False reports of the CAB Metal Ltd in circulation

Boss of the Institute for Rare earth and metals

Die Firma CAB Metal Ltd hat a pattern a valuation for the commodity nickel wire o.025 mm with the report number #2014021239 brought into circulation.

The order placed in context people and companies are:

  • CAB Metal Ltd., Tortola
  • Mr. Basil Calancea, Swiss Pfaffikon
  • Prof Dr. Peter Plaul, Raguhn Germany

If you receive an offer corresponding goods, they put us immediately with the Institute for rare earths and metals in conjunction.

Contact: info@ise-ev.org oder Phone: +49-211-749588350.

Valuation by the Institute of Rare Earths and Metals

The Institute of Rare Earths and Metals created on behalf of its customer valuations for exotic metals and most isotopes. These goods are not traded on any stock exchange, therefore, a market price from the market results of the real-economic. The German Institute for Rare earth metals and lead in sales order so as to determine a realistic price surveys of the entire value chain by.

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