First Majestic becomes a leading silver producer: Delivery 2013: 10,64 My. Ounces of Silver; Forecast 2014: 12,70 – 13,35 My. Ounces of Silver



First Majestic Silver Corp. ("First Majestic" or the "Company") are the production results of the company for the fourth quarter and full year 2013 known.

The entire production line with forecasts, peaking in 2013 a new record of 12.791.527 Silver equivalent ounces - an increase of 41 Percent compared to the year 2012. The silver equivalent production amounted in 2013 on 10.641.465 Ounces of Silver, 10.040 Ounces of gold, 26.904.093 Pounds of lead and 8.509.097 Pounds of zinc. Given an annual production of now over ten million ounces of pure silver, the company acquired in its tenth year now has the status of a "senior silver producer".

The total production in the fourth quarter also reached a new quarterly record of 3.421.161 Ounces of silver equivalent, consisting of 2.746.598 Ounces of Silver, 3.519 Ounces of gold, 8.355.889 Pounds of lead and 1.698.745 Pounds of zinc.

President and CEO Keith Neumeyer said: "2013 presented for the mining industry is a major challenge. The unexpected decline in metal prices required a rapid response, to reduce costs and investments. Our team has chosen the difficult decisions, which was to make it, deserves kudos. However, further action is needed, to increase the efficiency and to apply new technology and innovative methods. In 2014 is our main focus be on improving efficiency through automation and training programs. Given all of these challenges, which we have already mastered and are yet to come, it is sometimes difficult, To see all the positives, what happens around us. Our team needs to be congratulated, therefore, for another year of production growth. Since the farms Del Toro and San Martín to be upgraded as before, is for 2014 to expect a similar growth. Now, since we have achieved one of our main objectives, we have set ourselves ten years ago - the production of more than ten million ounces of silver -, we set ourselves the goal of, 20 To produce millions of ounces, what can be achieved with our current assets in our opinion,. We live in difficult, but also exciting times. "

Tabelle mit Production Daten:

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Staff activities:

2013 total 53.257 Tapped meters underground, in 2012 were it 57.267 Meter. Compared to a drilling volume of 135.769 Meters in 2012 were in the exploration program 2013 in the diamond drilling only 58.578 Completed meters. The main objective of the exploration program is to, to define the resources and reserves and further enhance and integrate these new data in future NI 43-101 compliant technical reports of the company. After the exploration budget for 2013 shortened and the drilling programs for 2014 were reduced, find no basis or holes. Holes rather than in undeveloped areas. There will therefore primarily feed- or definition drilling instead.

As for the fourth quarter, so were in the five silver mines in operation – La Encantada, La Parrilla, Del Toro, San Martin und La Guitarra – overall 701.617 Tons of ore processed, an increase of 9 % over the previous quarter corresponds.

The average silver content of these five mines fell to the quarter 191 g/t, a decrease of 5 % corresponds compared to the previous quarter. The combined silver recovery rate was average for the quarter 64 % and remained at the level of the third quarter, where a recovery rate of 65 % was achieved.

In the fourth quarter, the company's total 13.280 Tapped meters underground, which compared to the previous quarter 10.923 Meters, an increase of 22 % corresponds.

During the quarter were in the five premises of the company's nine drill rigs. The company introduced the quarter over drilling 8.324 Meters by, while in the previous quarter at around 7.823 Meters were completed. This corresponds to an increase of 6 %.

The Company is pleased, in accordance with its target, to increase the recovery rates and the operating efficiency, to announce the appointment of Mr. Alejandro Sandoval General Manager of Processing Plants. Mr. Sandoval is an experience of over 37 Show years in the Mexican mining industry and will be responsible for metallurgical improvements and testing of all farms. The majority of his professional career, he worked at Fresnillo and Peñoles, then he went to Gold Corp., where he was responsible for the development and operation of the sulfide processing plant at the mine Peñasquito. Before he hired at First Majestic, war Herr Sandoval als General Manager of Construction and Design für Minera Frisco tätig.

Table of quarterly production of individual mines:

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1) Based on the number of operating days

2) The new Cyanidationskreislauf at Del Toro was in this quarter 38 Days in operation and processed 34.370 Tons (average 904 tpd). The flotation circuit was 74 Days in operation and processed 88.468 Tons (average 1.196 tpd). There were thus 58 weighted average operating days with an average operating rate of 2.100 tpd.

Silbermine Del Toro:

• This year, Del Toro processed 319.861 Tonnes of ore with an average silver content of 213 g/t. The average metallurgical recovery rate was up 68 Percent (Production of total 1.484.598 Ounces of Silver). Furthermore, in this year 8.400.642 Pounds of lead and 1.785.219 Produced pounds of zinc.

• As previously announced, the new Cyanidationskreislauf was on 20. October 2013 successfully put into operation, whereby the production of silver doré bars is now possible. At the 20. November 2013 the first official cast of silver bullion was recorded at Del Toro. The new Cyanidationskreislauf is since 1. January 2014 considered commercially, after it has reached commercial operation level.

• The flotation circuit is still in use; were in the fourth quarter 88.468 Tonnes at an average silver content of 226 g / t and silver recovery rate of 69 Processed per cent.

• The throughput of the new Cyanidationskreislaufs amounted in December to an average of 881 tpd with an average maximum level of 164 g / t silver and recovery rates of 60 Percent. Since the company's Cyanidationskreislauf on 2.000 tpd will upgrade, it can be assumed, that the grades and recovery rates will approach closer to those values, in the pre-feasibility study by 20. August 2012 specified.

• The construction of the new power line with 115 kV is now 90 Percent complete and is expected by the end of the second quarter after a change of plan, which now allows the progress of the current conduction through several small towns, be completed.

• During the quarter was within the underground workings at Del Toro a drill in use. In the fourth quarter, as part of the total exploration 799 Meters drilled, during the previous quarter 2.856 Meters were completed. This is due to the reduction of the exploration budget. Additionally, in the fourth quarter 2013 about 2.612 Tapped meters, during the previous quarter only 1.817 Meters were developed.

Silbermine La Encantada:

• This year, a total at La Encantada 1.139.241 Processed tons, of which 53 Percent consisted of fresh Minenerz and 47 Percent came from old mountains. Total production amounted to yourself 4.081.094 Ounces of Silver. Due to the implementation of an optimization program at La Encantada, the amount of old mountains, who went through the Cyanidationskreislauf, reduced, resulting in a reduction of the total annual throughput of 25 Percent resulted. However, the maximum average salary increased by 29 Percent 227 g / t silver, whereby the total silver production will remain virtually unchanged year over year.

• The underground development and production in the vein of San Francisco as well as the recently discovered chimneys "990" and "990-2" to be continued. In the recently discovered veins Regalo and Brecha new mining areas are prepared for production. Also, have in this quarter in the excavation chamber 310 at the level 1610 and expanding the area at the level of Buenos Aires 1850 begun preparations. These new areas are being prepared, the projected increase in the production of fresh Minenerz in 2014 to support.

• Four rigs were in the underground development of the La Encantada project in the quarter in use. In addition to supporting promotional activities, they were mainly used for the definition of reserves and resources in the newly discovered areas. In the fourth quarter of exploration and definition drilling were in the course of total 6.611 Completed meters, in the previous quarter, however, were only 2.928 Meters drilled. Additionally, in the fourth quarter as a whole 3.210 Tapped meters underground, during the previous quarter 3.195 Meters were developed.

• Much of the current hole- and development activities are used to collect data material to create a new NI 43-101 compliant technical report.

Silbermine La Parrilla:

• This year, at La Parrilla 788.335 Tonnes of ore with an average silver content of 162 g / t processed (Total production of 3.115.997 Ounces of Silver). Silver production is in 2013 increased by eight percent, what primarily to an increase in mill throughput of 16 Percent is compared to the previous year. The average metallurgical recovery rate of silver amounted to yourself 76 Percent - a decline of two percent compared to the year 2012. Furthermore, in this year 18.503.451 Pounds of lead and 6.723.878 Produced pounds of zinc.

• Due to a decline in the silver content in the surface mining operation Quebradillas production was increased in higher grade underground areas this year, especially in San Marcos. In addition, the new mine Vacas was in the second half of 2013 a rate of 313 brought tpd in production. The sulphide ore contained therein has silver grades 200 to 240 g / t.

• The development and construction of the rail transport system are now at a length of 1.057 Meters arrived. Because of the reduction of the development costs in connection with the budget cuts, the deadline for the completion of the 5,000-meter project was to end 2016 extended.

• During the quarter, a total of 2.989 Tapped meters underground, in the previous quarter there were 2.213 Meter.

• During the quarter was within the underground workings at La Parilla a drill in use. In the fourth quarter, a total of 249 Meters drilled, during the previous quarter 177 Meters of drilling were completed.

Silbermine San Martin:

• This year, in San Martín 322.618 Tonnes of ore with an average silver content of 153 g / t processed (Total production of 1.250.774 Ounces of Silver). This represents an increase of total silver production of 31 Percent compared to the year 2012 give, mainly to an increase in the levels of 13 Percent, an increase in mill throughput of 13 Is percent and an increase in the recovery rate of three per cent due.

• The expansion of the processing plant was the end of December with the final installation of a new 9.5′ 12 time′ completed large ball mill, the older 8.5′ 12 time′ large ball mill replaced. This new, larger ball mill is expected to be more reliable and planned flow rates of 1.300 tpd reach.

• In the fourth quarter, a total of 2.858 Tapped meters underground, in the previous quarter there were 2.267 Meter. The mine development continues to focus on the new areas in Rosario, where there are currently seven production sites in operation.

• During the quarter was within the underground workings at San Martin a drill in use. In the fourth quarter, a total of 387 Meters drilled, during the previous quarter 376 Meters of drilling were completed.

Silbermine La Guitarra:

• This year, at La Guitarra 171.662 Tonnes of ore with an average silver content of 152 g / t processed (Total production of 709.002 Ounces of Silver). This represents an increase of silver production of 82 Percent compared to the year 2012 give (since the acquisition of Silvermex Resources in July 2012), mainly to an increase in mill throughput of 184 Percent is due, which by a decline in the silver content of 34 Percent and a decrease in the recovery rate of three per cent was made up.

• The mine development in the structure Joya Larga in the El Coloso reached along the vein now 151 Meters and has reached the economic production area. The first ore production began in December at a rate of 48 tpd, and the preparations continue, to the mining of ore until the second half of the year 2014 a rate of 160 increase tpd. This new area had levels between 200 and 350 g / t silver back.

• In the fourth quarter, a total of 1.611 Tapped meters, in the previous quarter, there were, however, 1.431 Meter. The production grade was further promoted in areas within the La Guitarra vein, the higher gold grades and lower silver content had. The average silver content is expected to increase, once production is increased in the structure Joya Larga.

• In the fourth quarter two rigs were in the underground development of the La Guitarra project in use. During the quarter, a total of 278 Meters drilled, during the previous quarter 1.486 Meters were completed.

Production- and cost forecast 2014:

For the year 2014 the company expects to increase silver production by 19 to 25 Percent and a new annual production rate of 12,70 to 13,35 Million ounces (14,85 to 15,60 Million ounces of silver equivalent). The following developments are therefore involved in the program:

• With Del Toro, the overall throughput of the double circuit processing plant is expected to average 2.600 tpd amount (2.100 tpd cyanidation means and 500 tpd mittels Flotation).

• Due to the recent expansion at San Martín to the cyanidation from the beginning 2014 expected to average 1.300 tpd amount. This increase in mill capacity (before 900 tpd) is the production expected to increase by more 500.000 Increase ounces of silver as well as moderate amounts of gold per year.

• At La Encantada is an upgrade and expansion of the refractive- and refining area provided, to the increase in underground production of fresh Minenerz in the second half of 2014 to increase. In addition, the processing of old mountains due to low metal prices is removed from the mill feed. This change is intended to increase both the silver recovery rates as well as the maximum level at the mill.

• Due to the underground development in the second half of 2013 at La Guitarra, the Company expects, that 2014 be extracted and processed higher silver grades. The historic silver contents varied between 200 and 225 g/t.

The company optimizes the mines continue to, to ensure profitability in the face of low prices. These changes are designed to maintain the status of First Majestic as one of the producers with the purest silver and the highest margins of the silver industry.

The table below is a breakdown of the individual mines in the production forecast 2014 contain:

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The company integrates the first time, the total cost of ownership in the forecast for 2014. However, this calculation does not meet the GAAP rules and should only get a better overview, Ensure comparability and presentation of the overall costs associated with the production of silver at the current holdings. New project capital and expansion capital for current operations are not included in this calculation of the total cost of ownership.

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1. The total maintenance costs are non-GAAP, sondern anhand der Prognose des World Gold Council („WGC“) June 2013 calculated. For 1. January 2014 the company is voluntarily reporting the total cost of ownership a, to compare the consolidated operating performance of the company can. The WGC is not a regulatory body and has no power, Set accounting standards for publications. Other mining companies could total maintenance costs due to differences in their underlying principles and provisions and differences in the definitions of maintenance- calculate and development capital expenditures vary.

2. To meet the WGC regulations on the overall maintenance costs, integrated the company into the calculation of total cash costs per payable ounce of silver for the year 2014 the participation costs of the workers in the amount of 0,38-0,39 $.

As seen in the above table, be the AISC costs for 2014 on between 15,87 $ and 16,69 $ estimated per ounce of payable silver.

In 2014 The company plans, overall 106,0 Million $ be estimated as sustaining capital for current operations as well as expansion capital for numerous growth projects. Includes the annual budget 42,3 Million $, for plants, Concession areas and equipment are issued, as well as 55,7 Million for discovery or 8,0 Million $ for exploration.

In addition, the company plans 2014 a limited number of capital expansion projects, including 8,8 Million $ at Del Toro for the completion of the new power line with 115 kV and the expansion of mountains pond. In addition were 4,6 Million $ Upgrading and expansion of the refractive- estimated and Mahlbereiche at La Encantada in preparation for a higher throughput mine in the second half of.

First Majestic is a mining company, whose main focus is on silver production in México and is consistently focused its business strategy on the development of its existing mineral properties and acquire additional mineral projects, to achieve its growth targets.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact or visit our website at or. call our toll free phone number 1.866.529.2807.


Keith Neumeyer, President & CEO

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and applicable Canadian securities laws with respect to the business- and operations, the financial performance and financial position of First Majestic Silver Corp.Zu the forward-looking statements include statements regarding the future prices of silver and other metals, the estimation of mineral reserves and resources, the realization of mineral reserve estimates, the timing and amount of estimated future production, the production- and investment costs, the costs and timing of the development of new deposits, success of exploration activities, the timing of the approval process, Hedging-Praktiken, Exchange rate fluctuations, the need for additional financial resources, the influence of the government on the mining operation, Environmental risks, unexpected reclamation expenses, the timing and possible outcome of pending litigation, Property- or. Liability claims and Versicherungsschutz.Im Generally, these forward-looking statements can be seen from the use of forward-looking terminology, such as e.g.. „plant“, "Expected", "Not expected", "Expected", "Budgeted", "Estimates", "Forecasts", "Intends", "No intention", "Believes" or. Variations of such words and phrases or statements, that certain actions, Events or results "may", "Could", "Will," "would" or. Forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, Uncertainties and other factors, which may cause, the actual results, the level of activity, performance or achievements of First Majestic Silver Corp.. differ materially from those, The forward-looking statements are expressed in or implied by. These include, without limitation, risks related to the integration of newly acquired projects, Risks related to international operations, Risks related to joint ventures, the actual results of current exploration activities, the actual results of current remedial measures, the result of economic evaluations, Changes in project parameters as part of the detailed planning, future metal prices, possible variations in ore reserves, Ore grades or recovery rates, unexpected defects in plant operation, of equipment or in the manufacturing processes, Accidents, labor disputes and other risks of the mining industry, Delays in the approval by government authorities or financing or in the completion of development- or. Construction work, and all the factors, in the section entitled "Description of Business – Risk Factors "of First Majestic's Annual Report for the year ended 31. December 2012, which was published on, or. auf dem bei der United States Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. to find filed Form 40-F sind.First Majestic Silver Corp.. has sought to, identify important factors, which may cause, the actual results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements contained results. It can also lead to other factors, that the results not as expected, estimated or intended ausfallen.Es can not be guaranteed, that such statements will prove to be accurate, as. Actual results and future events could differ materially from such statements abweichen.Die readers should, under certain circumstances, that they sollten.First not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements Majestic Silver Corp.. does not intend, forward-looking statements, incorporated herein by reference, to update, unless, This is required by applicable securities laws.

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