Dominican Republic: Rare Looking for * earth * in the Sierra de Bahoruco

27 Ten 2014 08:21

Santo Domingo – The National Geological Service (SGN), the Ministry of Higher Education and universities in Spain and the USA have announced the beginning of December, that from January 2015 searching for “Rare earths” Erzen in der Sierra de Bahoruco, is begun in the southwestern province of Pedernales.

The name of the rare earths comes from the actinides and lanthanides elements, have similar ionic radii and minerals are, that are almost impossible to separate, why they so until today “rarely” be used. Bauxite is the first global source of aluminum. Many of their deposits that have accumulated in carbonate rocks, can be relatively rich in rare earths, say the leaders of the project, had attracted the local and international interest, find the mineral and use.

Auf der Suche nch seltenen Erden in der Sierra de BahorucoQuoted by local media, the researchers said, that the project aimed it, to investigate the presence of rare earths in the bauxite Sierra de Bahoruco, a process, who would take their assessment after about four years of exploration in claim. The proposed study is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. The results are of great value for the Dominican Republic, Therefore, the assessment of the potential economic impact of bauxite as a source of high-tech metals, and the resulting scientific impact, explained the study leader Ramírez Australia.

As part of the SGN teams geologist Jesus Rodriguez and the expert will participate Gregorio Rosario role of the co-researchers. In addition, six specialists from Barcelona, a part of Granada and an expert from the United States in the investigations. This project is funded by the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development MESCYT.

Sierra de Bahoruco Mario DavalosFor several years, the then Deputy, Today's Minister of Energy and Mines, Pelegrin Castillo, the State asked, to investigate the possible existence of rare earths in the bauxite deposits in the province of Pedernales and other places of the Republic. Also, the director of the National Geological Dienstets, Geologist Santiago Muñoz, has even before he assumed the leadership of the institution, expressed in this way, so this research also has a national scientific background.

The expected results of this research are not only of interest to mining companies, the elements of the “Rare earths” explore, but also for the Dominican Republic as a country, in which the project is carried out. According to previous statements, the results provide very precise information, to guidelines for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources with strategic raw materials (Metals of high technology, HTM) to create in the country.


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