German commodity: Rhein Petroleum Announces sinful oil drilling

Heidelberg. Rhein Petroleum GmbH, Heidelberg, has reported today, that their first oil well in Ried city Crumstadt discovered gas, d.h. Petroleum has encountered. Riedstadt Crumstadt prevent ca-. 50 km south of Frankfurt am Main. The hole ended as planned in the so-called "Pechelbronner layers". This drill target was defined as a result of extensive seismic studies of Rhein Petroleum as a promising. It is located in the former oil field "Stick City", from to 1994 Oil was promoted. Even in the face of the old field interesting undiscovered structures could be identified, which will also be drilled. Even in the days start to this end, the hole "Allmend 1" from the same well site. The test support for both wells is in January 2014 take place. The full report can be found at

The German commodity AG, which the end of Rhein Petroleum 2007 had co-founded, wiederzuerschließen to old oil fields in southern Germany, is still with 10% shares in the company. The remaining shares are held by Tulip Oil (, The Hague, Netherlands, at the beginning of the German commodity 2011 had sold the majority. Pursuant to an agreement dated September 2012 between Tulip Oil and German raw material has the German commodity, despite the 10% stake currently only 2,5% finance the investments in Rhein Petroleum.

Heidelberg, 7. November 2013

Listed in the Entry Standard German commodity building a new primary producer. Focuses on oil & Gas and so-called high-tech metals such as tungsten, Tin and rare earths. All projects are located in politically stable countries with high environmental standards. The business model is based on the (Re-) Development of deposits, have been well explored in the past. For more information about commodities under German

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