Export quotas for rare earth 1. Half-year 2014

AdHoc News vom Institute for Rare earth and metals – 18.12.2013

China announced yesterday the export quotas for the first half year 2014 known. Be expected, 2014 less rare earths exported as 2013. A total of 2,8% performed less rare earths from the People's Republic of. These are composed of 7,3% heavy rare earths (HREE) and 1,8% the light rare earths (LREE). According to the definition of the Chinese covered by the LREE only cerium, Lanthanum, Praesodym und Neodym. All other fall under the rubric of HREE.

Especially with the HREE dysprosium and terbium availability is becoming increasingly scarce. It is already apparent in the years 2017 reckoned with serious shortages of these rare earths.

A detailed report is subject to the opinions of the first Chinese.

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