAS a 30 g initial sample analyzed. Base metals and precious metals were in the laboratory of ALS in Val-d'Or analyzed.

Location of the property

The concession area Kwyjibo with its polymetallic iron-rare earth-copper-(Gold)-Occurrence (Fe-REE-Cu-(At)) includes a total of 118 Mining concessions covering an area of 6.278 Hectares and is located a few kilometers north of Manitou Lake and 125 kilometers northeast of Sept-Iles in the administrative district of Côte-Nord (Quebec). The concession area is also 25 km east of railway line (Québec North Shore und Labrador Railway Line) Sept-Îles and is reachable by air.

Provisions of the agreement

At the 3. August 2010 the company announced it has signed an option agreement with SOQUEM Inc., one 100 %-Tochter der Societe generale de financement du Quebec („SGF“), known (im April 2011 FMS began fusionierte Investissement Québec). The aim of the agreement was the purchase of a 50 %-Participation in the concession area Kwyjibo.

Under the agreement, Focus Metals has the option, a 50 %-To acquire interest in the concession area Kwyjibo. This requires, Focus Metals that within 5 Years 3 Million $ invested in exploration on the property; 1 Million $ it must be during the first 2 Years are applied.

SOQUEM will act in the first two years of the option period as the operator of all exploration work on the property, until the first million $ was invested in exploration. Focus will then have the option, by payment of 50.000 $ in cash or issue of ordinary shares with a value of 50.000 $ Operators to be.

Since 31. December 2011 Focus has a total of approximately. 2,6 Million $ invested in the project Kwyjibo.

The information contained in this press release specialized information has been examined by qualified experts (NI 43-101) Tony Brisson, P.Geo (Quebec) tested.

Über Focus Metals Inc.

Focus Metals Inc. is an emerging mid-tier junior exploration company with a promising base metal- and industrial mineral projects in Quebec, which are still in the discovery stage. In addition, the company intends, to expand its portfolio of industrial mineral projects in the advanced exploration stage. The company is led by an ambitious team of managers and technicians conducted with extensive experience in exploration and production of mining operations.

SOQUEM und über Investissement Québec

SOQUEM is a 100 %-Investissement Québec Québec.Investissement daughter has set itself the goal, more investment in Québec and thereby to promote economic development and job creation in every region. The company offers its customers a wide range of financing solutions including loans, Loan guarantees and equity investments, to assist them in all stages of development. The company also handles tax services and seeks to attract foreign investors.

Forward-looking statements

This press release may contain "forward-looking statements" or. refer to such statements. These statements are based on expectations the company's leadership regarding the future business growth, the future operating results, Services and business opportunities of the company. These statements reflect the current views of management companies of the date of this press release and resists are based on information, The management is currently available. All statements in this press release, are not historical facts constitute – I u.a. include statements about the possible ore grades and reserves, exploration results and future plans and objectives of the company -, are forward-looking statements and as such, subject to various risks and uncertainties. It can not be guaranteed, that such statements will prove to be accurate, as. Actual results and future events could differ materially from such statements. Important factors, which may cause, cause actual results to differ materially from the expectations of company management, are exploration risks, in this report or. be described on a regular basis in the Company at the regional securities regulatory authorities submitted documents. Although the Corporation believes, that could change because of future events and developments and the vision of the company, there is no obligation for the company, to update these forward-looking statements, unless, This is required by applicable securities laws. The reader is cautioned, that forward-looking information is not reliable.

The TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (described in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange Regulation Services Provider) assume no responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

For more information, contact:

Gary Economo
President & Chief Executive Officer
Focus Metals Inc.
613-691-1091 DW 101


Tony Brisson, P.Geo
Vice President, Exploration
Focus Metals Inc.
613-691-1091 DW 113

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