Fission JV sixth discovers zone 530m west of zone R00E


FISSION URANIUM CORP. ("Fission" or "the Company") the operator and its joint venture partner, Alpha Minerals Inc. rejoice, the discovery of a sixth zone of mineralization (600W) to announce. This results from the results of two holes, conducted on line 600W on the PLS property of the company in the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan. Particularly noteworthy is the hole PLS13-118, the total 21,5 Mischvererzung meters intersected, 530 Meters west of the original discovery zone R00E. The new zone is considered a substantial success and should continue to be pursued with high priority. Further drilling, Part of the ongoing, 9,2 My. Dollar teuren, 49 And holes 14.700 Meters comprehensive drilling- and ground geophysics program will therefore focus on this area.

Highlights of the drilling include:

• 6. Mineralized zone; discovered 525 Meters west of Zone R00E

• PLS13-118 auf TRAF 21,5 Meters mineralization in a portion of 80,5 Meters (of 174,5 – 255,0m), including sections with moderate mineralization (Zone R600W)

• Zone R600W is located on a 1.755 Meter hose Trend, with all five zones were high in the east Vererzungsgehalten (R00E, R390E, R585, R780, R945E) and mineralization on line 1155E

The holes PLS13-116 and PLS13-118 were drilled on line 600W and were aimed at a slight radon anomaly, which was north of the PL-3B EM conductor identified between the lines 540W to 630W and might be associated with Inferred from north to south querschlägigen structures (see press release dated 7. October 2013).

Ross McElroy, President, COO and Chief Geologist for Fission, Commenting:

"The discovery of this new zone is a huge sign of progress on PLS. 530 Meter is a very large distance and a hit of this magnitude not only demonstrates the continued success of Fission Exploration Method, but also confirms the continued growth of the potential of the project. It is also important, Note, that R600W for further exploration activities is wide open. Our team wants to pursue with vigor. "

Zone R600W:

The discovery of the connection zone R600W resulted from work in the form of holes on a radon anomaly in sediment, which was discovered during the summer program. The radon anomaly is between 540W and 630W, and could with Inferred, are from north to south querschlägigen structures in the context. This anomaly is located along a Ostnordosttrends, parallel to and just north of the conductor PL-3B EM.

Hole PLS13-116 (Line 600W) was inclined recognized at an azimuth angle of 336 and a slope of -74 and up to a depth of 323,0 Completed meters. A narrow interval weak anomalous radioactivity between 143,0 and 144,0 Discovered meters, within a semi-pelitic gneiss altered by chlorite. Imminent rock was 106,4 Discovered meters below the surface. The lithology of the bedrock rock consists mainly of semi-pelitic gneiss. The interpretation suggests, that the layer sequence is encountered north of the desired mainly pelitic layer, the next is associated with high-grade mineralization in the East.

Hole PLS13-118 (Line 600W) was recognized as the vertical bore and to a depth of 314,0 Completed meters. The hole was drilled from the same location as PLS13-116. Imminent rock was at a depth of 97,2 Meters and encountered significantly higher than in hole PLS13-116 (106,4m), possibly indicating a structural distortion between the holes. The mineralization encountered in PLS13-118 is approximately 50 Meters south of the Bohrspur PLS13-116. A total of Mischvererzung 21,5 Meters was divided into five different sections with varying from weak to moderately radioactive mineralization between meters of drilling 174,5 and 255,0 encountered, with section widths of 0,5 to 9,0 Meters. The upper part of the layer sequence (97,2 bis 154.5 m) consists of quartzite gneiss. Of 154,5 to 297,9 Meters is dominated by a pelitic gneiss, between the 297,9 and 314,0 Meters above goes into a semi-pelitic gneiss (End of hole). A diabase dyke consists of 287,3 to 294,5 Meter. Local, narrow intervals (2,1 to 3.6 m thick) of moderately sloping Mahlgestein and cataclasite are between 166,6 and 265,9 Encountered meters. Moderate Lehmalteration (occasionally hematite) meters of drilling is 154 to 212 encountered.

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The company also correct a minor error in the press release of 29. October 2013, by the high grade section of hole PLS13-079 5,5 Meter (91,5m – 97.0m) on 5,0 Meter (92,0m – 97,0m) Change. The content of 19,51% U3O8 for this section remains the same.

The naturally occurring gamma radiation in drill cores, that is reported in this press release, was measured in the second deflections per (counts per second / cps), with a portable Exploranium GR-110G was used Gammastrahlenscintillometer. The reader is cautioned, that Scintillometerergebnisse not directly or consistently meet the uranium contents of the studied rocks and should be considered only as a preliminary indication of the presence of radioactive material. The radioactivity in the Vererzungsabschnitten varies widely and is associated with pitchblende. All intervals are core interval measurements in the borehole and the true thickness has yet to be determined.

All holes should be radiometrically probed with a Mount Sopris 2GHF-1000 triple gamma probe, which allows accurate measurements in high-grade mineralization zones. Triple gamma probes are preferably used in zones with high-grade mineralization.

Split drill core samples from the mineralized core section are continuously removed through the mineralized intervals and at SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories (an SCC ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 certified facility) filed in Saskatoon for analysis, frame U3O8 (wt %)- and includes fire assay for gold. All samples, submitted for analysis, be a 63 Elements comprising ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy), Uranium by fluorimetry and boron, subjected. The analysis results will be published, soon as they arrive.

Patterson Lake South Gelände

The 31.039 PLS-acre project is a 50%/50% Joint venture between Fission Uranium Corp.. und Alpha Minerals Inc. (AMW). Fission is the Operator. PLS is accessible by road and has a year-round access from the main highway 955 from, which runs north of the former Cluff Lake mine and the nearby UEX-Areva Shea Creek discovery about. 50 Km north which currently runs in an active exploration and development is. Updated maps and Scintillometertabellen for R945E zone can be found on the company's website:

The technical information in this press release are in accordance with the rules of the Canadian National Instrument 43- 101 made and on behalf of the company by Ross McElroy, P.Geol. President von und COO Fission Uranium Corp. tested. He is a Qualified Person.

About Fission:

Fission Uranium Corp. is a Canadian mineral exploration company and has focused on the strategic acquisition, Exploration and development of uranium deposits located in Kelowna, British Columbia spezialisiert. The common shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “FCU” listed. In addition, the shares on the OTCQX in the U.S. under the symbol “FCUUF” traded.

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