EnWave signed commercial release license agreement with Bonduelle


EnWave Corporation (TSX-V:ENW | ESF:E4U) (“EnWave”, or the “Business”) announced today, that a commercial release license agreement (the "License") with a division of Bonduelle ("Bonduelle") could sign. Bonduelle is the world's leading vegetable processors and manufacturers. Bonduelle's global sales network extends to over 100 Countries around the world, mainly due to the sale of fresh, frozen and canned canned vegetables. The license gives Bonduelle the exclusive global rights to develop and sale of dry frozen "dehydrofrozen ("DHF")"Vegetables through the use of Radiant Energy Vacuum ("REV ™") Technology.

The DHF vegetables are partially dried and then snap-frozen. The purpose of this process is, the Nährinhaltsstoffe, the colors, the taste and the texture particularly when cooked from frozen out, to obtain. With perfect use, can DHF vegetables reach the same product qualities such as fresh produce. The lower moisture content of the DHF products is available, reduces the 'wet look' typically occurs, if you cook frozen vegetables.

Prior to the signing of the above license, Bonduelle led by extensive market valuations of REV ™ DHF dried vegetables. However, these were carried out with numerous food-service companies and retail companies with chefs. The evaluation results show market, that the majority of participants were able to tell the difference between fresh produce and DHF products, after the cooking process and a tasting. These results combined with the economic value of DHF Products, resulted in a longer-controlled storage capability on the shelf, efficient deliveries and better product consistency over a calendar year. This contributed at all to Bonduelle's decision, to secure the exclusive global licensing rights for the REV ™ technology.

In the further progress of EnWave plans to build a 120 kW MIVAP ™ machine through its subsidiary Hans Binder Maschinenbau GMBH (“Binder”) for Bonduelle and their use in its North American operations. EnWave plans to finance capital for the construction of the first machine to provide, and according to an equipment lease agreement by the company, could secure funding for it and Bonduelle was able to secure acceptable levels according to Governmental Organizations, to secure funding and to get the further assistance in product development and technology enhancement. Both parties expect the closing of the financing and the signing of a binding lease agreement by 31. January 2014, um somite the start by Q4 2014 to allow.

In addition EnWave and Bonduelle agreed, the design of a commercial quantaREV ™ machine for vegetables DHF applications to work together. The target capacity is 3-4 Tonnen Endprodukten pro Stunde. Both companies plan the final technical design and testing of prototypes beginning 2015 to conclude. The aim is, the quantaREV ™ technology for a large market in 2015 and to also make it available. This represents EnWave's first chance of a commercial application for quantaREV ™ in a partnership with a commercial license in the vegetable sector to establish. EnWave also approved the construction of a pilot plant for quantaREV ™ in Bonduelle's North American operations in Q2 2014 to. This allows Bonduelle continue market development for DHF vegetable applications directly. Bonduelle's European technology group plans to hire a laboratory unit of the REV ™, thus starting first product developments for the European and other world markets.

"This means the introduction and market penetration of a new global market segment for EnWave together with an industry leader,"Soft Dr. Tim Durance, Co-Chairman und CEO von EnWave. "There is also the chance EnWave, the development of quantaREV ™ for vegetables advancing in a partnership with a commercial license. "

"The REV ™ technology has the potential for an entirely new dimension EnWave (“game-changing”), since it allows Bonduelle, the Industry- and to define new consumer expectations regarding the quality of frozen vegetables,"Daniel Herr soft Vielfaure, President von Bonduelle Americas. "We look forward to working with EnWave, to develop the DHF offer for North America and the rest of the world. "

About Bonduelle
Bonduelle has a clear goal: One wants to be the supplier of nutrients for consumers. The company does everything, to bring people to the consumption of vegetables, by offering an enormous range of products, in the above 100 Countries are available worldwide. Today the company has over 80 Types of vegetables and has been 1998 operates in four segments: Cans, frozen, fresh salads and deli. Bonduelle is primarily a corporate brand mark and a family brand. The brand name is both a company name and the name of the founding family, their activities in the middle of the 19. Century began. The name of the product ensures the consumer instant recognition for product identification and is connected to the named Bonduelle. Der Chief Executive Officer, Christophe Bonduelle, represents the Fmailie in the 6. Generation. For more information, please visit: www.bonduelle.com.

About EnWave
EnWave Corporation is a company based in Vancouver technology company that commercial applications for its proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV ™) Offers drying technology. EnWave aimed at containing royalty commercial licensing options starting with leading food and pharmaceutical companies for use of their revolutionary technology. The company has a commercial license with Bonduelle, a world leader in the production of vegetables for the processing of dehydrated frozen "dehydrofrozen" vegetables. In June 2013 Hormel Foods Corporation signed a commercial license agreement included a royalty agreement for the use of REV ™ technology for the production of a range of products. Be added: Milne Fruit Product, EnWave's first major license for the production of various dehydrated fruit- and vegetable products in whole, fragmented and powdered form; Furthermore, one licensed to dry the REV ™ technology to a leading North American enzyme company to a series of food-related enzymes for the animal 1 Customers; And continue with Napa Mountain Spice Company for drying of high-quality California bay leaves. In addition to these licenses EnWave a Limited Liability Partnership with Lucid Capital Management formed, to develop natural cheese products, manufacturing and marketing in the U.S. under the brand name Moon Cheese ®. EnWave entered a wide range of Research and Cooperation Agreement, with a growing list of multinational companies such as. Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Grupo Bimbo, Grimmway Farms, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Cherry Central, Sun-Maid Growers, Gay Lea Foods and Merck. . EnWave brings with REV ™ a new standard drying in food and biological products to market. The advantages: usually much faster and cheaper than freeze drying, with better end product quality than air drying or spray drying.
EnWave currently has six REV ™ platforms: commercial applications of nutraREV ® and MIVAP ® in the food industry to Fear, Vegetables, Meat, Herbs and seafood to dry quickly and at low cost while retaining the nutrients, Taste, Texture and color. The company also develops powderREV ™ for mass drying of food crops, probiotic applications and fine biochemical applications such as enzymes; quantaREV ™ stands for continuous, Drying of high volumes at low temperatures for drying of the dough, Gel, Liquids or particles; added bioREV ™ and freezeREV ™ as new methods to stabilize and drying of biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines and antibodies. For more information about EnWave see www.enwave.net .

EnWave Corporation
Dr. Tim Durance
Chairman & Co-CEO
For more information:

Mr. John McNicol, President & Co-CEO, EnWave Corporation Tel. +1 (604)601-8524
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Mr. Brent Charleton, Vice President, Corporate Affairs Tel. +1 (778)378-9616
E-mail: bcharleton@enwave.net

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