Commerce Resources - Ashram Deposit probably even bigger and severe than thought

Positive surprise in Commerce Resources (WKN A0J2Q3 / TSX.V CCE). The Canadian company, das die Rare earth-Lagerstätte Ashram entwickelt, had with its winter drill program 2014 want "only" precise details of the mineralization determine, made so-called "infill" drilling. But as it turned out, is the area, in the Ashram on the most valuable, heavy rare earths have been found, probably greater than previously thought.

This is most evident, according to the companies in the hole EC14-103, the 42,39 Meters with 1,60% Total rare earth oxides (TREO) provided, which the so-called medium and heavy rare earth oxides 11,6% accounted, as well as in hole EC14-100 with 48,87 Meters with 1,47% TREO bei 12,0% of medium and heavy rare earth oxides. The, so Commerce, leaves it to, to interpret a clear expansion of the zone of medium and heavy rare earth oxides.

But that's not enough: The drilling services also sustained severe Vererzungsabschnitte, whose contents are higher than the values, the commerce in the last resource estimate for the Ashram from March 2012 had reported. In addition, that these high-grade Vererzungsintervalle are centrally located in the possible pit, the commerce with his study on the preliminary assessment of the economic viability (PEA) had identified for Ashram.

In detail were here 2,13% TREO über 172,66 Meter entdeckt, in a section 2,32% over a length of 96,66 Meter. In addition, Commerce met 1,98% TREO über 162,47 Meters with 2,25% TREO über 56,32 Meters as well as on 2,01% TREO over a length of 81 Meters.

No wonder, that Commerce President Dave Hodge's view, that the Ashram Deposit in the rare earth sector is something special. With the winter drill program, made its drilling within the resource is already known, was not only greater confidence in the resource model, but apparently with medium and heavy rare earth-the most valuable area of ​​the deposit and the Zone - expanded and identified high TREO levels in adjacent areas, so Hodge. Together with the relatively simple mineralogy, the concentrate with more than 40% TREO allow high recovery rates, rage Ashram among other rare earth element deposits clearly out, erklärte Shops President.


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