Focus Graphite reports 92% increase in Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources at the Company's flake graphite project Lac Knife on 9,6 Million tons grading 14,77 % Cg


OTTAWA, ONTARIO — (28. January 2014) – Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX-V:FMS)(OTCQX:FCSMF)(FRANKFURT:FKC) ("Focus" or the "Company") is very pleased, compliant 43-101, an update of its National Instrument ("NI 43-101") Mineral resource estimate for its 100 % proprietary graphite Lac Knife project in northeastern Quebec announce.

The resource estimate is based on the additional exploration- and delineation drilling programs of the year 2012 and 2013, the total 92 Holes with a total length of 9.103 Included meters. With these the desired goal has been achieved, upgrade the existing Indicated and Inferred resources in the measured and indicated categories. These holes complement the zuvorigen 105 Holes with a total length of 9.217 Meters.

The measured and indicated resources were now at a cutoff grade of 3 % Cg auf 9,6 Million tons grading 14,77 % Calculated Cg. In addition, includes the updated resource estimate, The table below 1 It can be seen, with the same cut-off grade of 3 % Cg inferred resources of 3,1 Million tons grading 13,25 % Cg.

Table 1. Mineral Resource Estimate for Lac Knife at a cutoff grade of 3,0 % graphitic carbon („Cg“)

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The economics of mineral resources, are not mineral reserves represent, was not detected.


• The tonnage of the measured and indicated mineral resources increased at a cutoff grade of 3,0 % Cg um 92 % on 9,6 Million tons grading 14,77 % Cg. In comparison, the previous estimate included at a cutoff grade of 5,0 % Cg 4,9 Million tonnes 15,76 % Cg.

• 432.000 Tons, which at a cutoff grade of 3 % average 23,66 % Have Cg, were upgraded from the displayed measured in the resource category.

• The updated resource estimate increased in situ graphite content to 81 %.

• the major part of the 3,0 Million tons, previously classified as inferred resource, was successfully upgraded in the measured and indicated categories.

• Along the southwestern extension of the deposit Lac Knife were more 3,1 Delineated million tonnes of Inferred Resources.

Wie in Tabelle 2 can be seen below, the tonnage of the resource increased in the measured and indicated categories in the application of the economic assessment (Preliminary Economic Assessment; „PEA“) used cut-off grade of 5 % of 4,9 Million tonnes 15,76 % Cg in the PEA to 92 % on 9,5 Million tonnes 14,86 % in this current estimate. This led to an increase in the graphite content in situ by 778.000 Tons to 1,4 Million tonnes in the measured and indicated categories.

In the inferred resource category of tonnage fell compared 3,0 Million tons in the PEA to 2,0 % on 2,9 Million tons in this updated resource estimate. The average grade of the inferred resources decreased from 15,58 % Cg auf 13,75 % Cg, what a 13.5% decrease of the in-situ graphite content in this category of 467.000 Tons to 404.000 Had tons of result. These changes resulted from an appreciation of a large part of the inferred resources of 3,0 Million tons in the PEA in the measured and indicated categories as well as the considerable extent of the deposit in the south. In the recently delimited zone Southcentral, which is still considered by Focus in the south as open (see Figure 1), could further 3,1 Million tonnes of Inferred resources are deferred.

Another factor was also the lowering of the cut-off grade of 5 % Cg, as used in the PEA, on 3 % Cg in this updated estimate. With respect to the reduction of the cut-off grade, a higher selling price and a higher concentrate grade were.

Table 2. Depending on changes in the cut-off grade and compared to the previous estimate.

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The curves of the tonnages, as NI of the reporting guidelines in accordance with 43-101 required to be made, could lead to obvious differences in ton, Ore- lead and graphite contents.

Figure 1. Isometric representation of the main mineralized zones with indication of the pit shell, comprising the resource.

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Don Baxter, President und Chief Operating Officer von Focus Graphite, said: "We are delighted, to have further mitigated the risks of the Lac Knife project by the appreciation and increasing resource. This updated resource is a mineral reserve estimate in the feasibility study, which is currently being prepared by Met-Chem, be used.

"This announcement follows on from our important announcement of the conclusion of a 10-year off-take agreement with a Chinese conglomerate, recently after China announced, that 20 % the flake graphite production in Shandong Province will be set. This illustrates the need for reliable, cost production of high quality flake graphite outside of China further,"Soft Herr Baxter.

He added: "Focus shows again, that the company has the potential, To meet this growing need. The updated resource suggests, that the project could produce Lac Knife high quality flake graphite for a long time. "

The updated mineral resource based on 197 historical and recent diamond drilling with a total length of 18.320 Meters. These include the 104 Surface diamond drilling with a total length of 10.337 Meters, since the 2010 were drilled by Focus Graphite.

The mineral resources were measured with a cut-off of 3,0 % graphitic carbon („Cg“) reported within a limiting pit shell. Details of the methods used in the estimation of mineral resources, see the notes below.

Notes on the Mineral Resource estimation method

• The mineral resource estimate was carried out in accordance with the CIM definitions for mineral resources, to in the NI 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects Bezug genommen wird. Pierre Desautels (P.Geo.), leitender Ressourcengeologe bei AGP Mining Consultants Inc. In his capacity as an independent Qualified Person under NI 43-101 prepared and approved the publication of the mineral resource estimate presented herein. Jeffrey Cassoff (Closely.), Chief Mining Engineer at Met-Chem Canada Inc. and Qualified Person under NI 43-101, has reviewed the technical content of this press release. This mineral resource estimate is an update of the resource with validity for 5. December 2011, which was made by Roche Limited Consulting Group and later by the RPA Consulting in the preliminary economic assessment 30. October 2012 (including an update of the resource classification) was taken.

• All holes are composed of diamond drill core together, in the entire length of the mineralized zones 1,5 Was sampled and analyzed meter intervals. During the drilling program 2010 measures for quality control and assurance were introduced, eventually during the Bohrprgramme 2012 and 2013 were expanded, and then the addition of standard, Double- include blanks and the control analysis in a second laboratory.

• The density measurements were performed by IOS Laboratory in Chicoutimi (Quebec) carried out. The database, since the drilling program 2010 is managed by IOS, includes a total of 5.133 Density measurement results. Due to the strong link between the sulfur- and bulk density estimates, a bulk density model with the same parameters, that were used for the sulfur model, interpoliert. The interpolated bulk density model ranges from 2,64 g/cm3 bis 3,05 g/cm3, with an average 2,81 g/cm3.

• Incoming geological surveying and Section interpretations by Focus Graphite led to the development of a three-dimensional (3D) Domänenmodells, on the lithology- and salary limits based. The wire was modeling the distinction between three main mineralized zones with eight subordinate accompanying zones result. Within the wireframes, the content is usually above 3 %, but also reached low points of 1 % in local zones with lower levels within the high grade domains, which were used in the Variographieuntersuchungen and Gehaltsinterpolationsbeschränkungen.

• To avoid outliers was evaluated each statistical domain individually and a cap was not necessary. With limits of 38 % However, Cg was a limitation of the search scope of 30 x 30 x 30 Imposed meters, in order to limit the influence of the highest values ​​for the interpolation.

• was the length of the selected composite samples 3,0 Meter.

• Using GEMS © software is a 3D geological block model generated. Is the matrix size of the block model 6 x 6 x 5 Meter. For all domains with inversive distance- and "nearest neighbor" was ordinary kriging control models applied. The interpolation was carried out in multiple passes, each with increasing Suchellipsoiddimensionen. The classification of all models was based primarily on the number of passes, the distance to the nearest composite sample and the Krige variance. The classification for the measured category was only reached in around the sampling points of the bulk samples. There have been no classification adjustments for blocks, interpolated primarily based on historical drilling, since these were found to be appropriate for the resource modeling.

• It is assumed, that the reported mineral resources have reasonable prospects for economic extraction. Met-Chem created using the Lerch-Grossman pit optimization algorithm, of design parameters (including cost of, Selling price and open pit mining) and the Konzentratorbetriebsparameter, derived from the updated preliminary economic assessment (see press release dated 7. November 2013), as well as typical regional cost estimates, a pit shell;

 Price: C$ 2.000 pro Tonne (FOB Sept-Iles);

 mill recovery rate: 91,089 %;

 concentrate grade: 96,6 % Ct;

 slope of the pit wall: 45 Degree;

 Abbaukosten: C$ 6 pro abgebauter Tonne;

 treatment costs: C$ 40,61 per ton of processed;

 Transportkosten: C$ 25 Tonne for Konzentrat;

 Management- and infrastructure costs: C$ 15 per ton of processed.

• The pit formed therefrom model includes most of the estimated measured, indicated and inferred resources. The curves of the tonnages, as NI of the reporting guidelines in accordance with 43-101 required to be made, could lead to obvious differences in ton, Ore- lead and graphite contents.

• The economic viability of mineral resources, are not mineral reserves represent, was not detected. The estimate of mineral resources may under certain circumstances materially from aspects such as environmental protection, Permits, Legislation, Legal claims, Control, socio-political conditions, Marketing, or other relevant factors are influenced.

• The scope and content of reported in this estimate Inferred Mineral Resources have uncertain character. There have been conducted sufficient exploration work, to classify these inferred mineral resources as an Indicated or Measured Mineral Resource. It is uncertain, if further exploration will result in upgrading this to indicated or measured mineral resource category.

Project Lac Knife

Das Projekt Lac Knife umfasst 57 Concessions with a total area of 2.986,31 Hektar im Township Esmanville (NTS maps part 23B/11) and is approximately 27 Kilometers south-southwest of the town of Fermont iron mining in the district of Côte-Nord in Quebec. In October 2010 Focus acquired a 100% interest in this project. A map to the location of the Lac Knife project is on the company's website can be viewed at

The mineralization at Lac Knife is embedded in biotite-quartz-feldspar gneiss and schist formation Nault and is related to the iron formations of the formation Wabush. These correspond to the lower strata of the Labrador Trough Proterozoic, have been influenced by the Grenville orogeny in the late Proterozoic. Pronounced metamorphism and folding associated with the Grenville orogeny led to the formation of important concentrations of graphite, which are dominated by large flakes with an increased value.

Sampling, Analysis and quality control / assurance

All the cores were measured on site at Camp Lac Knife and transferred to the sample preparation to the facilities of IOS in Chicoutimi. Two slices of approximately one quarter of the PQ-core with a diameter of 4 Inch taken in parallel on each side of the center axis of the core by using a saw,. One of the disks was marked for geochemical analysis, while the other was kept as a confirmation sample. The middle parts of the cores are stored for subsequent uses. The length of the samples is for the most part 1,5 Meter, Deviations ranging from 0,5 to 1,8 Meters. The disc samples were before preparation for density measurement, dried the crushing and grinding the sample preparation lab IOS.

After preparation of the samples were used for analysis of the graphitic carbon content using the high-frequency LECO combustion method with infrared measurement (internal analytical code LSA-M-B10 for graphite carbon; ISO 9686:2004) year das Consortium for Applied Materials Handling and Mineral Processing ("COREM"), an ISO / IEC 17025:2005 certified facility in Quebec City, transferred. For the measurement of the graphitic carbon content, the sample is pretreated with nitric acid and in a LECO capsule into the furnace (1.380º C) placed in an acid hydrogen atmosphere. Carbon oxidized to CO2. After the removal of moisture, the gas is (CO2) measured by an infrared detector and a computer system calculates the concentration of carbon graphite (% Cg). The total sulfur content was also determined using the LECO method (Code LSA-M-B41) (Table 1). For the determination of the sulfur content of the sample is in a capsule in the furnace LECO (1.380º C) given, to the sulfur to SO2 oxidized. After the removal of moisture, the gas is (SO2) measured by an infrared detector and a computerized system then calculates the concentration of total sulfur content (% S).

Under the Qualitätssicherungs-/-kontrollprogramms were approximately 10% the samples of COREM on their total- (Code LSA-M-B45), organic (Code LSA-M-B58), inorganic (Code LSA-M-B11) and graphitic (Code LSA-M-B10) Analyzed carbon content and their total sulfur content. Duplicates of these samples were also at Actlabs Laboratories in Ancaster (Ontario) (ISO/EIC 17025:2005 mit CAN-P-1579) for an analysis of the graphitic carbon- (Code 5D-C graphitisch) and the total sulfur content (Code 4F-S combustion infrared analysis) and for determining the content of 35 other elements using the ICP method (Code 1E2 - aqua regia) skillfully. As part of the Qualitätssicherungs-/-kontrollprogramms IOS added standard, Double- (Saw, Crushing- or Mahlungsdoppelproben) and blank samples in each core sample set a.

Qualified experts

Benoit Lafrance (Ph.D., geo (Quebec)), Vice-President of Exploration von Focus, und Don Baxter (P.Eng.), President und Chief Operating Officer von Focus, have the technical content of this press release in its capacity as a qualified person within the meaning of the guidelines of NI 43-101 reviewed and approved. Pierre Desautels (P.Geo.), leitender Ressourcengeologe bei AGP Mining Consultants Inc. In his capacity as an independent Qualified Person under NI 43-101 prepared and approved the publication of the mineral resource estimate presented herein. Jeffrey Cassoff (Closely.), Chief Mining Engineer at Met-Chem Canada Inc. and Qualified Person under NI 43-101 has reviewed the technical content of this press release.

Über Focus Graphite

Focus Graphite Inc. is an emerging, medium junior mine development company and a developer and provider of technology solutions and business innovation. Focus is the owner of the Lac Knife graphite deposit, The region is located in the Côte-Nord in the north east of Quebec City. The Lac Knife project hosts an NI 43-101 compliant Measured and Indicated mineral resource estimate * in the amount of 9,6 Million tons with a graphitic carbon content of 14,77% (Cg) in the form of crystalline graphite and an inferred mineral resource estimate in the amount of 3,1 Million tonnes 13,25% Cg in the form of crystalline graphite. The company's goal is to, to a cost-effective producers of graphite to be with technological content and take a leadership position in this industry. At the 7. November 2013 the company released the results of an updated preliminary economic assessment (Preliminary Economic Assessment; „PEA“) für das Projekt Lac Knife, the nahelegten, that the project has very good potential, to become a graphite producer. As a technology-oriented company, the endeavors, a long-term, to generate sustainable profits for shareholders, investiert Focus Graphite durch Grafoid Inc. in the development of graphene applications and patents.

Forward-looking statements

This presentation contains forward-looking information under Canadian securities laws. All information contained herein, are not clearly historical in nature are, may constitute forward-looking information. Generally, these forward-looking statements can be identified information based on the use of forward-looking terminology, such as e.g.. „plant“, "Expected", "Not expected", "Expected", "Budgeted", "Estimates", "Forecasts", "Intends", "No intention", "Believes" or. Variations of such words and phrases or statements, that certain actions, Events or results "may", "Could", "Might" or "will". Forward-looking information is subject to known and unknown risks, Uncertainties and other factors, which could cause, that could cause actual results, Activities, Performance or achievements to differ materially from those, which were explicitly or implied by such forward-looking information expressed, including, but not limited to: (i) volatile share prices; (ii) of global markets and the economy; (iii) the possibility of depreciation, amortization and impairment; (iv) the risks associated with the exploration, the development and operation of mineral deposits; (in) the risk associated with the acquisition of ownership rights to mineral properties and assets; (we) risks related to joint ventures; (vii) Fluctuations in commodity prices; (viii) the risks associated with non-insurable risks, during the exploration, Could occur exploration and production; (ix) the competition for the resulting issuer in securing experienced personnel and financing; (x) access to an appropriate infrastructure to support the degradation, processing, the development and exploration; (xi) the risks associated with changes in the mining regulatory provisions for the resulting issuer; (xii) the risks associated with the various environmental regulations, which is subject to the resulting issuer; (xiii) the risks associated with regulatory and permit-related delays; (xiv) Risks associated with potential conflicts of interest; (xv) the reliance on key personnel; (xvi) Liquidity risks; (xvii) the risk of potential dilution through the issuance of common shares; (xviii) des binders, that the company does not anticipate the decision of the dividends in the short term; (xix) the risk of litigation; and (xx) of Risikomanagements. Forward-looking information is based on assumptions, our management believes at the time the statements are statements to be reasonable, including but not limited to, the ongoing exploration work, the lack of significant changes in metal prices, Explorations- and development plans, carried out according to plan and deliver the appropriate results, obtaining necessary regulatory approvals and other assumptions and factors, the herein described. Although the company has tried, identify important factors, which could cause, that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking information, there may be other factors, which lead to results, are not accepted, estimated or intended. It can not be guaranteed, that forward-looking information prove to be accurate, as. Actual results and future events could differ materially from such forward-looking information. Such forward-looking information has been provided, to investors to help, the business, to understand the operations and exploration plans of the company, and for other purposes may not be suitable. The reader should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. Forward-looking information is expressed as of the date of this press release, and the company is not obliged, to update such forward-looking information, unless, This is in accordance with applicable securities laws.


Don Baxter, P.Eng
President & Chief Operating Officer

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