Bayfield bohrt 13,5 Meters with 5,13 g / t gold and 25,21 g / t silver discovery in the eastern zone on the Burns Block in the Rainy River (Northwestern Ontario)

Bayfield bohrt 13,5 Meters with 5,13 g / t gold and 25,21 g / t silver discovery in the eastern zone on the Burns Block in the Rainy River (Northwestern Ontario)

Vancouver (British Columbia). Bayfield Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: BYV; OTC Pink: BYVVF)09.05.2012 Vancouver (British Columbia) – Bayfield Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: BYV; OTC Pink: BYVVF) (the "Company") is pleased, Additional findings of ongoing exploration in the early stages of a significant advanced gold- and give silver mineralization in the eastern part of the Burns Block known. The to 100 % owned gold-silver project located in the Burns Block the Rainy River in Northwestern Ontario, immediately to the east and on strike to Rainy River Resources' (TSX: RR) Gold-silver deposit with multi-million ounce.

Gold zones in the Rainy River:

The new gold-silver zone is located in highly sheared and altered volcanic Daziteinheiten and the eastern strike extension of the primary gold-silver zone ODM17, the bulk of Rainy River Resources' deposit and Bayfield high grade gold-silver zones 600 to 700 Meters to the west is.


• Hole RR12-12 average 13,5 Meters with 5,13 g / t gold and 25,21 g / t silver, including 3,0 Meters with 14,45 g / t gold and 53,95 g / t silver, starting at a depth of 584 Meters.

• The intersection in hole RR12-12 is more powerful in a mineralized interval of 18,0 Meters with 4,22 g / t gold and 21,54 contain g / t silver.

• Hole RR12-12 also shows, that these gold-silver zone limiting development within the, south dipping shear zone with depth is more powerful and high-grade.

• The mineralization is in a 50 to 60 Meter thick shear zone, a sericite-silica alteration and base metal sulphide mineralization found with several metals.

• This mineralized zone in the Middle East is open down dip and below the interpreted fracture südsüdwestlichen entirely. The zone is also in the direction of Rainy River Resources' concession in the eastern open.

The results of four drill holes completed in the last few months continue to show, that this significant gold- and silver mineralization down dip to the previously reported discovery hole RR11-205 is powerful and high-grade. Allowed all previous drilling in this new zone, it Bayfield, mineralization within the northeastern part of the Burns Block to describe some. The entire incident expansion target in the southeastern part of the Burns Block is still completely unexplored. At least 250 Meters of the incident field and the corresponding lateral areas still need to be drilled.

A strong Scherfolierung and sheared sericite alteration of volcanic Dazitmauergesteins go with plenty of sphalerite, Galena and arsenopyrite with local pollution, Crack fillings and small amounts of native gold and electrum associated.

Discussion of the exploration / descriptions in the initial stages in the east of the Burns Block:

The assay results from holes RR12-9, RR12-10, RR12-11 and RR12-12, that are reported in this press release, continue to show, that in an enlarged, incident field a strong gold- and silver mineralization is present. RR12-12 drill hole intersected a new zone 200 Meters north of the southern boundary of the Burns Block. This is the southernmost section completed to date. The findings of the main mineralized zone in hole RR12-12 are the richest so far in this new zone.

Updated map of drill sites on the Burns Block:

The thickness of the mineralization within the shear zone is also increasing (see details of the test results in the table below). The mineralized sections in the highlighted section above is a powerful section of mineralized 18 Meters with an average of 4,22 g / t gold and 21,54 contain g / t silver. This powerful, well mineralized section also shows, that these new gold-silver zone East Burns is extremely solid and continuous loss of holes at intervals of 40 to 50 Meters is cut.

Plan of the drill holes 2012 to the east of Burns:

This development zone is the face of local zones with a very high grade silver mineralization, The earlier in hole RR12-8 has been reported, continues to dominate more of gold than the western region Burns. Another strong and enduring feature of the eastern region is the presence of abundant base metal sulfides in the gold-silver zones. These sulfide accumulation is characterized by dark brown sphalerite, contains locally abundant, however, galena and arsenopyrite and subordinate chalcopyrite.

The durable grade of 4,0 to about 5,0 g / t 8 to 18 Meters, the eastern mineralized zone has been identified in the, and the high ground sulphide content indicate a close resemblance to the center of the gold-silver deposit ODM17 of Rainy River. Bayfield drilled in the east of the Burns Block Ausfallbohrlöcher continue at intervals of 40 to 50 Meters, to describe the size of this zone. Once these initial explorations have been completed, will be needed in this area in-fill drilling.

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Cross-section of the drill holes 2012 to the east of Burns with a view to the west:

The first drill in the new eastern zone of the Burns Block include three important points:

1. The success rate of drilling in the eastern area is measured by the number of holes remains very high - even higher than in the first exploration wells on the west side of the property.

2. The gold- and silver mineralization shows a schematic of a rise in the east and south of geometry, with a sloping south-southwest mineralized zone coincides.

3. The mineralization in the east of the Burns area that is very similar, Bayfield has found in the western part of the property, wo Gold- and silver material was intersected significant widths of several ounces to.

Bayfield plans in the eastern zone of Burns further drilling 15.000 to 20.000 Meters and also has the necessary funding.

Bayfield Completes Private Placement:

Bayfield is pleased to announce, that according to its news releases dated 17. and 19. April 2012 a non-brokered private placement completed and a total of 5.877.834 Flow-through units at a price of 0,48 $ per unit (Gross revenue from 2.821.360 $) has issued. Each flow-through unit consists of one flow-through common share and one non-transferable share purchase warrant, entitling the holder of the, within 18 Months, a further non-flow-through share of the Company at a price of 0,55 to acquire per share. The Company completed the private placement in two tranches. 5.552.834 Share purchase warrants, up 4. November 2013 be exercised, the remaining 325.000 Share purchase warrants to 9. November 2013.

There are 5.552.834 Flow-through-Stammaktien, issued under the first tranche, and all shares, which are issuable upon exercise of warrants, be a four-month restriction to 5. September 2012 be subject to. The remaining 325.000 Flow-through-Stammaktien, issued under the second tranche, and all shares, which are issuable upon exercise of warrants, be a four-month restriction to 10. September 2012 be subject to.

The company also paid finder's fees in the amount of 194.414,20 $ and issued in connection with this private placement a total of 405.031 Non-flow-through-B-Warrants. The B Warrants are subject to the same conditions as the Warrants Private Placement.

Bayfield Ventures intends, revenues from these private placements for an ongoing drill program on the 100 % to use company-owned Rainy River gold properties in Northwestern Ontario.

Exploration drilling at "B" block and "C" block:

Bayfield closed on its concession areas "B" block and "C" block from a series of Explorationsbohrlöchern. Drilling on the "B" block were carried out in the southern part of the property and identified a new gold- and silver mineralization at relatively shallow depths. B12-6 borehole intersected a mineralization of 19,5 Meters with an average of 0,55 g / t Goldäquivalent. The information contained in Quarzaugendaziten mineralization appears to be identical with extensively explored areas on the Burns Block and is in an area away from the other holes on the "B" block. The tip of this mineralization at a depth of 175 Meters below the surface intersected. Further drilling is planned in this area.

The focus of the drilling on the "C" block was on the creation of a geological cross-section of the property in North-South direction. Altered volcanic Dazitgestein was locally cut, but the findings were not abnormal, are planned at the moment so no further work.

Quality Assurance:

Drill core analyzes and tests are the ACT Labs in Thunder Bay (Ontario) carried out. The laboratory is accredited according to ISO / 17025:2005 (CAN-P-4E) certified. The drill core is split and in default 0,5- sampled to 1.5 meter intervals. The core samples are analyzed using a 30 gram fire assay with AA finish for gold, at values ​​of about 5.000 ppb (above the threshold) is a gravimetric analysis. For samples with values ​​of over 5.000 ppb are Screened total metallic assays performed. The silver content of the core samples with aqua regia and the ICP method or. Samples with values ​​greater than 100 ppb (above the threshold) through a trial by fire or. studied gravimetrically. The company has a quality assurance- and quality control program implemented to ensure, that made the sampling and sample analyzes only the latest state of the art.

Robert Marvin, P.Geo., CPG, VP Exploration for Bayfield Ventures is the Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101, has both overseeing work on site as well as the creation of technical information in this press release.

Über Bayfield Ventures Corp..:

Bayfield Ventures Corp. studied in the Rainy River in northwestern Ontario for gold and silver. The company has the necessary financing to complete its planned, 100.000 Meter diamond drill program, focusing of the holes on the showcase Burns block was. The company has 70,3 Million shares outstanding and a cash position of approximately 5 Million $ on.

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