Bayfield's first NI 43-101 compliant technical report and initial mineral resource estimate for the gold-silver project Burns Block in Rainy River Mining District in northwestern Ontario known


Vancouver, BC – Bayfield Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: BYV) (OTC Pink: BYVVF) (Frankfurt: B4N) is pleased, drafting an initial National Instrument ("NI") 43-101-compliant technical report and the making of a first mineral resource estimate for the company's own gold-silver project Burns Block in Rainy River Mining District in northwestern Ontario to announce. The Burns Block project of New Gold's (TSX: NGD) Project Rainy River surrounded and is adjacent to the east by the multi-million-ounce gold-silver deposit ODM17 of New Gold to. In addition, bordered Burns Block on the western edge of New Gold's expanding gold-silver zone at Intrepid.

Goldzonen im Bergbaudistrikt Rainy River:

Map with concession areas in the Rainy River:

Jim Pettit, CEO von Bayfield, said: "We are delighted, announce our first resource estimate for the project strategically located Burns Block. This estimate reflects the quality and location of our resource and its growth potential. The team of Bayfield recognized early, that the mineralization was formed at Burns Block in two phases: an early phase, in the material was deposited with low levels, and a later phase, was deposited in the material with high contents. Our drilling focused on the material of the later phase, what or the discovery of two high grade zones in the eastern. led western portion of the property. This decision has proven to be adequate, after New Gold's plan for the Mine Rainy River further pursued civil engineering, what helped, to increase the overall maximum salary for the mine plan. The Burns Block project is still open at depth and in the central portion of the property between our two high grade zones only limited studies have been conducted. Our average salary is the underground resource 7 Gramm Gold pro Tonne. Given the proximity to the deposits of New Gold and the quality of our high grade underground resource and the fact, that our resources beyond the concession boundaries, Bayfield is the view, that his land and its resources have significant strategic value. "

Highlights of the NI 43-101 compliant technical report and mineral resource estimate for the Burns Block:

• An independent NI 43-101 compliant technical report and mineral resource estimate of Riverbend Geological Services („Riverbend“) created. The report applies to 20. December 2013 und trägt the title "BURNS BLOCK NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS 43-101 COMPLIANT TECHNICAL REPORT“.

• lead the NI 43-101 compliant technical report and mineral resource estimate both indicated and inferred resources in the vicinity (Depth of <500 Meters, with a cut-off of 0,35 Gold equivalent („AuEq“)) as well as at lower altitudes (Depth of >500 Meters; Cut-off grade of 2,5 g/t AuEq) on.

• The indicated resources were together on 71.385 Oz AuEq (Gold and Silver) valued, the inferred resource on 176.654 Oz AuEq.

• According to the estimates include the near-surface (Depth of <500 M from the surface of) Indicated Resources 1,25 Million tonnes 1,0 g / t Au and 14,7 g / t at, was 39.928 Oz Au and 591.954 Oz Ag corresponds. Include Inferred resources 2,79 Million tonnes 1,2 g / t Au and 14,4 g / t at, was 104.121 Oz Au and 1.293.763 Oz Ag corresponds.

• According to the estimates include the low-lying (Depth of >500 M from the surface of) Indicated Resources 79.000 Tonnes 7,9 g / t Au and 37,0 g / t at, was 20.029 Oz Au and 93.716 Oz Ag corresponds. The low-lying inferred resources include turn 195.000 Tonnes 7,4 g / t Au and 43,0 g / t at, was 46.475 Oz Au and 269.708 Oz Ag corresponds.

• The NI 43-101 compliant technical report and mineral resource estimate contained recommendations put the need for further exploration drilling in the center of the property Burns Block and further delineation drilling at the Western zones and East Burns Burns - Intrepid, Portion of the property, close.

Tabulation of the Mineral Resource Estimate

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More discovery potential at Burns Block:

Burns Block covers an area of 80 Acres. The majority of the drilling focused on the eastern and western parts of the property. The central portion of the property needs further investigation. The deferred rich resources on the concession area borders to the held by New Gold in the west and east real estate.

In Burns Block continue to be particular targets with further discovery potential before. These target areas can be divided into four categories.

1. Zone Western Burns: Further drilling at depth in the high-grade zone, Western Burns would help, major gaps in the model, whom no salary has been assigned due to missing data, to fill.

2. Zone East Burns – Intrepid: About 120 Meters of potential strike length of the incident to the southwest zone East Burns - Intrepid in the southeastern and south-central portion of the property Burns Block has not been studied.

3. The main street in the center of Burns Block: Several holes in the central portion of the property Burns Block, in which only a few holes were drilled, have 5 to 15 Meters intersected wide zones of gold mineralization with low levels to concentrations of several grams. These sections are embedded in the foliated quartz-porphyry dacite shear zone. These sections has not been investigated, However, they have the potential, to be associated with other undiscovered mineralized foothills with high contents.

4. The mineralized zones in the hanging wall and footwall of the main zone: The holes drilled clearly point to the presence of gold- and silver mineralization with grades of several grams above- and down below the main zone. Below the main zone were more powerful, intersected significant mineralized zones; these are due to lack of holes open nor completely to expand. These objectives are primarily in inadequate explored the center of the property.

Geology and mineralization at Burns Block:

When Burns Block sprawling gold-silver mineralization was delineated. Recent interpretations of the geology and origin of the gold mineralization at Burns Block put an early model vulkanogenisches close. The primary rock units in the deposit and its surroundings include dacite- and volcaniclastic sediments. Other data showed the exploration drilling, that gold mineralization at Burns Block a strong gold-pyrite connection, including strong-spread sphalerite, and has a very high silver to gold ratio. The gold mineralization at Burns Block seems to have formed in two phases. The first gold mineralization phase (with low to moderate content) included the deposition of sulphides (You aim-Sphalerit-Chalkopyrit) in the form of veins and disseminations in the Dazitgesteinen. The later gold mineralization phase (with a high content) included the training of Quarz-Pyrit-/Chalkopyrit-Gold-Erzgängen and veinlets.

Summary of the NI 43-101 compliant technical report and mineral resource estimate:

During the investigations,, which led to the preparation of the report, The following data were collected:

1. Duplicate samples of mineralized drill core with low, moderate and high content.

2. Use the coarse material secretions of the mineralized samples with a low, moderate and high content, were sent to an independent laboratory to Prüfanalyse, a comprehensive control program of the samples was carried out.

3. The rock density of the core sample was determined using 400+ Examined measurements.

4. All detailed photos of the core with high-grade mineralized intervals have been compiled as a guide to Mineralogy and Erzgangtypen of high grade mineralization.

Riverbend received all geological mapping and stratigraphic measurement values, Survey Data, Results of the initial laboratory analysis and all core photos. Riverbend also acquired all publicly available technical reports, including NI 43-101 compliant Resource Reports, submitted by Rainy River Resources and included the examination results for mineralized areas just west and east of Burns Block.

Riverbend subsequently acquired all available data, to proceed with the first NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate. The results of the data collection and in-depth computer-based spatial analysis of gold- and silver mineralization zones at Burns Block led to the delineation of resources both in the indicated and inferred resource category. In addition, Riverbend decided the near-surface, potentially open pit mineable mineralization of the low-lying, to separate potentially degradable in civil engineering mineralization.

Riverbend certain separate cutoff levels for the near surface mineralization (<500 Meter of the surface) and the deeper mineralization (>500 Meter of the surface). For the near-surface, potentially mineable open pit mineralization has a lower cut-off grade of 0,35 g / t AuEq applied, while for the potentially mineable mineralization in civil engineering, a much higher cut-off grade of 2,5 g / t AuEq was selected, in order to take account the higher costs typically associated with the underground development. For the purpose of calculation of the NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate the AuEq values ​​were based on a silver-gold price ratio of 60 to 1 calculated, with metallurgical recoveries and net smelter returns from 100% were placed under. The cutoff levels for both the potentially degradable in surface mining as well as the potentially degradable in civil engineering mineralized zones are essentially in agreement with those, that were used by Rainy River Resources for the modeling of the mineralized zones in the immediate vicinity of the Burns Block.

The results of the resource estimates using the above cut-off grades are listed in the table above. Please note, that the calculated resources listed above, both in the indicated and inferred resource category as well as in "Potentially Open Pit Mine Able" (potentially degradable in the open pit) und „Potentially Underground Mineable“ (potentially degradable in the civil engineering) are divided. Please note further, that have so far established no detailed parameters for the efficiency of the degradation of the mineralized zones at Burns Block. For establishing real efficiency parameters for estimating the potential of a profitable mining of any resources the collection and examination of further data is, which go beyond the scope of the current NI 43-101 compliant resource report, be required.

Cliff Duke (P.Eng.) von Riverbend Geological Services Inc. made to the independent NI 43-101 compliant technical report and mineral resource estimate for the Burns Block to. He is an independent Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101.

For a complete performance data and procedures, which were used in the estimation of the resources in the table above, please consult the full report from the 20. December 2013 entitled "BURNS BLOCK NATIONAL INSTRUMENT 43-101 COMPLIANT TECHNICAL REPORT“, the inside 45 Days will be filed on SEDAR at

Discovery potential at "B" block:

Furthermore Bayfield Riverbend Geological Services has commissioned the preparation of a NI 43-101 compliant technical report for the company's own concession area "B" block.

The rock sequence of the mine trend is clearly bent in the north-northeast along the western edge of the floor Black Hawk and was of Bayfield Ventures during the limited diamond drilling 2013 confirmed on the property "B" block. The measurement results of the Lower marketed by Bayfield holes confirm the presence of iron formations, Tonschiefereinheiten, Hornfels, mafic tuff sediments and schistose quartz porphyry dacite deposits on the property "B" block.

Geological map of the concession areas and Burns Block "B" block in the district of Rainy River:

Bayfield has in a large part to the south and center of the 480 Discovered acre concession area relatively narrow zones of gold-silver mineralization with grades of several grams. These mineralized intersections occur within casings with less pronounced mineralization and have from mineralogical and structural point of view have strong similarities to the mineralized zones on the Burns Block.

The high potential for the discovery of additional gold- and silver deposits at "B" block is based on the promising results of the drill holes completed as well as the immediate vicinity of "B" block to the near-surface parts of the zone of Intrepid New Gold and the Burns Block. To date have holes drilled it was shallow drilling. Below a depth of 250 Meters have been conducted no exploration work at "B" block basically. The combination of the extremely favorable geological environment and the known occurrences of gold-silver-copper-zinc mineralization make the concession area "B" block to a quality target area for further exploration efforts.

Robert Marvin, P.Geo., CPG, VP Exploration for Bayfield Ventures is the Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101, has both overseeing work on site as well as the creation of technical information in this press release.

Quality Assurance:

Drill core analyzes and tests are the ACT Labs in Thunder Bay (Ontario) carried out. The laboratory is accredited according to ISO / 17025:2005 (CAN-P-4E) certified. The drill core is split and in default 0,5- sampled to 1.5 meter intervals. The core samples are analyzed using a 30 gram fire assay with AA finish for gold, at values ​​of about 5.000 ppb (above the threshold) is a gravimetric analysis. For samples with values ​​of over 5.000 ppb are Screened total metallic assays performed. The silver content of the core samples with aqua regia and the ICP method or. Samples with values ​​greater than 100 ppm (above the threshold) through a trial by fire or. studied gravimetrically. The company has a quality assurance- and quality control program implemented to ensure, that made the sampling and sample analyzes only the latest state of the art.

Über Bayfield Ventures Corp..:

Bayfield Ventures Corp. leads in the Rainy River District of north-western Ontario gold- and silver exploration by. Bayfield Ventures' goal is, to increase the company's value through the development of exploration projects with potential for the discovery of new deposits in the vicinity of first-class deposits.

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