BacTech Environmental Corp. begins with tailings samples taken at Telamayu, Bolivia

BacTech Environmental Corp. begins with tailings samples taken at Telamayu, Bolivia

21.05.2012 Toronto, Canada – BacTech Environmental Corporation (“BacTech” or the “Business”, CNSX: LAC, WKN: A1H4TY) are known, Dass hand von der Mining Corporation of Bolivia, the state mining company in Bolivia (“COMIBOL”), has a permit be obtained and started with the sample analysis of the tailings material at the mill Telamayu plant in Bolivia.

At the present time there is no agreement between BacTech and COMIBOL. If the sample results are positive but, BacTech is for the treatment of tailings from Telamayu a joint venture with another company or COMIBOL, familiar with the business practice in Bolivia, strive for.

Overall, material of approximately 200 kg and taken to Lima, Peru, skillfully, where it is subjected to the steps: a) Characterization of the samples, b) Investigation, c) Size analysis, d) Mineralogy and e) Concentration by flotation. The flotation concentrates are then ready for Biolaugungstests to Inspectorate Labs in Vancouver, Canada, skillfully. The sample results will be released upon receipt before the Biolaugungstests. The sampling program will be monitored by SGS Laboratories.

COMIBOL has 26 identified by several in the past of mining impacted areas, to be taken care of by the various environmental reasons,. Of the 26 Varieties has been carried out in a systematic sampling program, dabei handelt es sich im a Telamayu Potosí Department. Representatives of BacTech Telamayu visited in February, to investigate the tailings and the possibility of using bioleaching for the treatment of old tailings.

Telamayu is a former mill site near the town of Atocha. The mill facility Telamayu processed the ore from two mines, Animas und Seven Suyos, both located at a distance of approximately 8 km from the mills- and are Flotationanlage. Among the minerals mined copper were, Zinc, Silver, Tin and lead. At the mill were two separate Flotationskreisläufe, a lead / zinc concentrate and a zinc / silver concentrate produced, which were then shipped to metal recovery in smelters. Both types were also concentrated to obtain crude tin on vibrating tables. COMIBOL has concerns about the mineralogy of the tailings, the arsenic (As), Sulfides and other harmful metals. In conjunction with oxidizing sulphides, The sulfuric acid formed, the risk of contamination with heavy metals is very high. On the surface of the dumps, there are numerous indications of copper in acidic water-soluble and visible sulphide mineralization.

There are two separate tailings dumps at Telamayu, which are each on one side of the river Allita. The waste dump close to the processing plant was 2005 an intensive sampling program underwent. This sampling program , which was carried out by COMIBOL, lock 5 2×2 m holes, a, from the surface by hand to depths of 8 – 10 m were dug. COMIBOL has the following average assay results from the 5 Holes reported:

Silver (Ag) 258 g/t (7,5 oz/t)
copper (With) 1,05%
Zinn (Sn) 1,18%

The sample material was taken from COMIBOL in 1 m intervals, packaged and stored in the old Flotationsgebäude. The samples, will be tested by BacTech, be taken from each bag for evaluation. Should it succeed BacTech, To confirm the above mentioned levels, would a similar program for the larger stockpile, across the river-side started.

There is considerable infrastructure in Telamayu. Some of the positive points regarding the construction of a plant in Biolaugungs Telamayu are an in-service transformer station, a running railway, a great camp and reliable water sources. There are two further Tailingsgebiete within 40-60 km, that were not visited during this trip, But what will happen in the near future.

Profile of BacTech

BacTech Environmental holds the exclusive, royalty-free rights to the use of the patented Bio-BACOX Auslauge technology for the remediation of tailings and mining wastes. In November, BacTech signed an agreement with the mining department of the Manitoba Department of Innovation, Energy and Mines (Ministry of Innovation, Energy and Mines Manitoba) for the treatment of a gold-arsenopyrite stockpile at the Snow Lake Mine in Snow Lake, Manitoba. The company continues to receive inquiries from around the world in terms of other opportunities for restoration.

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