Focus Graphite signed purchase agreement for future production at Lac Knife graphite



OTTAWA - December 2013 – Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX-V:FMS; OTCQX: FCSMF; ESF: FKC) (the "Company") announced today, that it has signed a purchase agreement for the supported in the future at Lac Knife graphite resource.

The strategic agreement to purchase up to 40.000 Tons per year, at 19. December 2013 by the company and an industrial consortium consisting of Heavy Industry, Producer- signed and technology enterprises in Dalian City in Liaoning province.

The completed ten-year agreement covers the supply of up to 40.000 Tonnes of graphite (big fluffy flakes and medium size) from the planned Focus Graphite plant at Lac Knife in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The detailed terms and conditions, including pricing and the right to contract extension, are not disclosed for competitive reasons.

"We Focus graphites are very pleased with the signing of our first off-take agreement. This agreement is crucial to the future development of Lac Knife ", erklärte Don Baxter, President und Chief Operating Officer von Focus Graphite.

"This purchase agreement is not only the first of its kind, it is also significant in, as it includes the entire range of products produced in Lac Knife kleinflockigem to extra großflockigem graphite and thus pave the way for the sale of technology products produced therefrom with added value is ", Baxter soft.

"This agreement underlines our long-term goal, To be competitors in the Chinese market ", he added.

This agreement was without a feasibility study (currently in progress) completed and there is therefore no guarantee, that the above objectives can be realized.

Über Focus Graphite

Focus Graphite Inc. is an emerging, medium junior mine development company and a developer and provider of technology solutions and business innovation. Focus is the owner of the Lac Knife graphite deposit, The region is located in the Côte-Nord in the north east of Quebec City. The Lac Knife project hosts NI 43-101 compliant indicated mineral resource of 4,9 Million tons, where 15,8 % graphitic carbon (CGR) is in the form of crystalline graphite, and inferred mineral resources * in the amount of 3,0 Million tonnes 15,6 % Cgr in the form of crystalline graphite. The aim of focus is, to be a leading market position as a low cost producer of high-quality graphite technology. At the 29. October 2012 the company released the results of a preliminary economic assessment („PEA“) für das Projekt Lac Knife, in the project a very positive potential was certified for the production of graphite. As a technologically driven company, has set itself the goal, to secure its long-term shareholder value solid, Focus ist durch Grafoid Inc.. involved in the development of applications and patents graph.

Don Baxter, P.Eng, President und COO von Focus Graphite Inc., is a Qualified Person under NI 43-101 reviewed the technical content of this press release.

Forward-looking statements

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Don Baxter, P.Eng
President & Chief Operating Officer

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