China suffers from heavy pollution from mining of rare earths

China suffers from heavy pollution from mining of rare earths

13.04.2012 – China pays a heavy price for the removal of rare earths. It is, that gold would be sold at the price of a year of carbon.

Die Provinz Jiangxi in China, the rich ores of rare earth, In the past year 32,9 Yuan Milliarden (4 Billion €) earns his promotion. However, the province of an article in a business newspaper, according to 38 Yuan Milliarden (4,6 Billion €) spend on the effects of pollution in the provincial city of Ganzhou.

The mining has devastating consequences for the nature.

The mining of rare earth is devastating and irreversible nature of the damage. He therefore bear the name in Ganzhou “Campaign back to Mount Ever”, it said in the Wirtschaftsblatt.Traditionell the ore falling trees and grass to the first victim, this is followed by removal of the first soil layer. The wastewater, which is produced by the chemical reaction, is full of ammonia, nitrogen and heavy metals, which are extremely harmful to human health and the natural.
The newspaper quoted Su Bo, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China, that ammonium sulfate-based mining methods are widely used today. The workers pour large amounts of Ammoniakvitriol ((NH4) 2SO4) in the mine and distill the ores of the rare earths after a certain number of reactions. But the alcohol is toxic and contaminated groundwater.
“When I see, Like so many forests is due to removal of rare earths in dead, bald hill turn, I'm just sad”, Sun said: “One does not see the hills outside. They are destroyed from within.”

Illegal mining of rare earths

The large number of companies, the illegal mining operation, getting worse, the problem of pollution, told the newspaper China Business News.
The state-owned company built from only a small part of the rare earths, However, should meet the toughest environmental regulations. Many small, to reduce unauthorized companies exceeded the limits of the law, said an unnamed manager of a large mining operation for Rare earth.

It is not possible without export restrictions

Since China has in the past year, his control over the industry of the rare earths tightened, is the price of the ores have risen sharply and led to a number of tensions in international trade, told the newspaper China Business News.
At the 13. March, the United States, the European Union and Japan, together with the World Trade Organization (WTO) complained against China's export restrictions on rare earths, it said in the newspaper article.
In addition, the United States rose, Australia and Canada back in the business of mineral exploration, the paper quoted Zhang applications, Deputy Secretary of the Chinese Society of Rare Earths.
Su Bo, told the newspaper, the state mining companies built for rare earths 60 Percent of the materials from, private companies 40 Percent, and only five percent of illegal. There would be no effective method, To solve the problem of the related pollution, he said.
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