Enormous natural resources in Afghanistan

Enormous natural resources in Afghanistan

The complex geological structure Afghanistan

16.04.2012, Paris, Institute for Rare earth und Metalle – Afghanistan ist reich an Bodenschätzen. This is an open secret. In an interview, which the Institute for Rare earth and metals e.V. mit Herrn Atiq Sediqi, General Direktor des dem Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS) led, was now known, as numerous, qualitatively and quantitatively high as they are available.

Afghanistan has a complex geological structure. The northern part belongs to Eurasia, This is the continent of Europe and Asia. The South is made up of fragments of land Godwana. Gondwana included the time in a contiguous land mass of South America Continents, Africa, Antarctic, Australia, Madagascar and India. As a consequence, that for any activities deep in the soil were, the formation of a very rich assemblages led.

The current status of Afghanistan can be described as follows: So far, no large scale systematic and detailed geological studies carried out. Most studies come from the occupation by the former Soviet Union and are therefore 30-40 Years ago. These older studies have now been re-evaluated. Laut AGS, in 2010, , the Mineral mineral resources worth U.S. $ Afghanistan 286 Billion. This value must be corrected much of today's knowledge up, there is now much more efficient ways to locate minerals and display it as before 40 Years. Meanwhile, the AGS, a data center with a capacity of 92 TB installed, together tile in all the old and new data.

Building a statewide infrastructure in Afghanistan

The mineral resources of Afghanistan

The list of mineral resources reads like the wish of an industrial nation. Lithium, Beryllium, Gems, Rare earth, copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Niobium, Lead, Zinc, Beer, Gas and coal have been found in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the country has throughout the East for several billion tonnes of high quality iron ore. From Kabul to Kandahar, runs a very rich chrome wire. In central Afghanistan have demonstrated large amounts of bauxite, this is an aluminum ore. Marble and granite are spread across the Middle East and Afghanistan. Are oil and gas deposits are in the north. The total potential of oil resources in Afghanistan to 1,6 Billion. Barrels and gas resources on 15690 Billion. estimated cf.

Current Projects

The copper, which is located southeast of Kabul, is already detected by Chinese firms in detail. The investment in the Chinese is $ U.S. 5 Billion, a production start for the year 2014 planned.
In the province of Bamiyan is a world class iron deposits. There are over 20.000 Jobs are created, the gross value of this deposit is in U.S. $ 288 Billion. valued. Tenders are already.
It was also an iron mine in Hajigak, a gold mine on the banks of the Amu Darya, the oil- and gas production in the north and some deposits of copper and molybdenum projected.

In order to explore the natural resources of Afghanistan are enormous amounts of energy needed. To ensure a continuous supply of energy, coal-fired power plants in central Afghanistan, and gas-fired plants built in North Afghanistan. The infrastructure is growing rapidly across the country. There are highways, Access roads, Railway lines, Power supply, Water supply, Hospitals, Train, Shopping centers etc. built.

The Kabul government promotes the development process, by it issues guarantees, that foreign investments will not be nationalized. Licenses for large mines are a 30 Year period awarded, with the possibility, all the licenses 5 Years to extend. Smaller mines receive a 10 Year license with the same opportunities to extend. The income tax was generally 20% also estimated very investment-friendly.

It remains to be seen only, how the situation develops with the Taliban. Lately there have been attacks of this group. In view of the general withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the next few years should be, the country remains a popular investment, but very hot potato.

A detailed 61 Pages is a comprehensive documentation on the website of the Institute of Rare Earths and Metals (http://institut-seltene-erden.org/ )provided as a PDF document. http://institut-seltene-erden.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Afghanistan.pdf . Afghanistan to report as a PDF.

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