FISSION JV trifft 43,0 m @ 1,93% U3O8 including 5,0 m @ 9,91% U3O8 zone R390E


FISSION JV trifft 43,0 m @ 1,93% U3O8 including 5,0 m @ 9,91% U3O8 zone R390E

Intersected thick intervals and high levels in all five holes

FISSION URANIUM CORP. (“Fission” or "the Company”) as an operator and its joint venture partner Alpha Minerals Inc. are very pleased to further results from five holes from the zone R390E in their Patterson Lake South (PLS) To announce grounds in Saskatchewan. The holes PLS13-078, PLS13-081, PLS13-085, PLS13-086 and PLS13-87A were all mighty mineralized sections in shallow depth and show strong growth this zone. Worth mentioning is particularly the hole PLS13-086, the 43,0 m @ 1,93% U3O8 including 5,0 m @ 9,91% U3O8 had.

Bohrhöhepunkte were:

PLS13-086 (Line 330E)

• 43.0m (81,5 m – 124,5 m) @ 1,93% U3O8 including:

• 5,0 m (101,0 m – 106,0 m) @ 9,91% U3O8

PLS13-085 (Line 360E)

• 22,0 m (82,5 m – 104,5 m) @ 0,93% U3O8 including:

• 4,0 m (85,0 m – 89,0 m) @ 4,07% U3O8

PLS13-078 (Line 435E)

• 30,0 m (85,0 m – 115,0 m) @ 0,66% U3O8 including:

• 1,5 m (96,5 m – 98,0 m) @ 7,62% U3O8

Ross McElroy, President, COO and Chief Geologist of Fission said:

"The zone R390E further shows nice growth as a high-grade zone. All five of the last samples confirmed the thickness of the sections and hole PLS13-086 here as a real highlight. "

The percent bond U3O8 mineralization of mineralized intervals are shown in Table 1 summarized. The drill core samples were halved. Where these were available on a standard size of 0,5 m down-hole brought. One half of the samples were sent to the laboratory for analysis, the other half remains at the site as a reference. All depth measurements that were reported included the samples and section widths are downhole. The core section measurements and true widths have yet to be determined.

Table 1

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1. Minimum thickness: 0,50 m

2. Grad Cut-off: 0,05 U3O8 (wt%)

3. Maximum Inter Nale dilution: 2,00 m

Bohrloch PLS13-078 (Line 435E) was recognized as the vertical hole and to a depth of 224,0 m drilled. One 30,0 m wide mineralized zone (85,0 m bis 115,0 m) yielded composite sections of 0,66% U3O8 over 30,0 m. A higher grade interval was 7,62% U3O8 over 1,5 m (96,5 m – 98,0 m). A second mineralized interval was 0,12% U3O8 over 7,5 m. The mineralization on PLS13-078 looks, that it goes up away approx. 17 m of hole PLS13-073 starting.

Bohrloch PLS13-081 (Line 405E) was recognized as the vertical hole and up to 230,0 m bored. The collar is approximately. 10 m north of the grid PLS13-064 (10,5 m @ 0,43% U3O8. An upper zone showed values 0,19% U3O8 over 18,5 m (106,0 m – 124,5 m) and 0,06% U3O8 over 2,5 m.

Bohrloch PLS13-085 (Line 330E) was recognized as the vertical hole and at a depth of 224,0 m beendet. Multiple sections drilled widths of 0,5 m bis 22,0 m over a range of 120,0 m of 58,5 m bis 178,5 m (see Table 1). The strongest interval gave values ​​of 0,93% U3O8 over 22,0 m (82,5 m – 104,5 m) including a higher grade section 4,07% U3O8 over 4,0 m (85,0 m – 89,0 m).

Bohrloch PLS13-086 (Line 360E) was recognized as the vertical hole and a depth of 263,0 m bored. Multiple sections drilled widths of 0,5 m bis 43,0 m over a range of 98,5 m of 75,5 m bis 174,0 m (see Table 1). The strongest sections gave values ​​of 1,93% U3O8 over 43,0 m (81,5 m – 124,5 m) including higher grade sections 9,91% U3O8 over 5,0 m (101,0 m – 106,0 m).

Bohrloch PLS13-087A (Line 315E) was recognized as the vertical hole and at a depth of 227,0 m beendet. Multiple sections drilled widths of 0,5 m bis 16,5 m 67,5 m ranges from 47,5 m bis 113,0 m (see Table 1). The strongest sections showed values ​​of 0,40% U3O8 over 8,5 m (63,5 m – 72,0 m).

Patterson Lake South Gelände

The 31.039 PLS-acre project is a 50%/50% Joint venture between Fission Uranium Corp.. und Alpha Minerals Inc. (AMW). Fission is the Operator. PLS is accessible by road and has a year-round access from the main highway 955 from, which runs north of the former Cluff Lake mine and the nearby UEX-Areva Shea Creek discovery about. 50 Km north which currently runs in an active exploration and development is. Updated maps and Scintillometertabellen for R945E zone can be found on the company's website:

The technical information in this press release are in accordance with the rules of the Canadian National Instrument 43- 101 made and on behalf of the company by Ross McElroy, P.Geol. President von und COO Fission Uranium Corp. tested. He is a Qualified Person.

About Fission:

Fission Uranium Corp. is a Canadian mineral exploration company and has focused on the strategic acquisition, Exploration and development of uranium deposits located in Kelowna, British Columbia spezialisiert. The common shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “FCU” listed. In addition, the shares on the OTCQX in the U.S. under the symbol “FCUUF” traded.

On behalf of the Board
Ross McElroy, President und COO

Fission Uranium Corp.
Rich Matthews
Investor Relations
TF: 877-868-8140

and in the German-speaking:

Swiss Resource Capital AG
Jochen Staiger

Risk Warning: Certain information included in this press release “forward-looking information”, importance in the Canadian jurisprudence. Generally speaking, these forward-looking statements can be identified by terms such as “planned”, “expected” or “not expected”, “is expected”, “Budget”, “planned”, “valued”, “Predictions ", “intended”, “assumed” or “.not expected”, or “believed”, or variations of such words and phrases. Can also enter certain acts or events such as "may”, “could”, “would”, “maybe” or “possibly ", “occur”, “can be achieved” or “has the potential for”. Forward looking statements contained in this press release regarding the spin-off and listing of the fission of uranium and future operations. Or financial performance of Fission and Fission Uranium concern may involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Current results and statements may differ materially from expected and predicted the statements made in the forward-looking statements. Such statements are indicated in their entirety by the inherent risks and uncertainties caused by future expectations. Events may affect the actual results are strongly: Market conditions and other risk factors that can occur in our documented reports by the Canadian securities commission. These can be found at SEDAR at The forward-looking statements in this press release are derived from date of this press release and the Company and Uranium Fission assume no responsibility or liability for any change in the forward-looking statements, or the resulting new events, except that the exchange right will be announced according to the rules of the Canadian. It is only the English original version of this release.

For the correctness of the translation is any liability assumed! Please note original English message!



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