Avalon and the First Nation signed Deninu K'ue complacency contract

Avalon and the First Nation signed Deninu K'ue complacency contract

Avalon Rare Metals Inc.11.06.2012 Toronto, ON – Avalon Rare Metals Inc. (TSX and NYSE MKT: AVL) ("Avalon" or the "Company") is pleased to announce, that they favor a contract („Accommodation Agreement“) with the Deninu K'ue First Nation ("DKFN") have taken.

The contract is courtesy of Business- and employment opportunities for DKFN and similar undertakings in the context of the Nechalacho deposit and related plants in the Northwest Territories ("Project") provided and includes measures to mitigate environmental- and cultural influences, which resulted from the development of the project.

The contract obliges the complacency DKFN also, to support the timely completion of the Environmental, which a development permit process for the project.

The final financial structure of the project has not yet been finalized, but it is expected, that it will take the form of a limited partnership, in which the DKFN participate as a business opportunity. Upon receipt at the Avalon secure regulatory permits and approvals, is the DKNF 3.333 Parts of the limited partnership to acquire, from a total of Limited Partnership 100.000 Parts with respect to Avalon and his original partners.

In conjunction with the complacency Contracting, The company has agreed to an overall DKFN 10.000 To ensure the company's shares and, as well as 50.000 Subscription rights to shares. The common shares have been granted at the date of the contract and subject to the complacency of legal regulations on the sale, just as contractual restrictions stand in the transfer of safe-keeping regulatory approvals and permits for the project. The subscription rights will be in five parts of 10.000 issued per year over the next five years. The term is five years, The basic price is based on the then current market price of common stock of the Company at the date of issue.

Don Disperse, Avalon's President und CEO kommentiere: "The entry into the contract with the complacency Deninu K'ue First Nation is a very significant milestone for the project Nechalacho. To approach the primordial interests of our partners in a mutually beneficial and respectful way, was one of our highest priorities since the start of work on the project six years ago. After this initial agreement, we are very pleased to conclude the negotiations with the other partners from the North Original. Avalon is now with the plans for construction on the project Nechalacho, in the interests of shareholders, before proceeding. "

Louis Balsillie, Chief of First Nations said Deninu K'ue: "This contract is also courtesy of First Nation, a landmark. The Barren Lands where the project is located Nechalacho, are an integral part of our area, which we use to make hunting and traps. The mitigation of environmental impact and to provide for environmental monitoring in this area is critical to our tribal brothers. Die Business- and employment opportunities, along with the provision of education and training are essential components of these agreements. We appreciate Avalon's efforts, the relationship to be respected in our area where befindlichem land and water and we are pleased with Avalon together to implement the agreement to contribute to complacency. "

Über Avalon Rare Metals Inc.

Avalon Rare Metals Inc. is a company for the exploration and exploitation of minerals, with its focus on rare metals deposits in Canada. Its flagship project, to his 100% in self-owned Nechalacho deposit, Thor Lake, NWT, stands out as one of the largest undeveloped rare earth elements resources from around the world. His extraordinary wealth of valuable 'heavy' rare earth elements, a key role in obtaining advances in green energy technology and other growing high-tech applications to take, represents one of the few potential sources of these important elements outside of China, What von die momentarily 95% the global supply. Avalon ist kapitalkräftig, no debt, and its work programs are continuing to evolve. Social responsibility and environmental responsibility are important cornerstones of the company.

Outstanding shares: 103.186.986; Liquid Mittel: as. $ 50 Million.

For more information about Avalon Rare Metals Inc. Please visit our website at www.avalonraremetals.com. To receive questions and feedback or to get a copy of the Sustainability Report, please send an e-mail to the company at sustainability@avalonraremetals.com or contact Mark Wiseman, Vice President of Sustainability and CEO, by phone 001-416-364-4938.

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