BE: Updated list of critical raw materials

The European Commission has updated the list from the year 2011 updated and expanded to six commodities.

Borate, Chrome, Kokskohle, Magnesit, Phosphate rock and silicon are called the critical raw materials, which the European Commission has included in its updated list. From the list of 2011 Tantalum was canceled due to a lower supply risk. The other raw materials on the list are antimony, Beryllium, Flussspat, Gallium, Germanium, Graphite, Indium, Kobalt, Magnesium, Niobium, Metalle the Platinum Group, schwere rare earths, light rare earths and tungsten.

The aim of the list is, to create an incentive for the production of critical raw materials in Europe and the uptake of new mining- to promote and recycling activities. In addition, the list of the Commission shall be used to, to determine the priority needs and appropriate measures. Thus, the Commission may rely, for example, they, when negotiating trade agreements, going or promote research and innovation against trade distorting measures will.

Raw materials are referred to as critical, when the high supply risk associated with them is due primarily to the fact, that global production is concentrated to a large extent in a few countries. In many cases, still is added, that the raw material can be replaced only with difficulty and its recycling rate is low. In assessing, whether a resource is critical, two parameters are considered essentially: its economic importance and supply risk. The economic significance is judged, the extent to which the individual substances are used in major industries at EU level.

The list of critical raw materials is part of the second progress report of the Commission on the implementation of the EU Raw Materials Initiative, the year 2008 was initiated.

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