Company from Fährbrücke brings valuable materials from waste

Company from Fährbrücke brings valuable materials from waste

07.03.2013 – Develops recycling process, Commodities to be rescued from garbage and recycle
Fährbrücke. The two leaders of the company Loser chemistry – Wolfram Palitzsch and Ulrich Loser – is on Thursday at the International Recycling Conference in Rome for a procedure, with the company succeeds, Recycle photovoltaic scrap. “We have developed the world's first facility”, says attorney Palitzsch. The chemist reported, be solved in an extraction bath that the semiconductor coating of glass plates or other substrates and precious metals and expensive specialty glass recovered. Its technology to companies interested in global.

In another pilot will be in the long Weißenbacher district currently in the kilogram range discarded Magnets, obtained for example from old starters, processed. “We utilize them fully and strive to a wholly owned recycling, in the end, everything we sell and produce no new waste”, says Palitzsch. Thus, for example neodymium, a metal, leached, which is used in production of new magnets.

Another field of research is the recycling of phosphors in energy-saving lamps and electronic waste, such as mobile phones and laptop screens. This includes so-called rare earths and other critical metals such as indium and gallium. “It is also called Spice metals, because they are in the kitchen, such as spices needed only in small quantities. But in the high-tech world, they are essential”, says Palitzsch and reported, that the prices of these commodities in the last year more than doubled, Since exports to China 40 Percent had reduced. There are 97 Percent of the world's rare earths consumed promoted. To reduce the dependence on China, engaged in the international recycling center. “We've had inquiries from Japan, Canada, USA, Luxembourg and France. Our methods for the recovery of rare earths attract worldwide attention”, says company CEO Ulrich Loser. “In China, we were just offered, there immediately build a recycling plant.”

Currently Loser Palitzsch and socialize once networks in Germany and Europe, a recycling industry for the recovery of valuable raw materials to build. “In our small company with about 50 People we can not lift the personnel nor financially”, assesses the owner. And supplemented Palitzsch: “We have lit a beacon, shows the, it works, that the valuable raw materials from discarded products can be dissolved out and processed in new and innovative technology.”
They both know, that there is resistance. For example, of those companies, The traditional methods to treat waste, So deposit burn or. Before new systems can run continuously, must be organized supply of waste in sufficient quantity. The innovative duo floats a recycling on a large scale, together with partners, on the ten-hectare campus before.
To the extent it is, The company produces aluminum sulfate and polyaluminum continue. The substances are used for cleaning drinking- used and waste. They are currently still the loser-core business. 30.000 Tonnes are produced annually. That is about 100 Tankers a month. 1,2Million Euros have been invested in the plant, Since the loser chemistry the insolvent Chemical Factory Fährbrücke end 2005 purchased at a foreclosure sale. Currently, 750.000 Euro invested in a new chemical storage.
Those: Free Press Saxony

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