Equitas Resources receives NI 43-101 compliant technical report for the copper-gold property Nahmint in Port Alberni, BC


20. December 2013 – Equitas Resources Corp. (TSX-V: EQT) ("Equitas”) are obtaining a new NI 43-101 known compliant technical report for the concession area Nahmint. This report summarizes both the previous activities and the new, in 2013 finished work together, meets the requirements of the mining laws of the Province of British Columbia (BC Mineral Tenure Act) and makes recommendations for future exploration.

Jay Roberge, President & CEO von equites Resources Corp.., explained: "This promising report includes not only the extensive work, since we 2006 have performed, but also the current program, with the Equitas Resources can show very good results. These data also further expanding the Nahmint project based.”

With the results of the exploration program 2013 is for the concession area Nahmint, an expanded and geographically coded data base, in the extensive among other samples of moss mats and rock, geographically focused rock- and soil samples, geological mapping data and data arising from magnetic field measurements are included on the ground and in the air.

From the Date 2007 taken 76 Samples from moss mats have 41 (54 %) elevated values ​​in at least one target- suppose Indicator Metall für dung suppose Porphyr und 14 (18 %) elevated levels of at least two metals on. An increased element value is five times higher than the background value. Eleven priority targets have been identified, that need to be further investigated.

From the Date 2008 taken 813 Have B-horizon soil samples 382 (47 %) elevated values ​​in at least one target- suppose Indicator Metall, 213 elevated levels of at least two metals and 142 (17 %) elevated levels at least three metals on. There were sixteen high-ranking target areas in three areas, located in the vicinity of known occurrences, determined, including seven goals in Zone Three Jays, six goals in the zone monitor & Happy and two goals in the zone Ocean Wave and Orphan Boy.

From the Date 2006 taken 213 Have rock samples 111 (52 %) Copper values ​​from about 500 ppm und 73 (34 %) Copper values ​​from about 1 % on. The copper is contained primarily in chalcopyrite and bornite. Many of these strong copper-bearing rock samples also have elevated levels of iron (im Magnetit) and increased calcium values (im Kalzit) on. At the elevated values ​​of the target- and indicator metals there are different thresholds, which vary depending on the sample medium. In general, here find zinc, Cadmium, Cobalt and occasionally gold, Silver, Molybdenum, Lead, Nickel, Arsenic, Bismuth, Tungsten, Antimony, Selenium and / or tellurium.

There are 2011 and 2012 performed magnetic field measurements in the air provide new insights into the geological characteristics, Alterierungen, Structures and mineralization in the concession area and clear benchmarks for future exploration in the context of coming to use methods. Located in the concession area Nahmint Zone Three Jays is one of seven geophysical target areas, within the framework of the magnetic field flight measurement 2012 were determined, and the first of the seven goals, where the geological mapping and geochemical sample analyzes have been completed or are.

Follow-up in Zone Three Jays are for 2014 planned. It will include exploration paths and mechanized trenches created and carried out diamond drilling. The energy- and Ministry of Mines of British Columbia has already diamond drilling 25.000 Approved meter, the decision because of the safe aftercare is pending. Have been planned in this area also soil geochemical analysis and geological mapping. As part of the follow-up work in the other areas of the property Nahmint additionally soil geochemical analyzes (Rasterproben) conducted geological mapping and in other geophysical target zones, the geological mapping will extend generally over the entire concession area.

The plan is, continuously systematic and subsequently in the concession area Nahmint, However, to carry into strategic sections divided exploration. In the next 3 Years, a two-phase, 3,5 Million $ expensive planned work program, with the defined and delineated the known deposits in skarn and new metallic deposits to be discovered. The target areas include skarn deposits with high-grade, Porphyry deposits, that can be conveyed by means of Bulk Mining, and limestone / marble with industrial mineral deposits. Measures for environmental protection and socio-economic programs to ensure long-term success.

The expert report was prepared by Jacques Houle, P.Eng. and Michelle Ickringill, B.Sc. created. Both have already gained extensive experience in the work in the concession area Nahmint. Mr. Houle is responsible Qualified Person under NI43-101 for the company and the concession area and has authorized the contents of this press release.

Über Equitas Resources Corp.

Equitas Resources Corp. is a mineral exploration company, focused on the acquisition, has specialized exploration and development of mineral concessions. Equitas has a portfolio of base metal- and precious metal projects in British Columbia and the Canadian Northwest Territories. For more information on the projects and Equitas you get or under www.equitasresources.com. by phone +1(604)681-1568.

For the Board:
„Jay Roberge“

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