Aktuelle und historische Marktpreise der Seltenen Erden und strategischer Metalle

Current market prices of most commonly used rare earth

Cerium Carbonate45-50% CeO2/TREO 100% ChinaRMB/mt10000-11000
Cerium Carbonate45-50% CeO2/TREO 100% FOB ChinaUSD/mt4000-4500
Cerium Metal99%min ChinaRMB/mt39000-40000
Cerium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg8.00-9.00
Cerium Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/mt11800-12800
Cerium Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/mt3300-3600
Cerium Oxide99.99%min ChinaRMB/mt45800-47800
Cerium Oxide99%min EuropeUSD/kg3.70-4.20
Dysprosium Metal99%min ChinaRMB/kg2360-2460
Dysprosium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg515-535
Dysprosium Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/kg1700-1750
Dysprosium Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg385-395
Erbium Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/kg230-240
Erbium Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg53.5-58.5
Europium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg660-710
Europium Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/kg1700-1800
Europium Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg420-470
Ferro-dysprosium99%min Dy 80% FOB ChinaUSD/kg395-405
Ferro-dysprosium99%min Dy 80% ChinaRMB/kg1720-1770
Ferro-gadolinium99%min Gd 75±2% ChinaRMB/mt97000-100000
Ferro-holmium80%min ChinaRMB/kg255-265
Gadolinium Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/mt80000-73000
Gadolinium Oxide99.99%min ChinaRMB/mt112000-114000
Holmium Oxide99.5%min ChinaRMB/kg225-235
Lanthanum Metal99%min ChinaRMB/mt34500-36500
Lanthanum Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg7.50-8.50
Lanthanum ChorideTREO³45% La2O3/TREO³99% ChinaRMB/mt11200-11700
Lanthanum Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/mt12500-13500
Lanthanum Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/mt3700-4100
Lanthanum Oxide99.9%min USUSD/kg3.40-3.50
Lanthanum Oxide99.999%min ChinaRMB/mt31500-33500
Lanthanum Oxide99.999%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg6.60-7.60
LaCe ChlorideTREO³45% CeO2/TREO³65% ChinaRMB/mt6600-6800
LaCe MischmetalTREM³99% Ce/TREM³65% ChinaRMB/mt31000-33000
LaCe MischmetalTREM³99% Ce/TREM³65% FOB ChinaUSD/kg6.80-7.80
Lutetium Oxide99.9%min ChinaRMB/kg6000-6100
Mischmetal25%La FOB ChinaUSD/kg19.5-21.5
MischmetalLess Zn&Mg ChinaRMB/mt112000-115000
MischmetalLess Zn&Mg FOB ChinaUSD/kg21.5-23.5
Neodymium Metal99%min ChinaRMB/mt380000-385000
Neodymium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg83.0-86.0
Neodymium Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/mt300000-305000
Neodymium Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/mt60000-63000
Praseodymium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg130-140
Praseodymium Oxide99%min ChinaRMB/mt370000-385000
Praseodymium Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/mt85000-90000
Praseodymium Oxide99%min EuropeUSD/kg78.0-82.0
PrNd Oxide99%min Nd2O3 75% ChinaRMB/mt305000-310000
PrNd Mischmetal99%min Nd 75% ChinaRMB/mt386000-391000
PrNd Mischmetal99%min Nd 75% FOB ChinaUSD/kg80.0-85.0
Scandium Oxide99.5%min ChinaRMB/kg11500-12500
Samarium Metal99%min ChinaRMB/kg90.0-95.0
Samarium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg22.0-23.0
Samarium Oxide99%min FOB ChinaUSD/mt3400-3600
Samarium Oxide99.9%min ChinaRMB/mt14500-15500
SmEuGd OxideTREO³95% Eu2O3/TREO³8% ChinaRMB/mt185000-190000
Terbium Metal99%min ChinaRMB/kg5000-5200
Terbium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg970-1020
Terbium Oxide99.9%min ChinaRMB/kg3900-4000
Terbium Oxide99.9%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg780-810
Yttrium Metal99.9%min ChinaRMB/kg255-265
Yttrium Metal99%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg53.0-58.0
Yttrium Oxide99.999%min ChinaRMB/mt31000-33000
Yttrium Oxide99.999%min FOB ChinaUSD/kg9.50-10.50
Yttrium Oxide99.999%min EuropeUSD/kg9.0-10.0
Ytterbium Oxide99.99%min ChinaRMB/kg158-168
YEu OxideTREO³99% Eu2O3/TREO³6.6% ChinaRMB/kg150-155
YEu OxideTREO³99% Eu2O3/TREO³6.6% FOB ChinaUSD/kg38.0-39.0

The products listed are not listed on any stock exchange, therefore there is no continuous price determination. The prices shown here arise from a survey, which is carried out once a month and it reflects prices of the real economy. The prices are a guideline, can fail both low and higher.

Aktuelle Preise für Nebenmetalle / Strategic Metals / Nebenmetalle

Archives 2012: Prices for rare earths in 2012

Review of Rare Earths and Metals

Review of Isotope

Review of strategic metals

Analysis of rare earth, strategic metals and isotopes

Rare earth oxides of prices for 2004 to 2010

2004 2007 2008 2009 2010
Cerium oxide 99% US$/kg 1,57 2,50 4,35 4,50 49,00
Lanthanum oxide 99% US$/kg 1,60 3,10 7,75 6,25 61,00
Praseodymium oxide 99% US$/kg 7,44 28.00 27.00 14.00 72.00
Neodymium oxide 99% US$/kg 5,65 29.00 27.00 14.00 77.00
Dysprosium oxide 99% US$/kg 31.00 85.00 110.00 100.00 295.00
Europium oxide 99% US$/kg 292.00 300.00 475.00 450.00 630.00
Terbium oxide 99% US$/kg 341.00 555.00 650.00 350.00 605.00

Historische Durchschnittspreise für Rare earth 2004 – 2010

Price trends of rare earth 2001 to date


Hystorische Preise von Neodymoxidhystorische Preise Praseodym


hystorische preise praseodyoxidhystorische preise samarium


hystorische preise samariumoxid


hystorische preise terbiumhystorische preise terbiumoxid


hystorische preise Yttriumoxidhystorische preise yttrium


hystorische preise ytterbiumoxid



hystorische prices scandium


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