Eurasian Minerals acquires fee interests in joint-venture projects with copper-gold mineralization at Timok, Serbia


Eurasian Minerals acquires fee interests in joint-venture projects with copper-gold mineralization at Timok, Serbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, 4. February 2014 (TSX Venture: EMX; NYSE MKT: EMXX) – Eurasian Minerals Inc. (the "Company" or "EMX") has not limited NSR interest (Net Smelter Return) of 0,5 % to the Reservoir Minerals Inc.( "Reservoir" oder "RMC") financed by the Serbian concession areas Brestovac and Jasikovo mineral- acquired and metal deposits. This concession areas are located in the magma complex of Timok and are part of the joint venture project Timok, an dem Reservoir (45 %) und Freeport-McMoRan Exploration Corp. („Freeport“) (55 %) are involved. The property Brestovac houses in the discovery Cukaru Peki or stored in a porphyry. epithermal copper-gold mineralization; The concession area Jasikovo East is located further north in the copper-gold belt Timok. Reservoir has recently released an initial NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for the deposit Cukaru Peki. EMX congratulates reservoir and Freeport on this important milestone and to their continued exploration success in the project Timok.

The acquired from EMX participation is a good complement to the existing project investments in Serbia, which also includes the adjoining concession area Brestovac Brestovac West counts. The concessions and Brestovac Brestovac West, where EMX is involved, together comprise the exploration concession operated by RMC Brestovac-Metovnica. With the consolidation of holdings Brestovac, Brestovac West and East Jasikovo Timok EMX thus securing a strategic position, in order to participate in the ongoing discoveries in one of the richest copper-gold mineralization belt of Europe can.

EMX investments in Timok

Investments in Brestovac and Jasikovo East (Durlan Potok) were 2013 von Euromax Resources Ltd.. for 200.000 CAD$ erworben. To the extent, enters into the Freeport to those established under the NSR Agreement Terms investment in exploration, also reduces the NSR 0,5 % in proportion to the shares held by RMC. The two investment concessions, affected by the NSR Agreement, as well as the existing investment concession Brestovac West (2 % NSR on gold and silver respectively. 1 % NSR on all other mineral deposits) are located immediately adjacent to the world-class copper-gold mines in the mining region ostserbischen boron Majdanpek, along the same trends.

In a press release dated 27. January 2014 reservoir has an initial resource estimate for the epithermal copper-gold mineralization from the "high sulfidation" type (HSE), located in the area of ​​the deposit Cukaru Peki, published. According to estimation of reservoir HSE resources in the inferred category amount to more than a cutoff value of 1 % Copper equivalent (CuEq% = Cu% + (Au g/t x 0,6)) about 65,3 Million tons (Mt) with an average grade of 2,6 % Copper and 1,5 Gramm Gold pro Tonne (g/t) or. 3,5 % Copper equivalent; contained therein 1,7 Million tons (3,8 Billion pounds) Copper and 3,1 Million ounces of gold or. 2,3 Million tons (5,1 Billion pounds) Copper equivalent. Reservoir has indicated, that the underlying mineralization of porphyry-type in the context of the resource estimate is not modeled or. could not be considered, "Because there was a lack of drilling data and knowledge about the geometric situation".

For future exploration potential of the project told RMC: „”The scope of the corresponding porphyry copper-gold mineralization has not been determined and remains an important goal of further definition drilling. In exploratory drilling in other areas of exploration concession Brestovac-Metovnica we constantly cut through alterations or mineralization, which make us very optimistic about further discoveries in the concession area. "Reservoir also explained, that the discovery at Cukaru Peki "potential for further discoveries within the reactive magma complex of Timok harbors".

The concession Brestovac West, is involved in the EMX, is only 700 Meters west of the discovery Cukaru Peki and also contains the high-grade gold discovery Corridor Zone and the epithermal gold discovery Ogashu Kucajna. These objectives highlight the exploration potential described by reservoir and underpin the good prospects for EMXs interests of the Project Timok. Brestovac West was part of a previous agreement between EMX and reservoir (see EMX News Release dated 30. October 2006) on suitable.

More EMX-project investments in Serbia

EMX is also next to the concession areas Deli Jovan, Plavkovo und Stara Planina beteiligt, together with Brestovac West 2006 were sold to reservoir. Similar to Brestovac West EMX is involved in the purchase conditions also in these licenses over not limited NSR fees, namely to 2 % of gold and silver and 1 % an all others Metallen.

• Deli Jovan is located in eastern Serbia and extends over an eight kilometer long trend of mesothermal gold courses, which are embedded in a shear zone. Here are also the historic gold mines Ginduša and Rusman. The property is part of a joint venture Orogen together with the AIM-listed company Gold Plc. operated.

• Plavkovo is located in the southwestern Serbian Vardar Zone, which is dominated by epithermal and porphyry mineralization stored in. Here can be found within a 800 Meter hose, running east-west zone outcrops of gold-copper mineralization.

• Stara Planina hosts gold-bearing Polymetallgänge and intrusion-bound gold-copper targets. In the 20. Century was promoted from this mineralization to a lesser extent.

The descriptions of Deli Jovan, Plavkovo and Stara Planina are based on information from RMC (

EMX and its business models of project generation and associated extension

EMX acquired his first interests in precious- and base metal projects in Serbia in the early stages of project generation. The organic growth of the fees holdings then carried on the sale of the portfolio of reservoir in 2006. The JV holdings of the company in the project Timok increase the chances of a further copper-gold discovery in the superior region boron Majdanpek. For funding and intensive exploration Freeport is responsible.

About EMX. Eurasian is a global gold- and copper exploration company, has set itself the goal, to explore with the help of a partnership-based business model projects the most promising and still underexploited mineral belt of the world. Eurasian generates its income from the acquisition of basic projects, strategic acquisitions and the expansion of its investments.

Michael P. Sheehan, CPG, is a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 and tested as an employee of the company reviewed the technical information in this news release, verified and approved.


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