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Rouyn-Noranda, Canada, 2. December 2013 – Explor Resources Inc. ("Explor" or the "Company") (TSX-V: EXS, OTCQX: EXSFD, ESF & BE: E1H1) is pleased, the conclusion of the Phase 1 exploration program 2013 announce the copper concession area Chester. When you concession area Chester a comprehensive soil exploration program was carried out, the primarily west on the side of the Clearwater Stream, an area, in the end since the late 1950s took place no more exploration, concentrated. The aim was, the opportunity for discovery of additional mineralized zones near the surface similar to the known copper- to investigate and VMS zones in Chester, as has already been confirmed (First Narrows im Jahr 2004 and historical drilling 1967-68), that the Kupferunterzuglagerstätte in the main zone to another 500 to 700 Meters extends west of the calculated resource, as can be seen on the map attached to the copper geochemical soil surveys.

The work program 2013 included first exploration, described briefly in the following:

1) Beating of corridors and the construction of a grid. A total of firebreaks on 74,7 Beaten and connected kilometers;

2) Geological field recordings. The entire grid was expired and mapped in July and August, to outcrops, To find boulders and mineralization. As required stream sediment samples were also taken from. This should be the Search outcrop sections of the favorable mineralized (or ore-bearing) Serve horizons in the west of the known mineralization. Was the aim of the program, to set the underlying rock types with the current knowledge and the published maps of the mining camp in Bathurst relationship. During the field shooting a new silicified zone was discovered, which coincides with a strong lead soil anomaly. Along strike of this anomaly of the soil anomalies on multiple lines were clearly to be recognized south Clearwater Stream rock with and without Discovered alteration and thus delineated a significant strike length. The identification of this rock type is to determine the exploration potential of this concession area of ​​great importance, as this the known VMS- houses and Kupferunterzuglagerstätten in Chester;

3) Along the grid were magnetometer- performed and electromagnetic VLF ground surveys, the in the later interpretation of the geological and geochemical results are to be used as a mapping tool;

4) Along the newly created grid, samples of horizons "A" and "B" taken. In older documents the operations performed on the property valuation measures no entries for taking soil samples were found, with the exception of QPX-ground surveys of prior 8 to 10 Years.

The ground surveys were conducted in two phases ultimately, wherein in the first phase 1993 Soil samples were removed. The samples were applied to a screen size of -80 Mesh (a standard sieve in the Bathurst mining camp) crushed and Activation Laboratories Limited of Ancaster (Ontario) analyzed by the ICP method. There were copper-, Lead- deferred and zinc anomalies. In October, along the grid lines and more from Kompass 1364 Samples taken, to the sampling of the phase 1 to complement and further detail in this regard to the demarcated in the first phase anomalies. During the field recordings were also generally 19 Stream sediment samples and 10 Collected rock samples and then analyzed.

A quick examination of the geochemical data suggests, that in the area, wo circa 1958 or 1959 three holes were drilled, a relatively small soil geochemical anomaly is present. Three (3) more copper anomalies were delineated, as can be seen in the map attached to the copper geochemical soil surveys. In the northwestern part of the grid is in the ground and in local seasonal drainage flows before a copper anomaly. This anomaly is located near the grid center on a hill. From this hill it extends to the west along a sloping westward slope and then runs to the southeast, also downslope, and east of the drainage flows. In the east it falls with a lead- and a zinc anomaly together. The Bleianomalie, where lead is the least mobile of the three metals, it tracks a southeastern trend over a strike length of more than 700 Meters from west to south-east, where they 5 Grid lines crossed. This is a potential strike length of up to 900 Meters from northwest to southeast, However, it also lies on the leeward side of the former glacier, which could stretch the string length on. At the western end of the anomaly, the drainage flows are for a grid line downhill sloping to the west slope, in the middle, however, the drainage flows and the leeward side of the glacier are in the southeast. The soil anomaly is also associated with an abnormality, which was defining in soil surveys with the magnetometer and VLF ground surveys, in connection. The favorable volcanic rocks on the south side and the basement rocks in the north indicate an interpreted major thrust. In the center of the southeastern area of ​​the grid is another coincident copper- and lead anomaly ago. It is located approximately at the same height above sea level as the main anomaly mentioned above; however, is between these two anomalies, a valley and the second-mentioned anomaly is slightly on the windward side of the former glacier. In the area of ​​this anomaly favorable alteration of the bedrock were recorded in the context of topographic survey. Here were between 1956 and 1959 also drilled several historic shallow drilling, were reported for the arbitrary copper contents. In this area, more soil samples were taken, but the results are not yet available. Even without the additional soil data are here, however, a significant ungestestete soil anomaly, a defect in outcrop and a potentially favorable geological milieu, justify the sinking of a couple of test holes.

Explor intends, carry out further geophysical work on the ground, from measurements of the maximum- and minimum values (Max / Min) among the significant lead- and copper anomalies as well be on a few test lines at other soil anomalies and may consist of gravity measurements at the best Max / Min anomalies. The Phase 1 exploration program has delineated numerous near-surface and deep exploration targets in the mining areas of Chester west of Clearwater Stream. This is an area, where for about 1959 No exploration work has been carried out using basic method. Under this program, have the soil sampling- proven and modern geochemical soil analysis method in the delineation of target areas in favorable geological settings so far. These target areas can be examined by the aforementioned geophysical program followed by diamond drilling further and still more limited.

Explor is also known, dass es Venture Liquidity Providers Inc. has engaged subject to regulatory approval, To provide services in the field of Market Making, to ensure orderly trading with the shares of the company. The market-making services are provided by VLP in accordance with the applicable policies of the TSX Venture Exchange and other applicable laws approved through a broker, W.D. Latimer Co. Ltd., be provided. For the provision of such services to Explor has agreed, VLP for a period of 12 Months 5.000 C $ pro Monat zu zahlen. After an initial period of three months, the agreement can be canceled anytime by the company or VLP. Explor and VLP act at arm's length basis and VLP currently has no direct or indirect interest in the company or its securities. The finance and shares, required for the market-making services, be of W.D. Latimer provided. The Explor paid to VLP fee is for the services. VLP is a specialized consulting firm in Toronto, provides services for listed on the TSX Venture Exchange issuers.

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