Eurasian Minerals signed with new partner participation fee contract for copper-gold project Alankoy in Turkey


Vancouver, British Columbia, 7. January 2014 (TSX Venture: EMX; NYSE MKT: EMXX) – Eurasian Minerals Inc. (the "Company" or "EMX") are known, that the Australian private companies ferrites Resources Ltd.. ("Ferrite") eine Explorations- and option agreement (the "Agreement") was completed for the copper-gold concession area Alankoy in northwestern Turkey. Ferrites is given the option, on exploration activities, Payments and annual fees to be paid in advance („AAR“) to acquire all rights to the project. EMX receives an uncapped carried interest 3 %, which can not be available for purchase in advance or otherwise reduced. The agreement represents the latest addition to a growing partnership in the EMX-investment portfolio. All projects in Turkey are currently being developed by partner companies; The portfolio consists of four projects with participation fees, three projects, awarded to option with the appropriate participation fee, and a joint venture project.

Economic conditions of the agreement

By convention, the ferrites has an option to acquire from EMX subsidiary, who own the project Alankoy. EMX receives a carried interest 3 % the project. Ferrite committed in this context, after signing the agreement 35.000 $ and to pay annually for the first three years, at least 200.000 $ to invest in exploration activities. As a condition shall be deemed to meet the conditions described below. In addition, ferrites is obliged, payable annually in advance fees in the form of gold bars at EMX (AAR). These are annually in the first three years of the date of the contract 75 Troy ounces of gold (or an equivalent cash amount) und AARs in Form von 100 Troy ounces of gold (or an equivalent cash amount) payable in all subsequent years up to the start of commercial production. Furthermore 43-101 compliant or JORC compliant feasibility study must ferrites after completion of an NI 500 Troy ounces of gold (or an equivalent cash amount) transfer.

Is a prerequisite for the transaction, that the Director General of Mining Affairs in the energy- Resources and Ministry of the Turkish Republic ("Migemo") the Turkish subsidiary of EMX, will take over the ferrites, granted the license for the project Alankoy. If MIGEM the license is not up to date, on which the contract for the first time marks, issued, can either EMX or ferrites terminate the agreement.

Overview of the project

Alankoy is on the Turkish peninsula of Biga midst of a group of new discoveries and projects in the advanced exploration stage. This also includes the nearby porphyry copper-gold deposit Halilaga and epithermal gold-silver deposits TV Tower and Kirazli. Find, as in other systems in this area, the project Alankoy epithermal Alterierungen with severe Alunitmineralisierung and the formation of surface layers of drusen-rich quartz.

In the late 1980s, led the Turkish General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) historical works by, which focused on the gold mineralization near the surface of the rock top layer. Among other things, twelve core holes were up to a specified depth of 151 Drilled meters. Particularly noteworthy is the drilled hole of the MTA MJTC-10, which was drilled in the central area of ​​the system and ended in copper mineralization. The copper- and gold content decreased to the bottom of the hole MJTC-10 towards becoming. At the end of the hole, there were overlapping portions of 22 Meters in length (129 – 151 m) with an average of 0,25 % Copper and 55,5 Meters in length (95,5 – 151 m) with an average of 0,14 g/t Gold (true thickness is unknown). Below 151 Meters were no holes and borehole MJTC-10 was not further explored in a row. As part of his independent work, the company's historical results of the MTA as representative, classified reliable and relevant.

In the project Alankoy there are proven zones of hydrothermal alteration. EMX was in the concession area in the context of geological mapping, Withdrawals of rock- and soil samples, Identify spectral and magnetic measurements on the ground several exploration targets. In the course of the work, a six square kilometer area with rock layers and quartz-alunite was- or. Delineated Tonalterierungen and a variety of mineralization types. Based on the soil samples zones were discovered, in which gold- (> 50 ppb Au), copper- (> 50 ppm Cu) and silver anomalies (> 0,25 ppm Ag) meet and outside the gold-copper-silver mineralization and anomalous molybdenum values (> 3-5 ppm Mo) can be found. In addition, EMX could make out a covert intrusion zone as part of its magnetic field measurements on the ground below the copper-rich intersection in hole MJTC-10, should be in a high probability to find a porphyry copper-gold mineralization.

Notes for sampling, Analysis and quality control

EMX led the taking of samples for geochemical analysis in accordance with the industry standards and guidelines (CIM) by. The samples were prepared in the laboratory of ALS Chemex in Izmir / Turkey and analyzed in the laboratory of ALS Chemex in Vancouver / Canada (the laboratories are ISO 9001:2000 and 17025:2005 certified). Gold was analyzed by fire assay with AAS analysis, Samples with multiple elements were digested with aqua regia and analyzed by MS / AES methods. The company operates in all samples results routine quality checks. This includes the systematic use of certified reference materials, Leerproben und Doppelproben.

Outlook and business model with participation fees

The expansion of a project portfolio in Turkey owes EMX early implementation of its project generation model, with the already from 2003 was begun. The projects were acquired with the help of a knowledgeable local geologists at low cost, and enhanced by funded partners exploration programs in their value over time. That exploration can take place all eight projects in Turkey, together with partners, is a milestone for the company. It is remarkable, especially, that seven of these projects have grown organically and EMX derives its revenue from these fees now about participation. The company looks forward to, Together with its partners in this diversified portfolio of copper-, Gold- further expand and base metal projects.

About EMX. Eurasian is a global gold- and copper exploration company, has set itself the goal, to explore with the help of a partnership-based business model projects the most promising and still underexploited mineral belt of the world. Eurasian generates its income from the acquisition of basic projects, strategic acquisitions and the expansion of its investments.

Michael P. Sheehan, CPG, is a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 and tested as an employee of the company reviewed the technical information in this news release, verified and approved.


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