DERA publishes new commodity list

23.03.2015 | MARKET
DERA publishes new commodity list

The German Resources Agency (DERA) has released the new DERA List of raw material to the global concentration of supply today. Around one third of its close 300 studied mineral resources and commercial products have increased in this regard price- and delivery risks.

They include steel refiners such as niobium, Vanadium and tungsten, aber auch Hochtechnologiemetalle wie Rare earth, Germanium, Platinum metals and tantalum and a number of ferrous alloys. The results are particularly important for manufacturing companies, to identify weak points in the value chain.

Particularly striking is e.g.. the concentration of supply for platinum and palladium. These metals, the U.A. are used in automotive catalysts, come to more than 75 % from South Africa and Russia. An even higher concentration has on niobium. The metal raw material mainly used in the steel industry will more than 90 % promoted in Brazil. Above all, China dominates in many commodities, global mining promotion. Thus, China's share is e.g.. with antimony, Tungsten and rare earths around 80 to 85 %. Overall, the country is in the area of ​​mining promotion in almost half of all investigated raw materials first place. But not only here, but also in the metal production (Raffinadeproduktion) China takes on 22 of 25 selected raw materials a leading position, including numerous needed for future technologies metals such as gallium, Germanium or indium. China is also the largest net exporter of a wide range of investigated in the study commercial products. The country is at 32 the 79 potentially critical commercial products the world's largest exporter, e.g.. for intermediate products of magnesium, Rare earths, Bismuth or tungsten.

The analyzes of DERA, that the concentration of supply on world commodity markets is still very high and this for most commodities in the past two years - has hardly diminished - since publication of the first DERA commodity list. These commodity-related risks may be along the entire value chain. Although commodity prices have fallen significantly, Remember the price- exist and supply risks.

Die-DERA Rohstoffliste 2014 is on the website of DERA under the following link available:

Those: DERA


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