Azincourt Uranium: Joint venture between Agincourt and Fission 3.0 Winter program starts at PLN


Azincourt Uranium: Joint venture between Agincourt and Fission 3.0 Winter program starts at PLN

Diamond drilling and radon sampling now in progress

Saskatoon (Saskatchewan), 20. January 2014. AZINCOURT URANIUM INC. (TSX-V: AAZ) ("Agincourt" or the "Company") and its joint venture partner and operator of Fission 3.0 (TSX-V: FUU) („Fission 3.0“) pleased to announce, that now eight to ten holes comprehensive in their license area PLN winter diamond drilling, Radon tests and a geophysical ground program worth a total of 1,0 Million $ has begun, focusing on priorities. A radon-in-water study under the same ice conditions, when the adjacent Project Patterson Lake South („PLS“) von Fission Uranium Corp.. have been successfully applied, is part of this program and will assist, Locations of drill targets in the target areas Hodge Lake, To define more precisely Lake Harrison Lake and Broach.

• Eight to ten priority drill targets for drilling at 2.500 to 3.000 Planned meters

• The drill holes will test the following areas:

o extending in the direction north-northwest central conductive metasedimentary belt

o the geophysical anomalies under Hodge Lake

o the promising, trending north-northwest Head

• A 400 Samples comprehensive radon-in-seawater-examination for radon measurement in three areas. This study is primarily samples for radon measurement in water at Lake Hodge, Harrison Lake and Broach include Lake.

• Soil TDEM surveys at Broach Lake and Regional Sideline Moving Loop EM.

Ted O’Connor, President und CEO von Agincourt, said:

"We look forward to the start of the winter program 2014, to continue the successful target development and prioritization of the already completed work.

PLN has a favorable geology on, to that of the nearby discovery Patterson Lake South is similar. The additional goal-setting studies, that are planned for this project, the same techniques are applied, which have been found in PLS by Fission Uranium as efficiently.

The highly qualified technical team of Fission 3.0 and its contractors, perform the work in this project, have an impressive track record. Agincourt looks forward to working closely with our joint venture partner, develop the project. "

Drilling program

Bryson Drilling was on with the drilling of eight to ten diamond drill 2.500 to 3.000 Instructs meters.

All holes are based on geophysical targets.

There are three main areas tested:

• the running in the direction north-northwest central conductive metasedimentary belt

• geophysical anomalies under Hodge Lake in the southern project area

• a promising, extending in the direction north-northwest ladder in the middle south of PLN

The first targets are the runs from northwest to southeast ground EM conductors A1, A1B and A3 be focused in the Midwest of the property.

In addition, drill holes along the ground EM conductor B will be tested in the central region of the project area.

The eight selected drill targets to date consist of:

• five drill holes to test the running in the direction north-northwest central metasedimentary belt

o Three priority drill targets (PLN14-A, B und C) were selected when running from northwest to southeast EM-wire A1.

o A priority drill target (PLN14-D) was selected when running from northwest to southeast Head A1B, of with an interpreted, northeast-trending structure in the context is. The head A1B is interpreted as broken away segment of the conductor A1.

o A priority drill target (PLN14-E) was selected when running from northwest to southeast Head A3. The well is targeting an interpreted, transverse fracture at its southern end to.

• Two drill holes (PLN14-F und PLN14G) the geophysical anomalies in the grid B will test under Hodge Lake. The holes in this grid can be interpreted a suspected broken leg graphitic, pelitic geological (interpreted as a syncline) Test unit, where they are intersected by interpreted structures with in connection therewith alterations. These are two areas, in which an anomalous subsurface alteration and geochemical trace elements have been intersected in historic drilling. The ground geophysical surveys were carried out in the previous year in these grids. In grid B MLTDEM were- and carried out investigations of the DC resistance, in the grid G4 only MLTDEM studies.

o Radon investigation sampling will be conducted in the grid B at Hodge Lake in the central portion of the property, to better define the drill sites.

• Borehole PLN14-H is the promising, try running in the direction north-northwest Head, in the framework of the proposed EM ground surveys (20-Km grid) will be defined.

• The team of Fission planning a "pre-drilling" of the drill holes with an RC rig. This approach has already proved successful in directly south Project Patterson Lake South.

Radon sampling

An electret ionization-chamber investigation („EIC“) radon measurement of RadonEx Exploration Management from Saint-Lazare (Quebec) be performed.

This study is primarily samples for radon measurement in water and at different locations, and radon in water- include and Seesedimentmessungen. The study will assist, To define drill targets in the different priority areas in more detail.

Hodge Lake

Hodge Lake is located in the middle south of the property. In a raster with 20-meter stations at intervals of 60 to 100 Meters, the two parallel running in the direction North-EM conductors with a length of 1,0 Kilometers, including, be about 150 Samples are taken.

Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake is located in the Midwest of the property. This area is home to several parallel to the southwest EM conductors. In a raster with 20-meter stations at intervals of 60 Meters are about 100 Samples are taken.

Broach Lake

Broach Lake is located in the southeastern portion of the property. Depending on the results of ongoing Ground-Moving Loop Electromagnetic survey ("MS") be about 150 Samples are taken.

Ground geophysics (Time-Domain Electromagnetic studies („TDEM“))

Discovery Geophysics was the implementation of Time Domain Electromagnetic studies („TDEM“) on 65 Kilometers (Crow) commissioned in three separate grids:

1. Extension A4 northeast of the EM conductor A1. To track an approximately two-kilometer, of the northwest-trending southeast conductor section is a 15 Kilometer (Crow) comprehensive investigation be conducted.

2. Broach Lake in the southwestern portion of the property. One 33,0 Kilometer (Crow) comprehensive study is expected to begin in late January.

3. Regional Side in the northern portion of the property, where, at a recent magnetotelluric study a series of sloping westward EM conductors identified in the subsurface. Moving-loop tests on 17,0 Kilometers (Crow) be carried out in this field and are expected to begin in late January.

Concession Patterson Lake North

The property Patterson Lake North ("PLN") located adjacent to and north of the property Patterson Lake South, which is owned by Fission Uranium Corp.. (TSX-V: FCU) is and where it was identified by recently undergone holes in six separate lenses of high grade uranium (see Press Release of Fission Uranium from 27. November 2013).

PLN was established in 2004 acquired by staking and under the Agreement between Uranium Fission and Alpha Minerals December 2013 to a part of the portfolio of Fission 3.0.

It includes 27.408 Hectares and is located approximately 30 Kilometers south of the uranium deposits and Anne Collette UEX / AREVA at Shea Creek.

PLN is a promising area for a structurally controlled, and high-grade unconformity uranium mineralization, which often is associated with graphitic shear zones within clay-altered metasedimentary lithologies in the subsurface.

These structures exhibit unique properties, which can be identified by geophysical surveys.

Agincourt, signed on 29. April 2013 a four-year option agreement with Fission 3.0, According to the Agincourt by a combination of option payments and the financing of exploration activities a stake of up to 50 Percent can acquire the project PLN. About 4,7 Million $ were issued for earlier explorations in the concession area by Uranium Fission. Fission 3.0 acts as an operator and project manager.

Qualified Person

The technical information in this press release were prepared in accordance with Canadian regulatory requirements set out in National Instrument 43-101 created and on behalf of the company by Ted O'Connor, P.Geo. President und CEO von Agincourt Uranium Corp.., tested in his capacity as a qualified person.

Über Azincourt Uranium Inc.

Azincourt Uranium Inc. is a Canadian resource company, that in the strategic acquisition, the exploration and development of uranium properties and is specialized. Its head office is located in Vancouver (British Columbia).

Agincourt has advanced exploration projects and uranium resources in Peru, as well as the exploration project PLN in Saskatchewan.

The common shares trade under the symbol "AAZ" on the TSX Venture Exchange.


„Ted O’Connor”

Ted O’Connor, President und CEO


This press release contains "forward-looking statements", including forecasts, Estimates, Expectations and objectives for future operations are. These involve a number of assumptions, Risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the control of Agincourt. Investors should be aware, that such statements are not guarantees of future performance, and that actual results or developments may differ materially from those, adopted in the forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking information are based on an assessment of current data, which the company has made to the best knowledge and belief. For forward-looking statements are not guarantees can be given and future results may differ materially may.

For more information, contact:

Dwane Brosseau – Investor Relations
Direct-dial: 604 662 4955

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